To be Greek or not Greek is the question of the day! June 16, 2013

Over the week of June 14-16, Saginaw saw a lot of great events. One of them was their famous Greek festival. This year they served over 100,00 people and ran out of almost everything.
For the lovers of Greek food this was the place to be. They had many great different items to try from great dishes that was like you were back in ancient Greece. For those that wanted to go the easy way, like we did, you could get a combo platter that offered a little bit of everything from shiskabob to grape stuffed leaves.  For those that didn’t want a big dinner, they offered Gyro’s for those that wanted just a quick sandwich.  Oh yea, let’s not forget about all the great pastries they had. One drawback to the day was the fact, in which we can understand the cause, was that the Saginaw fire marshal said they couldn’t make the flaming cheese like they used too. But we still got one and man it was good..

With all the food they had on hand to eat they also had great drinks. Even Greek ouzo that will knock you on your butt. But man it was so tasty.

During the day they had kid face painting along with traditional Greek music and dancing all night long.

So if your planning on checking it out, then plan your trip for next year with bigger things to come.

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