It’s Cowboy Courntry Time, Big Country Festival Oct 17-18 2014

The weekend saw a lot of fun thing happening across Michigan to start the fall seasons. One of the biggest event over the weekend, for it’s fifth year is the Big Country Festival on Oct 17-18 2014 .

There was a lot of thing to see , do and hear at this year event. As you first arrive and stood in line to enter the event for only $5.00 that got you in where the food, music and other stuff was located. As you can see even lot of people came dress up as there favorite cowgirl or cowboy as with brott family and Scherer family showing off there very own cow person style.


When you walk in the first thing you see is the bull ride where you can try your hand at riding a mechanical bull and see how long you could stay on and challenge your friends to ride. It didn’t matter if you were young or old the bull ride was for everyone including Nash Cleary who was only 3 month old who just has to try it little hands at riding a bull with his mom by his side.BigCountryFest_141018_MichiganEventMagazine_023

Walking around there was a few thing for yea to see starting with everyone favorite chocolate cover bacon then moving on to beef jerky and sausage. You even had a chance to buy a few Souvenirs from shirt and cowboy hate to hot cowboy sauce and to special item just for the ladies. Let’s not for get about the cow person style belt and buckets you could sport at the event.



After you buy your favorite BBQ you sit down and get your drink and have a great dinner you have the chance to either watch or join and learn a little bit of line dance country style.

With all that fun going there was even bigger thing going like the live music with great entertainer for the two days (see blow for photos on all artist). On Friday the following artist Acoustic Set: Brian Gallagher of Bullhonky Deluxe, Moonshine Mavericks (formerly Steel Wheels and Dani Vitany & Ten Hands Tall. All the music artist play some of their favorite country tunes to there very own home ground song they wrote. Saturday saw another great line up on music as well with the following artists rocking the joint Mandi Layne Unplugged, Stone Cold and Steve Armstrong & the 25 Cent Beer Band.

Even with the music going on and the dance floor rocking with a great crowd. There was still thinking for you to join on form playing water pong, corn hole toss or even join in on the free photo booth for yea to make funny face in an get a print to take home remembering the night.

For the weekend full of fun it was a great place for you to take your family and enjoy a night out on the two with out spending a lot of money. Even if you didn’t have kid you could still have a rock-en good time with friend weather it be eating and drinking to dance. There was tons of fun going for the two-day event.

Next year will be going on the sixth year and the event personal said there even bigger thing coming and will expect every year that the even will grow.

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