Sweet Ending To The Michigan Renascence Festival

As sweet as it start so it ended.  We saw the Michigan Renascence Festival stat off with a bang this year with new plays, more shop and even bigger exhibits.  It start on Aug 17 with is annual royal pets and ale weekend and it ran till Sept 29 2013.  Each weekend saw a different theme  some of them form pirates to highland games (for a complete list see there web site at link below)

For those that never been to a ren festival before you will be amazed at the sight and sounds of the event.  You will travel back in to when night and high royal rules the land. Not only do the actor and shop owner dress for there parts but lot of the guest coming to the event will also dress up as well. So depending on the day you pick to go next year you may see a lot of regular average joes’ dress up in costume taking in the sights and sound.

There are many thing to do at the event. From taking in a show or eating period time food and more.  Some of the food they had was bbq turkey drum stick, hamburgers and let not forget about the huge souple bowl. We where lucky to have one of them and let us tell you they was yummy and it was served to you in a night bread bowl which made it even more hard not to eat.

As you walk around checking out a lot of the hand made items out, you could have taken in a show. Some of them are a jousting competition, Wet Wrench comedy show, the Dead Bob Show and more. There was also thing for kids to do like archery, rides and different old fashion games that they have never seen before.

So with all this we hope you will check them out next year we can’t wait to see what they have in store.


Michigan Renascence Festvial






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