Peanuts, Popcorn, Cracker Jacks, Spring Time is here Apirl 9 2014

Well the flower are growing, the weather is warming up. What more can people ask for as it’s spring time in the air.  With Baseball season started weather it be major league or minor league there is always something to see.  This year is another great time time to enjoy this favorite past time of them all.


The loon started of the year with there opening day win at home to start of there home game series with the cedar rapids kernels. There home open win didn’t last for long when they saw there first lost on Wednesday 5 to 3. The game was touch and go at first how ever in the second inning the cedar rapids saw a two run home run that would start there hitting off. How ever as cedar rapids seem to being winning the game the great lake loons try for a come back with there first one run the forth inning.


As we all know the game isn’t over till the last inning. The loons try for a come back as the bats fly how ever it was a little late as the cedar rapids would end there run. So as the run for the championship continues the loons look at bouncing back with three more home games this week. Can they come back form there losses to get back into the running with a few more wins as the season get started.



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