Get them to the Greek. Grest Festival Saginaw MIchigan Jun 19-21 2015

Got Ouzo?  Well Greek Fest dose in Saginaw Michigan. That’s right another year has came around for this great little tour of the Greek island. This event is hosted by the St. Demetrios Greek  Orthodox Church located at the the corner of McCarty and Mackinaw Rd in Saginaw Michigan.

While the location is small there is a lot to see and do. Staring of with the great food being cooking for all the hungry waiting people that came out. We visited the festival on the first day that still saw thousand of hungry goers.  You had your choice of thing you wanted to do. First off i would say stop and watch the local church goers put on a show in local Greek outfit dancing to great wonderful style Greek music.

Now if you was hungry while taking in the show. You could great a few thing to eat right across from the stage some of which was a wonderful dish they call Saganki (aka Flaming Greek Cheese). If you never had this before you love it. It’s a slice of  kasseri cheese that they soak in ouzo (native Greek alcohol) and then lightly batter in spices/flower then pan fried and then light on fire (how ever you won’t get to see the flame part due to fire rules).  You also could take and order some Greek French Fries or Kalamari.  If that wasn’t what you was looking for as you walk up from there you could get get some Honey huffs, or a verity of Greek deserts like Baklava, Kataife,Bougatsa and more. So if you love sweet then you will love them. Something new this year to keep people guessing you could get a Baklava sunday. That right this great sweet dessert with icecream, and chocolate sauce what more could you ask for.

Keeping with eat you could also get while you waiting some good old fashion Gyros ( Greek style spice meat sandwich top with special sauce and served on warm peta bread). Now if you wanted something a little more to each then just that or to take some home. They have a verity of different Greek main dish like Dolmades (stuff grape leaves), Souvlakia (aka Shis-ke-bob), spanakopeta and mousaka. The best wait to get most of the Greek main dishes is to order the combo dinner.

Now with all the food there was to eat there is a chance you might get a bit thirsty so they filled you with beer, soda, or even shot a Greek OUZO to choose from.  So if you miss out then you have to wait another year for this great little festival to roll around. But here is a few shot of people hanging out and enjoy the festival and more.

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