Wild weekend for all kind of people. Lego, fishing, concert and more.

Well this weekend say lots of great event going on across michigan. First of kicking the weekend off on friday was 80’s fest and Freeland walleye festival to lego fest for kids.

The 80’s Fest in Frankmuth saw a pack crowd on friday and saturday. As people brave the cold weather wearing the best 80’s clothes and costume. Some which was a person dress in a darth vadar costume and a storm topper to boy George look likes. While at the event, you could get you hair done 80’s style, play some old nerdy game on arti, calico vision, nintendo and more. There where great band that played the event like Rock show and square peg to just name a few.

Moving into Freeland walleye festival saw lot of event. Not only great fishing contest it also saw the world larges garage sales. Where you could drive from house to house getting good bargain and finding the hard finds and other thing a person might need.

For the kid beside the fishing at the walleye tourment. Detroit host the first ever lego festival. Where kids not only got to meet people with the best job if designing and playing with them. They got to watch a couple of lego movies, and playing with the toy and take a jump in the biggest lego pile ever.

So what ever you took in summer is here with just a few great event .

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