Blasting off with Youmacon 2015

Ghouls, Ghost, Yoshi what do all these things have in common. You could find them all in once place at one time. Detroit Michigan play host to all kind of costume people showing up for Youmacon 2015 anime convention.

From Oct 29 to Nov 1 2105 Detroit served host to one of  the biggest anime cosplay convention in Michigan. Here you will find everything you ever wanted to know about anime or even becoming a cosplayer to bring your favorite character to life.

Youmacon took place at two different locations in down town Detroit. The first Place was Cobo hall, which place host to a few new thing like cosplay idol, a few different panels such at how to build your cosplay outfit also it was the location where you could to go into the dealers ally to find that special gift that you would like to take home. It also played host to the anime super stars along with concert performers on hand to sign that special gift. You could even see a few artists draw up their favorite comic book or anime character for you to take home.

The second place where you find a lot to do was the Detroit Marriott at the Renaissance Center. Here there was a lot to do from taking in all the different panels to parting all night long during a charity ball or the cosplay rave. The renaissance center also play how to a few great music artist that sang in many different styles.  One of the biggest groups that pack the ambassador hall was Steam Powered Giraffe(click here for web site). They brought robotic style music to life but along with  off the wall comedy routine. That was just a few thing you could do but it wasn’t all for the first time one of the hall was pack with different video game where you play everything form pinball to motor combat. You could even play a few dancing games as well along with playing in different torments that they had going on. If that was something you were not looking for you could take a ride up escalators some of the panels that was going on. Renaissance also play host to one of the spots where cosplayer could meet up and take group photos. Just like this Smith Family taking time out to pose for a quick photo in there cosplay outfit

Here is Kyle Smith and  Karlea. The Pikachu is daughter Amelia and the Charmander is thier other daughter Claire

Here is Kyle Smith and Karlea. The Pikachu is daughter Amelia and the Charmander is thier other daughter Claire

This year was one of their biggest events ever with people coming in to taking part in many different type conventions actions. You found many people coming in from all over the United States to take part. They even had a few other countries goers on hand to check out the event. We talk with one couple that was in visiting family from Germany and they heard about the event and they love this type of event so they came over to check it out and take a few different things home.

Over all if this was your first time or a veteran to Youmacon. It was a great play to come and check out anime characters to come to life. You can see by the image blow that everyone was having a good time making everyone feeling at home. So we can’t wait till Youmacon 2016 to see what new thing they have in store for everyone. For a full gallery please go to our website at


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