Who Beamed up Morph in Time? Motor City Comic Con 2014

It was truly a place to go where no one has gone before. 

On May 16 thru 18, 2014 was a weekend full of fun with the theme a “Knight To Remember” at this year’s Motor City COM Con. Which was held at Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi, Michigan. 

The show opened on Friday May 16 2014. The doors opened at noon for the general public and at 11:30 am for VIPs. People started lining up on Friday at 9 am to get a chance to meet their favorite Media
and Comic book Guest. The show then continues on thru the weekend and ending on Sunday at 5 pm.

 There was a lot to see and do at the event. Weather it be getting that picture taken and then signed by your favorite media guest or comic book creator.  You could also take in things like discussion panels where your icons had Q&A from their fans and allow them to ask any question and nothing was off topic.  As a guest you were also able to see comic books being draw right in front of your eyes as you walk down what we like to call artist row.  From there you also get a chance to buy the last comic book the creator along with the new graphic comic book style novel that a lot of them are creating.

It wasn’t just about the media guest and comic books. People also got to do some shopping at well to find that hard to find toys, old comic book, trading cards, movie props, poster, and costumes.

 On Saturday there was still plenty to do.  One thing of which was to take part in a 13 and up Costume Contest for those that wanted to dress up and come out to the event. It was then followed up on
Sunday with the kid’s day Costume Contest for 13 and under.  


The weekend fill event saw some great media guest again this year at the event from big name start such at William Shatner, Karl Urban, Jonathan Barrowman, Katie Cassidy, Jason David Frank, the case from Walking dead, Ernie Hudson, WEE Super Star “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan, Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake, Nasty Boys and Brent heart. If you like to see a complete list of super start see their web site.  

We was lucky enough to get a chance to talk to a few of these great superstar like while they was signing autographs for there fans like Jason David Frank who’s best know for his role as Tommy from the
Power Ranger series.


First off your reaction when meet him is wow I meeting my favorite superstar. As you get your photo sign or take your picture with him. He starts taking with you about your life and the show and what you
are all about.  Showing that he just a regular guy that got luck to be part of everyone life.  

When he ask what he thought of his fans:

Jason David Franks say “I am always happy to meet my fans and always surprise at the turnout that I get.”

He goes on saying that he is always up for meeting them and taking the time to talk with them about life, his show and what he doing now. He love it that even when fans can’t afford to come buy a photo that they just take the time to come and say hi and talk with him. He also isn’t afraid to take the time to help them out by giving them a sign autograph weather it be a photo of him self or one of his sticker. He wanted his fans to be a part of his life.  

He says, “ I live the support that my fans give me. If it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t be able to do what I love. I don’t do this for the money like you find that some superstars do.  I do it for the love of the fans and enjoy doing what I love. Along with seeing the fans and finding
out there life stories. I am always willing to hear the stories even if it a post on my website, facebook page or instagram.  (he is a social media junkie lol)

He jokily say’s that you just have to be careful with instagram cause he can tend to blow it up with post  and with my fans. I always try to respond to everyone that post or send me e-mail and all the responses are personally from me. You will always see me even when I am interacting with fans tweeting or sending a post or responding to an e-mail. I feel doing it my self that makes me happy.

 We also ask Jason David frank on if was able to see other part of the state of Michigan. 

He said that he love to but with time he wouldn’t be able to do. But he did go on to say he did want to get out to see some part of Detroit and that you just might see him out and about after the night was over with. 

Yes we did ask him about the rumor of a new power ranger movie and possibly being a part of it.

He say there nothing set in stone yet, but my fans are over whelm Lionsgate and Sabian entertainment to see me in it. So at the storing is being written I hoping that maybe I have a role in it. But what I would love to do for my fans is a dark green ranger series that is a bit different then my normal roll in the show. I would also love to do
a set of show telling fans where I was form the time I life to the show to when I show up at Dr Tommy Oliver in Dino Thunder. I feel that there is a lot left open even as they get ready to bring all of us power ranger back for the big Super Mega Force batter. Where you will get to see all the charter I played in the show. I will be only being suit up at the green ranger in it. But I would image though that I would be doing voice over for the other one. 

You also got to see Jason doing panel interview where fans can ask him question and get answer they like to know.

We were luck to sit in one of them and hear what the fans got to ask him and such.  Lot of the question was what his favorite color was.  He state that over all black was his favorite color how ever he went on to add to that just as he got use to wearing one color on the show that they chance the cast and he had to get change color. But over all
black was his favorite color.   

He was also ask if he keep in contact with any of his case member and respond that he dose weather it be by sending them a e-mail or call them on the one like he did the night before after the convention or just tweeting a message to say hi and keep up with them.  

Also was asking on what he likes to do for fun. He went on to say sky diving the fact that he loves doing that along with his wife. Who we all was say hear that cause of being here in Michigan he was going to miss there anniversary. But he did get a instagram form her on the day of there anniversary of her jumping out of a airplane with a flag wishing him a anniversary as he show us on his phone.  But he also like to fight in MMA, keeping up with his fans and sending out that person response to them. But he goes on to say his true passion if he had to pick on to relax was to edit. He goes on to say that he love to edit and enjoy that a lot and that all the content on his web site was personally edit by him. He also is an avid social media person. He loves doing thing on all the social media sites.  Teaching was the other thing he love to do the only thing he ask is when he is teaching
weather it be acting or martial arts he ask that just don’t ask him about the

He was also asking about being the show and what was it like. He said he love it and when on to tell fans that once you stop loving what you do that there are other people out there that are willing to
take your place. He also said that he doesn’t do it for the money cause he know that there are people out there that are willing to take our place. In which then he ask his fans wouldn’t you love to be able to ware great cloth and taking all over the country doing what we do and everyone rise there and hand.  

Over all Jason give you a since of just a normal guy that you would be hanging out with at your home playing video games,
have a nice dinner with or just doing what is fun.

We also got to interview Martin Kove and William Michael “Billy” Zabka who played John Kreese and Johnny Lawrence from
the Karate Kid. 

They both love being at the event and taking in there fans and signing autographs and taking in the question and even turning thing around on the fans. They did that in there panel by asking people what
they took away form the show.  

They also when on to tell you what it was like to play their parts. They did ask at their panel from there fans what they got out of the show. They where surprised to hear that a lot of people related to there character and how they where miss understand or the fact that it show you that you can stand up for your self to over come anything.   

But the both where humble to hear their fans stories and there willing to share their stories. 

Over all when you take in the event there was a lot to see and do. Even if you didn’t have the money to buy that autograph a lot of the media guest was just happy for you to come out and meet them.
They all love that fact to hear the fans stories and get to know them. Liken John Barrowman was during his panel dissection. Nothing was off topic for you to ask him. Weather it be about being a part of the LTGB community or wanting to be an actor and actress. Even one point during the event and sign autograph he do the time to sneak up being his fellow cast member to photo bomb her in which she
was total surprised when he pop up behind her.  MotorcityComCon__20140518__112

During his panel he was ask many different question. It was very hard to keep a straight face cause he made you feel welcome at time he went from being very series us about what he was talking about to make us left with joke and even one point getting the hearing in pair interrupter to take part in his panel with his off the wall humor. He even asks her at one point on how would you sign a person part of the male human body.   

One of the biggest thing that everyone cheer on was when a young boy who was getting ready to turn 5 if he would come to his birthday party. He had the youngster come up to the to the stage at which he was telling him that he wouldn’t be able to cause he miss his husband Scott which was a big part of his life. But he said if give him his address there might be something special in the mail for him. Then he went on to see the young man happy birthday right there life on stage in front of over 600 of his fans watching and helping out.


So weather it was taking in the panel or walking around see everything that was at the event. You might feel a bit over your head with everything that is there to do. The stars make you feel welcome
to be at the event with there down to earth feeling.  They made you a part of the event. 

So you always were involved by showing up to the event.  If you never been to this or other event like it was just fun to show up and taking in the people and family dress up in there favorite movie roles and buying that toy you may have lot as when you was younger to share with your family or to even by that new toy for your collection.  

Next year Motor City Comic Con will be even getter and better then this year so book the date for May 15-17 2015. 

So for now we all truly have gone where no one has gone before and who know what the feature will have in store for us as the new Comic Con.  

2 thoughts on “Who Beamed up Morph in Time? Motor City Comic Con 2014

  1. Love the photos and great time talking with them about other event across Michigan that we will be taking our kids too

  2. If it wasn’t for this company we would never know about this event can’t wait to check it out next year. and see what they write about it.

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