Back In Time (80’s Festival in Frankenmuth Michigan) 2016

Let’s travel back in time and relive the good old days. In this case we are traveling back to the 80’s with wild hair, big bands, retro games and more. In order to travel back in time we drive to the small town of Frankenmuth Michigan for their annual 80’s fest.

Heritage Park served as host for this huge two-day event. The event kick off on Friday April 22 2016 at 6 pm and ran till midnight. The huge event draws in people of many different ages. Friday served host to the all ages costume contest that had people dress up in my different costume everything form Goonies to the Jetson. The all ages contest winner for Friday night was Jane Jetson and Rosie the robot

Friday night also play host to the big hair band form the 80’s Rock Star who went on stage at 8:30 pm (for more information click on there band link page here They play a verity of music form all the big bands across time and space. They had the jump hoping and dancing the night away.

While the music play and with people dancing there was still lot of different thing to see and do. First off there was plenty of beer and other adult beverage for people to drink. Even with the entire things to drink there was a mix verities of place to eat. Weather it be the lion club serving up homburgs, veggie burgers, brats and hot dog, to Subway serving up their sub for everyone to eat. There was also a group selling hot pretzels and even homemade kettle corn for yea to eat all night long.

All the food that was being serving up to the guest that join the night of fun in the tents outside, there was still thing to do while you wait for food. In the tents as you came into the event you was able to start off the event buy either getting the food or going to the a photo booth have your picture taken to remember the night. You were also able to check out a Delorean car beside the 80’s fest car also there was a small rec-room for yea to check out thing from the 80’s. So of the thing you got to see while you was there was different toys and stuff animals to some of the poster and even clothing from 80’s. They even set up a few retro gaming stations for everyone to sit down and try their hand at playing.

The last day of the event saw in more influx of people to the event. On Saturday April 23 2016 was the 21+-event day. This was the day for adult to come and be as wild and crazy as they want to be. It also saw the adult costume contest with three different categories. Jane Jetson and Rosie the robot swap the icon contest, while the valley girls one the clothing contest.

As people came in costume there was many to see such as a lady playing  Gene Simmons from the band kiss (Mind Hilton as Gene)80sfest_mag_9927_20160423.jpg. There was even a Abraham Lincoln on hand to dance with, Strawberry Short Cake and more. So check out the gallery below to see some of the great costume form the event and a few of the party folk passing the night away having fun.


Saturday saw two great bands taking the small stage and putting on a hug performance that would make the big band stand up and party the night. The first band that to take the stage was SlickJimmy ( This group had everyone rushing the stage as they preformed which got the people dancing and jumping and singing along to a lot of there old favorites.

But this was just the start of the wild night of music. The biggest band of the night came on right after them. The group was brought back by popular demand was The Square Pegz( They got the join jumping right off the bat with 99 balloons song and more. They rock the joint till midnight playing bunch of different song form the 80’s. So if you miss them you might have to wait till next year to see if the people vote to bring them back80sfest_mag_0011_20160423.jpg


Over all the 80’s festival was a great way to see and do thing form the past along as reliving some of our favorite thing to do. All of this went to help a good cause the Jill Zehnder cancer foundation that the event was to help remember the entire good thing she had done. So the family started the event in order to help out other by donate all the money made at the event to the cancer foundation. If you want to know more about here please go and check out there web site for detail

So if you miss out on this year event then you have to wait a whole another year which give you time to get your self ready for a set of wild night parting like we have done in the 80’s/

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