Rock ‘N Roll All Day-Dirt Fest Style 2013

The day started off with great sunshine and nice cool weather as people started lining up at 10 am to make there way into one of the biggest hard rock and roll concerts in the Mid-Michigan area. They all wanted to be the first to get in to see some of the huge main stage acts, but also some of the local home grown hard rockers that were on many of the side stages all day long.

This year saw one of the biggest years ever with Dirt Fest. The promoter went all out this year with many new bands, a few big local and more. They all rocked the stages as if it were the last time you would ever see them playing.

So the first stage you came to as you walked into Dirt Fest was the Flint Throwdown Stage sponsored by The Green’s Garden Supply. Then second stage called the Stage as you made your way toward the back to the main stages. Your journey took down the rows of Bands selling their music, t-shirts and signing autographs for everyone. Once passed them, you made your way to the main stages, past the Marines and Air Force along with the National Guard (who all served our country proudly to keep our freedoms ). the two main stages stood towering in the back of the event. One sponsored by Soaring Eagle Casino and the other stage was sponsored by Here is where a lot of the main acts could be found.

With all that there was to see and listen to, people still have time for what else could make the rock concert better but the cold beer, soda, water , hot dogs and more. The event even brought out Benito’s Pizza, with there famous foot long slice pizza. There little food shack saw the longest line as they dish out a great slice of pizza.

The crowd was made up of both young and old that came out to cheer on their favorite bands, along with seeing their favorite main act. One couple even drove all the way down form Quebec, Canada to see their favorite act.

You can see that the event drew in many little rocker (Marisa Laporte shown below) sporting her skull dress and green gloves. Who was ready to rock the joint right along with her favorite group.



With the music rocking and the bands playing on each stage. Dirt fest still too the time to set up two great area for fans. The first was the acoustic lounge where the top bands game in to play a small set with out all the huge attraction of the light and other thing you would have on a big stage. It was kind of like being camping and sitting around the campfire play there favorite tunes. Beside that the had a special tent that people line up all dat at different time to get a sign autography of there favorite band.

Crowds pack in around the stages to listen to the music and event with all there was even a few people that trusted there neighbor and did a bit of body surfing. Here a special thanks you that go out to the sentential security for keep the peace and making sure that no one got hurt doing the event. They where keep very busy all day.

Over all the Dirt Fest was the place to be if you love all kinda of music from local home grown band to big main acts. Below you see a few snap shot of the days of events and a list of some of the bands thar played the event.

Beatinthefiled Parabelle Crackjaw Itlieswithin
Wilson Red. Esacpethefate Popevil
Sevendust. Saintridley. Bluefelix. Rotation
Devourtheday. Artofdying. Trapt. Askingalexandria
AdamGontier. Atoncea’sDepth. Thesecretstate. Deveraux
Drawntofury. Driftlifted. Hour 24. Sydetrakt
Hollywoodvampires. MaybeWhitney. CriticalBill. AmericanHeadCharge
Psychostick. Dismember the fallen. Thethingtheycarry. Deadin5
BlintSeason. GretaVanfleet. Brody&thebushroadtrio. Underneathitall
Merchbeach. Spork. GivenSix. Cade
Choasrains. 5ubkultur3. Dayunofamilia

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