Pirates A’hoy on July 11 thru 15.

As silently they came into port with a huge following of watcher brought the tall ship into port on July 11 thru 15. As hundred came from all walk of life and different country. They watch and tour the tall ship celebration in bay city michigan. But it just wasn’t about the ship that brought the pirates out of us. There was a lot to see and do. Kids and parents not only had the chance to walk and talk to some of the people that work on the old way to travel. But they also the kids go to make tiny ship of there own to sale. Then as night set on the ship which brought them to life. The entertainment didn’t stop there for the adult came even more fun with the ballet of brews. People not only got to sample a few micro brews across Michigan. WIth the drinking also came great music form the tall ship era

Still with all the fun weekend you would think people would be tired and not want to watch them sail off into the distance. But people lined the river to watch the tall ship sail off into the distance and giving them the biggest send off. Know mater who you talk with weather it be the crews of each ship or the people that line the water. They all say that bay city stop on the celebration is the best port they come to cause people are so friendly and they are all willing to help out in every way and always offering things.

So if you miss out on this year celebration you have to wait 3 more year till they arrive once again to this tiny port.



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