Let’s Travel Back in time Motor City Comic Con 2016

What does Toyota and movies have in common? Well that would be traveling back in time as this year major sponsor for the Motor City Comic Con, brought a lot to this years show with their inspired Toyota Tacoma truck that jumps straight out of the Back to the Feature Movie. Not only with the truck being on hand to help celebrate the movie, Lea Thompson was on high to sign autographs and take picture with her fans.

Motor City Comic Con 2016 broke another attendance record with an all-time high of 55,000 fans attending the three-day event, which is an overall 10 percent increase in total attendance compared to last year. This year’s event featured 42 media guests as well as 239 comic guests, 149 exhibitors, and 29 crafters from Friday to Sunday at the Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi.



There was a lot to see and do. Staring off with the comic book dealer on hand selling a verity of different comic books. Along with them was a band of artist showing off their comic book skills and their arts. You were also able to buy that special gift like this one group of fans . While visiting artist row you could even get that commission piece of art draw directly by that artist if you wish.

MichiganeventmagazineMCC-20150516-2088-Joe Currie


The three-day event held lots of things to do. Starting it off with the panels on Friday where you could listen to James Marsters as he talked about his role a spike on the show of Buffy The Vampire Slayer, during a Q&A session with his fans. He also talked about his other roles that he played, at one point telling one fan about how, with the role of Spike, that he only had one coat that he used for all 8 season. When he played Spike, in the TV show Angel, they had brought in a women to special make that same coat for the show since the original had been sold. He even went on to say how he took the new coat to make it more weathered by getting down on his own knees to rub it in the dirt and o the rocks to give it that distress look.



This was just the start to a weekend full of events. On Saturday, it was the big draw day not just for the super stars on hand for the three-day event (you can see a full list of stars by going to http://motorcitycomiccon.com and clicking on media), but also one of the biggest days for those that showed up in costume to show off some of their favorite thing to do. Being at the show you see a lot of different people that just come out to show off their cosplay costume. It’s not just for single people to dress up or teens, even family get into the event by dressing up as their favorite character, just like the Frazine’s family (Kate, Art and little Sasha) as they dress up as the Harry Potter family Motorcitycomcon_mag_0198_20160513Saturday also saw the huge Cosplay Contest for those that came out in costume. You were able to get entered into the contest that was judged this year by Ivy Doomkitty (Celebrity Cosplay Judge, Glen Haetrick (Sci-Fi Face off Judge), Ve Neill (Sci-Fi Face off Judge) and Alloy Ash (Pop Culture Icon).

As the con winds down on Saturday there were still two more thing to do. There was an after party that ran from 9 pm till 1 am where you were able to dance the night away. Even the star got in on this event and one star even went on to have his very own special meet and greet where you got to talk take personal photos one on one (this year was hosted by Jason David Franks of the Mighty Morphine Power Rangers a.k.a Tommy Oliver).

Following everything that went on Saturday from the contest to the panels, Sunday came with even more fun, this day was designed with the little ones in mind as you can see from our little Wonder Women (Played by 3 year old Lilly Johnson).  MichiganeventMagazine_0234_20160514.jpg

Not only was there Id making for all the families, sponsor by the Boy Scouts to the contest that was sponsored by the 501st Great Lakes Garrison Legion (Star Wars Replica Club). They had a lot of great kids showing up in costumes even with the limited amount of space they had to use for the event. Hopefully next year they will get put in one of the bigger panel rooms at the end of the con that way even more kids can show off there great costume they made and wore.

 (See Gallery below for photos from the event below)

 So if you didn’t make it out to one of the biggest years ever, then you will have to wait another year to see what big surprises that the Motor City Comic Con Family will be bring for all of us to see maybe even more panels, bigger venue for all of us to show off, bigger super stars and more. Next years dates are May 19-21 2017.



Also more image can be found by going to web site : http://michiganeventmagaz.wix.com/michiganeventmag





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