Hot times in a old city

For those that was looking for a little adult get away with out kids saw a great weekend. Friday, Oct 11 2013 and saturday Oct 12 2013 saw a lot of fan come out for the first of many adult only activities.  One event was the first annual Triple Expo event at Tangent Gallery/Hastings Street Ballroom in Detroit Michigan.

When you first travel to the event  arrive in Detroit you first thoughts are wow. As you drive up to the Tangent Gallery Ballroom which doesn’t have a lot to look at (look like another run down industrial building) but know it got a lot to offer in side. The building was full of music which could be hear form the side walk as you park your car either on the street or in the security parking lot. As you walk through the door the sexy hostess meet you with a nice smile and bag of goodies. The cost of the event to get in was 20 dollar per male guest and women were free.  After you pay your fee to get into the expo you first come to a nice bar that was busy dishing out hot drink to the girl and guys as people talk about many different things.  You keep traveling past the bar you come to the first room come to the main stage area that was busy with a Dj spinning the tune before the first music act take the stage, also in the room you find the group on hand showing off there web site.  Along with that was Rigger Lucas- Rope Bondage expert was on hand to show off a little excitement that we all always want to check out since the 50 shades of grey came out.

Now you make a turn you come to the vendor room where the stage was light up with a great dj spinning the tune in between performer.  As you walk around the vendor area you cross many different path and see lot of great thing like a few lingerie and toy shop, tattoo shop, a body painter, adult entertainment clubs and more.  Yes this event was truly for the guy you might say with some of the great adult performer on hand like adult film stars like Sara Jay, Lauren Kain and Lesley Cummings. But the event also bought out some of the great acts that bring back a bit of the past like the Motor City Doll that put on a cabaret style show. Oh let not forget ladies there was stuff for you as well like the Erotic Image Men In Motion Male Revue that preform during the night.

So over all the night was fun and entertain as you listen to music from a lot of different artists. As well as lot of informative booth to visit and learn a few new thing or buy great product along with getting free samples as well.  You can check out a few list of details of the event on there web site at

But just a few notes in our opinion in the event was it was kinda of small and jam packed which for there first year being a good thing. So hopeful next year they will look at a bigger venue for there event so they can get more and draw in some other vendor from across Michigan along with club across it as well. The other thing was a little bit of there advertising we know how budget can be when starting something new. So this is something else they can approve on so people will know about it all across the state and not just online.   You can check out some of the picture below. Please keep in mind this was and adult event and some images aren’t for younger views but we review all event and don’t discriminate any event out there.

We hope to bring you more great event as they happen.


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