Dirt Fest Wild Concert party

Well everyone there just a few short days left to one of the biggest alternative rock concert here in Michigan. That right we are talking about DirtFest held out at the birch run expo center. They are all ready prepping the ground for the huge turn out of rock n roll die hard fans. There is still time to get you very own ticket to the event. How ever there are only a few vip ticket lefts.

This year they have aren’t pulling any punch. By teaming up with some great sponsor they are bring a even bigger groups of band to place on the many different stages. Here is a list of some f the band s that will be preforming. Pop Evil, Asking Alexandria, SevenDust, Escape the Fate, Trapt, Red, Adam Gonther and many more see web page for full line up.

So with all that we will see you there ate this year 2013 Dirt Fest. Check out the link below for more information.

Dirt fest : Aug 10 2013 (all day live music concert)


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