Blast from the past 80’s style

It’s time for a blast from the past. This weekend saw a lot of happening around Michigan. But in the little Bavarian town of Frankenmuth Michigan came something write out of the page from the past.

That right this weekend was the 80’s Festival bring a bit of the old day back to life. 80’s festival was created in order to help out find a cure for cancer that many people get affect by each year, which they did donating the profits from this event to cancer-related causes.

The event kick off on Friday at 6 pm feature the entertainment group RockStar bring back the big hair band style of the 80’s to rock the joint. It also since was the first day of the event saw the opening of the rec-room, where now only could see thing from the past from Alf, to he-man, Nintendo and other arcade home games (which you could also play at well). Also in the rec-room area you could check out a delorine car like seen in the back to the feature movie along with getting your photo taken in the free photo booth they had set up. There was also great food being made buy a few great groups for you to eat besides drinking that favorite cold beverage.

Friday was also there family day that gave family, and the younger generation a chance to come out and check out what we all grew up with. It’s also included an all ages costume contest that saw many different costume players dressing up. You saw many different 80’s costume from Chucky to Juba the Hut characters in many different ages, let’s not for get about all the rock-n-roll character that show up for the contest as well.

Moving into Saturday saw another day of fun with the food going and rec room opening. The day would see the biggest group of people coming out to help the cause. Saturday was there adult only days. It also features a costume contest sponsored by the radio station MIX 106.3 out of Saginaw Michigan. They’re where a lot of people dress up not just for the contest but also in the style of the 80’s from the big hair band style to cloth of that era. Also while you was there like in Friday you could even get your hair done from the 80’s style either a big mo-hawk or wild hair we all remember.

Saturday bring the biggest draw day for the event saw two great acts that preformed for the large crowd. The first act to take the stage was Slick Jimmy and that was follow up by the main act The Square Pegz to rock the night away.

But even with the main acts, the rec room, hair styling, food, and the thriller dance along (it was where you could dance to the song just like as if you was in the music video) to the break dance Show- Vertical Ambition Dance Company all weekend. If you miss out on having fun as much as the people did below (see gallery list below). Then you will have to wait a whole another year to see what big thing they will do for their 12-year of the event.

You can find out more about the event by going to their web page at or facebook as well. Next year date for the event will be April 22-23 2016

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