Daughtry Rock the July 19 2013 for the Just for Kids Foundation Concert

Well the day may have been a big scary as high winds pop in on the event about 2 pm and a few rain showers try to stop the show. With the weather trying to cause problems with the event it still went off without any problems. Big thanks to the volunteers that came out to help put on the, Just for Kids Foundation Concert. Some of the sponsor were Hank Graff, Mair & Amp Associates, Soaring Eagle Landing, Pepsi and Fabiano Brothers.


The day started off with the host, Chad Cunningham, welcoming the huge crowd to the Daughtry concert. The first band on deck to play was Dani Vitany & Amp then Ten Hands Tall.

(https://www.facebook.com/tenhandstall) which started the show at 5:45 pm. They rock the early crowd with a verity of music from rock and roll to good old fashion country.


Then following up Dani Vitany and Ten Hands Tall was the group called Bad Axis. They are more of a heavy metal singer that they rock out to. So all of the music goers even rock it as well with the head banging music. Just like there lead guitarist.


Now with all the music that had played the stage , the people were fired up for the biggest act yet to his the stage. Chris Daughtry winner of American Idol. He came on stage ready to rock the joint. With the crowd gathered up close so they can get a chance to meet their favorite singer. He shows why he as the head liner. Even taking the time during the show to send out a throw huge to one of his biggest fans that was in the crowd holding a sign. He got the crowd to pass on a hug to her from him.

He played his own a variety of music from his hot single to his new songs. Plus, he even threw in a few old favorites from a few other groups, just like they would have on American idol.


All the music and fan favorites people came out for a good cause to help the, Just for Kids Foundation. If you wish to donate you can find out more about the foundation as well by going to the link below

Just For Kids Foundation Website: http://www.goodkids123.org/



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