Winter Time ends as hockey final approach.

It’s time to play as the year started out for the new OHL hockey time the flint firebirds. While they start off with a road trip against their cross-town rival to begin the I-75 cup. They match up with the Saginaw Spirits to start this small torment, that bring back a feud that go way back to the Saginaw gears days. The flint firebird took it to heart by winning their first game of their New Year. How ever with the win it started to look good for the flint firebird. Even as the owner put money into the Dort Federal Arena.

As the season went on for the new team, it didn’t take long for them to make news across the OHL league. Even as the team play then where about to change for them both in good and bad way. With the season coming to a close there was lot of change including a new head coach and a few OHL stars moving up to the big leagues as we put it. The Flint firebird ended their season on somewhat of a sour note buy losing their last game to the Gulph team (see flint firebird site for full score of games). Even this there lost they did get a chance to with their first cup against the Saginaw spirits by winning more game of the Saginaw Spirits.

Now that summer time is here. We look back over the season and can’t wait to see what new thing the firebirds have in store for the game. As fan talk about the up and down of the season. They still stand behind there team. They look forward to see them back in action new years. Some fans say even with their losses they think they got a good shot for the title next year.

On side note the make over to the old arena is taking very good shape along with new seating they are looking at raising the roof and other idea to the arena to make it a great place for people to come and visit. They even started this year a new indoor soccer league, with that there still more to come.

So this year your change if you didn’t get to make it out to this year hockey. You will be able to order your New Year season tickets in the next few coming months.

We hope to see everyone know there. Check out what you miss by review the gallery below with some of our favorites shots from past event and games.



One thought on “Winter Time ends as hockey final approach.

  1. I love hockey too ^^

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