Crazy Music, Wild Power Boat Racing. Bay City River Roar 2016

Water and music what more can fun can you have in one place? The race that all most wasn’t, as thousand of people flock to Bay City Michigan to help celebrate 29 years of Professional Powerboat Racing in the Great Lakes Bay Region.

This year was a great for powerboat racing on the banks of the Saginaw River. Warm weather brought people out to enjoy a great day of racing along with wild ride of music with huge performer.

Friday start off the weekend of events with the registration of the powerboat that will be taking to the water for the 1-¼ mile track. The track is self was lay out between the liberty and Veterans Memorial bridges. This was also the first chance people got to see there favorite and return drivers along with new rookie that have taking to the water. Following all the days’ event ended with a night of fun music. The Concert saw three great performers. The first was young group called Impacts that play great music while performing in front the biggest crowed they ever seen (see Image below). The next group to go on the main stage that brought to you by Soaring Eagle and Soaring Eagle Landing was the group The Angst who perform rock and roll style music to get the crowd pump up and rock as the stage switch right to the main headliner NEEDTOBREATHE. They brought their southern Carolina style rock and roll to the stage with there newest hit along with a few of there old favorite to get the night moving. BayCityRiverRoar_MichiganEvnetMagazine_1873_20160624As the night turn into daytime it brought another round of fun. Saturday days’ event begin with meet of driver and crew chiefs for Safety, registrations and inspection before they take to the water for testing on how the boat will react to the watery race track. This day also help the opening ceremonies along with the qualifying round and opening heat 10 lap heat races for many of the boats.

As the day weather top out at all most ninety degrees this didn’t stop people from making there way to Bay City. People can in all across the United States. Some of which came just for Saturday big performance. Most people came to the concert to see who the big act was for this year event who even leak it before the contract was sign that he look forward to coming to Bay City Michigan for a huge wild ride from his performance. Yes that was “Weird Al” Yankovic bring his zany and crazy music to the stage with special guest was Slick Jimmy band.

He preformed many of his newest hit along with some of his old favorite like Fat. But most of his fans was there sporting foil hat to sing along to one of his newest song call foiled which can be see on youtube. The concert state off his tacky song as people watch the stage for him to walk on to but got to see him start his performance just like he did in the video as his camera crew followed him to the front of the stage as everyone rush it to the stage to see him wiggle and show off his dancing shoe as he began to perform. Many costume change came along with all the different song he preformed that night top the show even at one point sporting a purple octopus with a snow cone hat as he sang Born this way (parody of Lady Gaga Song). Most people wasn’t sure that he could bring such a wide night of fun that most people use to with previous concert of rock and roll music. But he live up to it by keep the crowd standing all night long dancing and moving.


This was all follow up by Sunday races schedule. It started with the different testing of powerboats. Then continue threw the day with heat races along with final lap races of the different powerboats. Each of the final lap races saw the powerboat take the course for 30 laps to see who the biggest winner will be of the day. That was then follow by the awards ceremony at 5pm that saw two family pair winning both of there races even with a few boat crashing but driving make it out of the water safely.

So if you didn’t make it out to the river roar this year you will have to wait to see what next year will bring. We all can’t wait to see what will be in store for both concerts and races next year.



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