Santa came to town on Nov 29 2013

Well it was a cold brisk night out here in bay city michigan on Nov 29 2013. But that didn’t stop over a hundred of kids and adult that cam out to Wenona Park to help guide santa and ms Cluas in to the little town of Bay City Michigan. The night start off with Eric Jylha and his co host for the night coming on stage to meet all the kids and parent as they wait for the arrival of the big man him self as they intro some of the act and guest to come on stage.  

The first person to come on stage  was local Boy Scouts of America. Then this was follow up with our own mayor of bay city Christopher J. Shannon and his lovely family. They welcome everyone for coming and for all the kids the Mayor ready ’twas the night before Christmas story.  Following the mayor came Miss Bay County, Jr Miss Bay County, Little Miss Bay County and Little Little Miss Bay County  to the stage(Names:Junior Miss: Laurel Hammis Little Miss: Abigail Zensen Princess Miss: Kenadie Mlujeak). They start off by dancing to some of your favorite Christmas song and then they sang you one of there favorite holiday song to get all the girls and boys ready for Santa.

After they were done we could see and hear the big man him self off in the distance. All the kids then took with the flash light in hand braving the cold weather along the river. They line the sidewalk as they use there flashlight to guide Santa in. Santa and Ms Claus arrive to the biggest cheer around as they cam rolling up in a police and Firetruck escort. All the child face light up with the biggest and bright smiles that could ever light the way for him.

As Ms Claus and Santa took the stage the kids watch in all there glory as he began to say thank you for the warm welcome he got. Not only did he thank all the kids and boys. As he spoke he told all the kids that he been watching them and he knows what one been naughty an what one been nice. Then he said they had a special person in the audience who got lucky enough to come up on stage to sign with Mr and Ms Claus as they sang  Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer and this was Madisyn Galan, 6, of Bay City. They also sang a few more song like jingle bells As Santa went on he told about the north pole and his head Elf up there name Bernard. That he had a special gift to them. Miss Claus point out a special tree that look like it need some help. So Santa ask all the kid and adult to help he count down and ask Bernard to help make this true look even better. The kid said in a loud voice with santa help” 5,4,3,2,1,turn on the light Bernard.” and just then the wind blew in with a clod breeze and the tree became alive and it light up with a bunch of different color light showing of how strong it was.

As Santa and Ms Claus finish up on stage. They ask one little bit of help form all the boy’s and girl’s to light the way as they walk over to the Delta College Planetarium. Where not only did the boys and girls could meet Santa and Ms Claus, they also go to tell them what they want for there present form him. Also each kid got to put their name on a ornaments that will hang on a tree inside the planetarium all winter long.

If you miss him on Friday Santa will be down at the Santa house here in bay city form now till Christmas eve.

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