KISS Concert Aug 15 2016 Saginaw Michigan Review and Tommy Thayer Interview


Electricity filled the air, as the crowed filed into the Dow Event Center on Aug 15 2016 in Saginaw Michigan. They came from every part of the state to get a chance to see on of their favorite bands in the world. For some it was even there first time to enjoy such an iconic and awarding band that spanned the test of time.

As the crowed filled into the event center, you saw fans of every age from old to young. You even got a look at a few that came dress up in their favorite band member. All of them came to see the hit band KISS. They were on tour for there One Nation Freedom Tour. This tour for the band was to help and honor the entire veterans in the world. They did this buy setting a portion of the ticket and merchandise to go to the veteran fund in local and world.

But before they would rock Saginaw Michigan with there performance. The big hair bands the DEAD DAISIES. The big hair band of years past would rock the join with there own style of music and theatrical performance. For those that don’t know most of the member of this group has played at one time with a few of the bigger band of the decade.

DEAD DAISES rock the join and got the crowd pumped up and ready for KISS to take the stage. After they where done playing there own music, there was a little delay as the change over in equipment before KISS took the stage.

Before KISS took stage a giant black screen was brought up so people could see what the band had in store for them during the night. As the light flash and music start you could hear the cheer coming form the crowded. Just then the giant black screen drop to the floor, as KISS came floating down on a huge platform from the roof of the Dow Event Center.

The start there performance with everyone favorite in Michigan was Detroit Rock City. As the crowded came to life with roars, it got the band rocking even more. Moving along threw their performance saw a lot of different thing happening on stage. Some of which was Gene “The Demon” Simmons standing on stage not saying much to the crowd, but getting them going by with his act as the demon with arm movement and hand gesture. People know what was about to happen. The cameramen who where in front of the stage give every one a close up view throughout the show with the two big monitors they had on each side of the stage.

When Gene let spill out of fake blood out of his mouth people new what song he was going to be singing. As he let out the fake blood he was lifted up to the rafters in the event center to a stage. They he clean up his hand and mouth a little big so he could sing one of his famous songs. He even threw a wet towel that some luck fan was going to get to take home and remember the night.

He wasn’t the only one that would put on a theatrical performance that night. Paul “Star Child” Stanley would keep the crowd going by talk with them and even ask them to help sing a few songs with them. At one point in the show he got onto a swing and swung him self across the crowd where people could all most reach up and touch him. He laid on another stage that was located on the other end of the event center. He would play a song in which the member would be light up by their very own KISS colors.

But that wasn’t the only treat the crowd would get. Tommy “The Spacemen” Thayer would play his song. He would show the crowd why he was the lead guitar for KISS. We were lucky enough to get a pre-interview with him before they came to Saginaw Michigan. You will find Tommy Thayer interview at the end of the article just before gallery of images.

With their different style of ROCK-N-ROLL the crowd was jumping all night long watching as they put on a show that everyone would remember for the ages. It was a site to see even coming for this report.

So if you miss out on their performance here in Michigan. There are still chance to get to see them in concert by going to their web page and see where they will be playing and what there next date is.

Interview with Tommy Thayer

Us: What made you get into music?

Tommy: Growing up I was introduced to music and I just felt the movement to play. So I pick up a guitar and started playing. I get most of it from my family from listing to the classic to my brother records”

Us: Who would you say is your inspiration for music?

Tommy: The Classic and Beatles. Then as I became a teen I switch to more of the modern stuff like from the 70’s, Black Sabbath, Kiss of course,

Us: What it is like to play with the rest of the kiss band

Tommy: It’s great and allows me to see many different people and how wild each show can get.

Us: How would you say your life has change being a part of them?

Tommy: Playing with my black n blue band before join kiss gave me a chance to see what the life was like. I was very lucky to me gene very early on before joining the group. I got a chance to help the group by writing a few songs for them before join them as lead guitar. Gene also gave me the chance to work for them behind the scenes doing a lot of work that most people don’t get to see. This gave me the chance to see the behind the scenes of thing along with getting to know the band KISS and see what they are like along for them to get to know me as well. With working behind the current of the band it help make me more of a round person cause I knew what it would take to get thing done how thing are operated.

Us: Do you still write song for the band KISS

Tommy: Yes I still write song for the group even wrote a few single songs my self for the group besides collaborating with the group on other song.

Us: How did you take and make the spaceman from those that came before you?

Tommy: Well with this there were many talks between myself, Gene and Paul about what the character was about. But over all with it be something that has been so iconic to the groups that changing it would have change the over all on what and who the band was. It some thing that we went around and around about, by leaving it the way it was is the best for both me and the band

Us: What are you looking forward when coming in to Saginaw?

Tommy: I feel these venues give people that chance to see them where they wouldn’t be able to before. By playing the market like the Saginaw give us a chance to meet people that never been to KISS concert before and give me a feeling that make me play even hard for the first time. I feel that it is part of the Americana feel. I get a feeling when I was growing up by getting that hometown feeling.

The last thing he said he can’t wait to play Saginaw and give it the best performance possible.


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