Youmacon Day 3 Saturday fun Nov 1 2014

Well on Saturday November 1 2014 saw the third say of Youmacon out at Cobo Hall and the Renaissance Center in Detroit Michigan. With about over 5000 people that all ready came and went the first two days, this saw another influx of all new people who came in dress or just out to check out the event to see what it was all about. It start off as normal with the 24 hours event still going on at the Renaissance Center all night long that it still saw the party and costume goers getting up early to take in the few panels of the day along with a few after noon concerts like Steam Powered Giraffe. They bring you wonderful music to a robotic style movement along with all their fan bots.


With the Thursday day there is still tone to see and do as with the opening credit that was held on Friday to start the show. On Saturday they’re where all new panels from how to become your own robot to how to deigns your own video games and anime comic books. There was even panel on how to build you own cosplay costume on a low budget.

Along with all the panel there was artists alley and dealer room where you could pick up them last min costume props or even buy a few costume to wear like your very own pj suit of your favorite Disney or animal print that was brought to you buy the dealer kigurmi out of Canada. You could even at this point take in some of your favorite artist as they draw up new idea for their next animie work or comic book/graphic novel. Event could take part in a few of the Special Guest sign there name to there work like Johnny Bosch, silly filly, Steve Bennett and more.

If you didn’t spend all your time in Cobo all you could journey over to the Renaissance Center, which is located just a few block up, form COBO hall. There you could take park in some fun activates like live video room where you could watch a few anime movies. Also located there was the video game room where you could take party in battle along side your friends as you played one of it not all the different video games they had to offer. You could also take a stroll to where they had table top games going where people play a lot of different style game from MRPG games to real life board and card games. There was also a live arcade where you could play some of your old favorite like teenage mutant ninja turtles to dance revolution and star wars speeder race.

Once you got your fill at the Ren Center you could make your way back to COBO Hall by either taking the river walk or people mover which you could even ride around down town Detroit and see some of the sites. But once back at COBO Hall, you then wait in light to get your item you just bought sign by the big guest star that was there. This was also you chance to get with your friend and take photo one of three different spots for what was call photo op site. At different time they would have different theme for people to come and shoot like Sailor Moon to just name one of them. This spot was also a great way to check out a lot of different cosplay costume that people where wearing weather you was standing up on the skywalk looking down at the lower level or on the bottom level hang out waiting for your panel to start. As you can see by Shelby Gulette is waiting for her panel as she dress up form how to train your dragon or dustn Agius dress up as one of the def punks (see photo below)


Over all if you never been to Youmacon and you miss out on Sunday event then you will have to wait till next year as they go even bigger then they have before with all new Anime, Cosplayers, Artist and more. So stay tune to event page for their event when we get the dates. (see Gallery below for all photos form the event)

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