Weekend full of great thing to see and do

Well the past weekend saw lot of different activities. First off starting in Frankenmuth over the memorial weekend. It had gone to the dog. That right it was there annual dog bowl. Where different breed of dogs competed in many different event. Weather it be the long jump or the weenier dog costume contest. This was then all follow up on Sunday with there memorial  day  parade with kids lining the street.

Also we saw over the weekend was the huge Detroit Music festival. It show case a lot of different bands and style music all night long. People could enjoy the music, great food and friends.

This is also follow up with a weekend full of event with men wearing skirt. That right we said mend with skirt well actual they are kilts but hey who’s saying lol.. This was event took place in Alma Michigan for there annual highland games. You could see them throw the caber toss, Scottish hammer, and open stone toss to name a few of the event. There was also a band competition and art and crafts and more.

So know matter what you did over the weekend there was a lot to due across the state. So hopefully you got to check out some of the cool great event.

Have a Safe Memorial Weekend


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