Get your engine running for Autoroma 2014

Engine roar, kids eyes light up at this year 2014 Autorama, when it roll into down town Detroit at Cobo Hall this past weekend. So weather you be young, old, man or women this year brought something for everyone to see, hear and talk about. It saw a lot of new changes to Autorama from the world fastest semi truck to some of the nation superstar like Shawn Michel,Chris Jericho, Richard and Kyle Petty even Sponge-Bob Squarepants were on hand to sign autograph for there fans.

Hotwheels Car

Hotwheels Car

There was a lot to do depend on what you had your heart set on doing to start the show at. As you walk into the even, you come to the first of many rows of great hot cars on the first level. They would span from one end of the hall to the next and then also filling up a bottom of Cobo hall.  On the first level you saw a lot of old style car full restored in all there glory. Owner showing them off have invested a lot time showing them off. Weather they put them up on lifts to showing them off or in ways that would bring back many fond memory of the old days. 

If you was looking for new and old hot rod then this was the place. Also for those that was looking at restoring old classic or making new ones. They had stuff for you to see and do. Some of which was watching a few of the master chop and build, as they restore a classic car bring it back to life/ Let’s not forget all the vender showing off many new engine parts like new heads, crack-cases, lifter , nos-system and more. For the kids they even have a toy area set up for them to buy there own hot wheels collection or looking for something to match there parents cars.

Along with all the cars there was other thing to see in do like taking in a live band down in the hot rod extreme section of the car show. There you could even get a chance to see who was crown this year Miss Pinup Girl of Autorama. On hand to help with the even was Miss Autorama 1967 to help crown this year new winner.

If you got hunger or thirsty there was a lot of place for yea to stop and grab a quick bit to eat. The youngest of the event even got a change to get there face paint with there favorite character.

There was many thing that drew people to the event. But people most said it was the classic cars. But with the teenager and young kids it was the WEE Super starAutoroma_20014_03_08_MIEMag_8x10-3743 and big time for all the girls Laura Marano aka “Ally Dawson” from the Disney tv show Austin & Ally”Autoroma_20014_03_08_MIEMag_8x10-3754. The kids where just giddy to see her and a few even brought her present so she would remember what Michigan was all about.

So if this was your first time or you was returning from past year to Autorama they had something for everyone. Over all the event saw many people coming out to it and saw first this year on Woodward ave saw the first ever fast semi truck light up the street with its jet engine. But it just wasn’t about the cars, there was many other thing to see from hot motorcycle to fast boats and even a few thing that was all deck out hot rod style.

Next year look to be even a bigger event next year as we see how the Autoroma staff can out do them self. Below you will find find a few snap shot of the event. So feel free to take a look and enjoy. We are looking forward to check it out next year to see what new thing they have to offer.



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