So much to do , So little time for the weekend of June 8 and 9 2013

Well there was so much stuff to do this last weekend across the state of Michigan. From Car show, art and craft festival, to Pride walk and more. We hope that you was able to get out and enjoy a day filled with fun and entertainment.

We was lucky enough to take in two great event this last weekend. One was the free  music fest in Freeland Michigan. This event took place at the Tittabawassee Park  located in Freeland Michigan. The music start right at noon on Saturday June 8, 2013 and feature many different act Some of which where Big Brother Smokes, The Holy gun, Thick as Thieves, The Macpodz and more. But that wasn’t the only thing they had for people to do at the event. There was a beer tasting tent, free paint, Mural Magic, disc golf tournament and more.

The event help a couple of great charities from the hidden harvest food pantry to the big brother and bid sisters of the great lakes bay region. The event drew in more then 1,00 people across Michigan.

Next great event we stop into was the YWCA annual art festival in Down town bay city. The street where lined with many different vendor that had something for everyone. Also there was a kids craft area and rides that offer a fun filled weekend for them. So of the thing the kids where able to do is get there face painted, Color contest, bounce house. Plus a few  lucky kid not only got to watch some hand crafted wood art being made but a few lucky one got to take home a freshly made wooden top for them to play with.

Let’s not for get there was all the shopping to do for the adults to do. It offered many different great thing to buy just some of them was home made pens made out of wood to hand painted art and let’s not forget all them different lawn ornaments that could be bought.

Along with all the kids, and vendor there was one more thing for people to take in which had the indie spot recording studio spinning the tune to was some local entertain form my different performers. One such group seen blow dance the day away to many different tunes.

Indie spot hard at work

Indie spot hard at work

Great guys at the Indie Spot Recording Studio in Bay City Michigan , spinning tune all day long


One of the dance troupe on hand

Here is one of the dance troupe that was on hand preforming for the crowd


Some of the kids getting a chance to get there face painted by the great volunteer of the YWCA making there day more fun.


Here is one of the lucky tops being made for some kid that was watching them make it right one the spot. This was just one of the vendor that was on hand at the art festival.

So over all the weekend was filled with fun and entertainment that help befits many local charities across  Michigan.  We found that the two event we was lucky enough to check out had something for everyone. Weather it be shopping at the art festival or just sitting and have a nice day listening to music. So there wasn’t to many bad thing going on.

The only bad thing about this weekend we can say was there so much to do that we wasn’t able to take in everything that was going on there. So if you was one of the lucky one that got around and check out some of the event that was this weekend or just spend the day just relaxing. We hope you enjoy it.

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