Zendar Snowfest 2015 (ice and snow carving compentition)

Well they day might started of cold but it turn out to be great weather for this year snow fest that brought thousand to the little town of Frankenmuth Michigan.

For those that don’t know but a little back ground on Frankenmuth and Snowfest. First its a small town located in Michigan. This is where most of the Germany settlers arrive here in Michigan. They set up a small town that is model a bit have Bavaria of the old country that they love. So you get a little blast form the past weather it be the little shops or the big restaurant that serve up great food. One of which is the the family owned Zender Restaurant. Over they year as they grew they thought of ways to give back, so they cam up with the idea of why not old a festival in winter time and coming up with Snowfest. It feature not only great music and stuff for the little boys and girls. But also they threw in a international flare, if ice and snow carving competitions. Which it grew into one of the biggest event in Michigan.

Snowfest bring in country all over the world not just those that only see snow, but also those that never seen so snow in there life like Mexico to just name one of them. They compete in many different level of the event from ice carving to one and two block snow carving. This is where you get to see the artistry take place as they turn ice and snow into great works of art. This year was not exception with many different work of art. Even with the warm temperature ahead that Michigan had coming up. Despite that they still work away on there work of arts. So of which from the ice carving including, a model jet plane, arachnid from the movie starship troops movies. Also with the snow we saw even bigger creations some of which included castle grey skull from he man to a big fire hydrant that every talk would love to pee on. Though a few of them the heat was a big two much to bear as the week went on as they melted away and fell down. But you still got to see some of the great work even in the big two blocks from a baseball glove to a little BMW being work on at a local garage. There was even a few fantasy snow art that even took people choice awards like little red ridding hood and the big bad wolf sitting in grams chair dress in her our hand and gown.

But even with all there there was still thing to do. Shopping at the local shop picking up that hard to find or special items. You could even go into the warming ten to take in some of the local music and entertainment it had to offer. Some of which included for the kids Ronald McDonald to some adult band like the Army Music Core and the MoonShine Band. That wasn’t all there was in the Detroit tiger on hand giving awards to some spacial army vets that was on and invite to join them to the Saginaw spirits.

If this was your first time to snowfest then there was a lot to see and day or even if you was returning you got to see some of the new art that was made this year. How ever if you didn’t get to make then you will have to wait a whole another year to check out the snow and ice carving.

(below is are a few show of the art that was made at the event)

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