One, two, three stricks your out at the old ball game

The day started off with nice sunshine, despite the muggy heat that went along with the nice day, came a wonderful night of minor league baseball. Thursday Aug 29 saw the Great Lake Loons baseball team step on the field with a mission to beat the Dayton Dragons.

Lou E. Loon

Lou E. Loon

As the mascot Rall E Camel and Lou E loon took the field. The loons knew they had to be ready to play ball being only 3 games back as they start off the game at 7pm on Aug 29 2013. A much needed win would give the loons a play off berth for the minor league world series. Loons host the Dragons at their field (Dow Diamond) in Michigan.

As the game started there was a lot of activities going on since it was chemical bank promotion night. Dow Diamond saw a lot of kids and families coming out to enjoy the game. Along with this night, it was also one dollar hot dog , soda  and ice cream night sponsored by Chemical Bank.

The Loons step out on the field  with there mission to win. At first it didn’t look like the Loons were going to win the game with the Dragons coming out swinging. In the first inning saw a lot of different pitches, including one which hit the batter sending him to first place. Despite allowing a man on base the Loons were able to get out of the inning.

Dayton Dragons Last chance

Dayton Dragons Last chance

As the inning went on it was starting to look like it was going to be a pitcher dual as either side wasn’t able to get anyone on base.  Loons first run of the night came with a walk and then a hit, driving a man in with a sacrifice run.

The game came with a few pop flies and a few close calls. As the pitching became hard  and they got tired out. It wasn’t till  the sixth inning that the Dayton Dragons pitcher began to fail them. They Dayton Dragons loaded the bases with Loons when Devin Shines, got an infield single to drive in Kevin Taylor for the first run of the frame.  Then one out and the bases still loaded, seven-hitter Brandon Dixon hit a 373-foot fly ball to left field that Dragons left fielder Daniel Pigott caught two feet in front of the wall, just missing a grand slam. Tyler Ogle tagged up and was able to come score the Loons third run of the game on a sacrifice fly.

Power of the swing

Power of the swing

This gave the Loons a 3 run game, as the inning went on. But the end of the 8th inning it looked like the Loons would win the game and get there play off berth in which they did. They finished last nights game with a 3 to 0 against the Dayton Dragons. Friday night Aug 30 2013 see the Loons finishing up the season as they go into their play off berth on Sept 4 2013.

This was our first time at the field. If you’ve never been to Dow Diamond and have a love for the game, you will find this is a nice place to come with low ticket prices, friendly staff and great food. The Loon’s staff are always willing to help out in anyway they are able.

So check them out either in there play off berth as they go for a championship or see them in there 2014 run.

Here is a Gallery of some of the shots from the night.

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