Zombies invade Flint/Mt Morris Michigan. Live Rob Zombie Concert

While the sky may have been gray, the Zombie God held away the rain for a Saturday full of fun and music with Rob Zombie. Saturday may be just a normal day to a few people out there but on June 13 2015 a few hard core rockers got to see one of there favorite singers at Loudwire live tour.

This event was sponsor by Bananas 101.5 out of flint along with Randy Wise auto dealership. You got to see a few of their great trucks from Randy Wise Auto. Plus if you was one of the lucky few that went in and enter there contest got free ticket to sit in the back of one of their two trucks that they had by the stage. From talking with a few of the contest winner they where so happy and said it was the best seats in the house.

Even though people couldn’t not start heading in till 2 people that didn’t stop them from coming out at noon to park there car and get in the long lines of rocker that where ready to party the night away.

The band line up start off with performers Citizen Zero, Devour the Day, Art of Dying, Theory of a Deadman and following it up with the man him self Rob Zombie not only a singer but he is also a director as well. He was the biggest draw of the event and he shows why he was a hard rocker from putting on a show that would rival any big concert out there.

Still with all the music going on there was many different thing for people to due. As you walk in depend on the path you took. There was food and vendor like a few tattoo shops, artist and more. For food there was fresh made bbq along with a hamburger and fries carnival style wagon, Taco truck, Lemon aid stand, and let’s not for get about the local Ice cream shop that was on hand dishing out the hand dip waffle cones.

Now if you took the other path as you walk to the stage area. The first thing you came too was the Zombie shoot out. That right while the zombie where attack you got your chance to shoot them with paint balls to get them to back away. There was also actors and actress dress up as other dead zombie that you got to take your picture with. They even walk around the event putting on a show for everyone as you can see from the photo. There was also Exit 13 as well putting on a show with there performs like fire breather and more.

One of the newest things on the scene was a event call bubble ball. For those that don’t know what it is, they put you into a giant bubble style ball suit where you play a game of soccer. Which was pretty cool, cause as you play a fun game of soccer you get to run right into each other and bounce off where you maybe even get to roll over like a ball.

With every thing there was too due. Most people were there to watch the live music and drink while having a good time. All the performers did there job putting on a show that will last a lifetime as you can see from of the great photo below. We look forward to the possibility for their next big concert they will be putting on hopefully next year.

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