They cheer and grunt and swing. Dow Corning Tennis Classic

The light slow come on as they people file to get ready for a wild day of fun. The player arrive to the indoor Dow Tennis Center in Midland Michigan. The day start off with single round qualified matches which will be followed up on Sunday Feb 16 with the championship matches. The even started on Feb 8 and will run till Feb 16 2014.

On Feb 10 2014 was the day we went which also was media day, so we was able to interviews and talk to a few of the player in the tournament. This day saw a lot of great matches through out the day. At noon for the first 100 people also got a chance not only to see a Q and A with a few of the player but was also treat to soup and sandwich by the Great Hall Resort. Lady that was interview where defending champion Lauren Davis age 20, Urszula Radwanska age 23 from Poland, Luci Hradecka 28 of the Czech republic and “tornado” Alicia Black age 15 one of the youngest competitor in this year even.

They where ask many question form what it like playing in this tournament, what make it the best and how do they train. Luci of the Czech Rubplic at one point being a returning player asking what make her keep coming back. She said not only the great competitor but the way people get behind the player even those that aren’t form this country. Being a returning player she stay with a local family and this time of year playing the tournament and the weather reminder her of being home. She been staying with the same family every year since she been coming to the tournament.

This year also brought a lot of new thing to the event according to Mike Woody Executive of the Midland tennis center. He said not only will you see great match but this year been a big technical change for the event. They will be stream match live and archiving them on there web site and well taking party in more of the social media sites. They are also adding online bio and stats of all the the player in the event. He also go on to add thank you to all the major and minor sponsor of the event and with out them thing like this couldn’t go on here in Michigan.

So those that haven’t been to a tennis or if you interest in learning more of the event or tennis it self then this is a great way to check it out and take in some enjoyment of watching pro playing.

The event will be running till Sunday, so there are still great chance to check out. There are even some cool new addition that you can take party in for example on Friday they will be having a court side lobster dinner for $20.00 a person which you can watch the event wile enjoy great lobster tail that the proceed go to the midland emergence Food bank of Michigan. There are other great thing happen to at the event form a kids day to there valentines special. Check out there event page for more info.

Over all this is a great event starting a lot of great and up coming pro at a wonderful location. So we would recommend everyone go out and take in the. Blow are a few photo from Feb 10 2014 (more will be add at a later date).

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