Frankenmuth Michigan has gone to the Dogs. Dow Bowl 2015

Frankenmuth has gone to the dog. That is right Frankenmuth Michigan has been invaded by the fury kind. On May 23 & 24, 2015 the world’s largest olympic-style event for dogs showcase high energy event by running, jumping, diving, and retrieving!  Th event was located in Frankenmuth River Place. It showcase Lots of great events including Best Costume Contest, 50 yrd. Doggie Fun Run, Fashion Show, Disc Dog Competitions, Wiener Dog Races along with Pet Retail Vendors, Dog Bowl 2015 King and Queen, Annual Canine Cruise on the Bavarian Belle River Boat, DockDogs Competition and more!

You would see may different dog owner coming out to show off there pets while watching great events. Lot of which you could see in the guest goers competition as well as see professional dog doing event like the dock diving Competition and more. Below you see a few of Dock Dog Competition in the gallery.

Also while at the weekend event you also get a chance to take in and see Frankenmuth balloons launch. This is where you get to see hot air balloon soaring high over head in many shapes and size. Then following up the morning and night flights with a balloon glow as the crew light up the sky with there flame as their balloon and basket are tether to the ground. This was also your chance to ask question.

But that wasn’t all the event this you was able to taking in there was also a cross country bicycle race and firework at night as well to many of the shop being open to both friend and pet/

So if you miss out all the big dog event. Then check them out next year. You will see many cool event as we did by watching them jump high in the air to running and herding sheep.  Watch for new year events it might be even bigger then before.

See all of the Dog Bowl Gallery <–Click link

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