U Rock Fest May 31 Thru June 2 2013

What a great weekend, even though mother nature keep it a bit cold the first ever U Rock Festival was heating up the bay city fair ground. There was many thing to take in form a back yard bbq and vendor to rocking out with a lot of different band playing music to late into the evening.

Matt Ryan Band This is the Matt Ryan Band

With everyone to see and do on each day. We was luck to check out sunday activity. Which had the Matt Ryan planing the great toon in the evening for a lot of people to join in and dance. While there you could check out some vendor in the bear tent while having a nice cold one and what would go better with that but a nice pulled pork BBQ brought to you by Bad Wolf BBQ as seen in the photo

Bad Wolf BBQ Bad would BBQ

This is one of the food vendors

Here is a sample of there food that they offer from BBQ dinner to Nachos

Pulled BBQ Pork Nacho

Pulled BBQ Pork Nacho From Bad Wolf BBQ

Coming from this reporter who is picky about his BBQ, all we can say is it was very yummy. It had a great flavor and the toping didn’t over power it all with a very nice balance.

Arty Bissonnetee

One of the guest dancing to great tune all night long

With all the tune going on all night long what can you do but get up and dance as see above from Bissonnette Sound and Lighting who was working hard earlier in the day down at the local band shell in bay city giving a fee concert from the local high school and middle school band.

Big Brother Smokes

Lead Singer of big brother Smokes

Final we finish the day off with Big Brother Smokes who was rocking it hard for the local ladies and guy who was dancing during there set.

All Image are brought to you by Joe’s Photography

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