Fantasy Con 2016 Birch Run Michigan

Auto Bots Roll out, whom you going to call? As fans flock to the small town of birch run Michigan for the first ever comic book convention. The birch run expo center play host to Fantasy Con, which brought you everything, you like in a comic book adventure with out traveling to a big town. You got everything you want in this small con. They had artist, vendor, attraction and location for panels.

As you enter the small con you might think that as big as the expo center is that you would see a big comic con. However this was there first year, while it maybe small it still packs a big punch. First off as you enter you see vendor selling everything from comic book to toys and let’s not forget everyone favorite comic book both old and now and very reasonable prices. While it was small they still had a few super star from both the movie and comic book industry for you to check out as well.

There was artist on hand drawing comic books right on the spot beside showing off there latest creation.   Beside the artist on had they had a few things for there first year that would draw everyone in and get them to come back for more. The Detroit ghost buster where on hand with there stay puff marshmallow man along the eco 1 for fans to site in or by and get there picture taken. Some that a lot of con don’t have was for the first time every the only truly fan built replica from Hasbro movie Transformers which is one of a kind that they got permission right form Hasbro them self to let them built it. That was the big draw for both the young fans and the one that group with the old movie and love the new one.

They have many different panels going on for the two-day weekend. One of which was a special-fx make up demo. This gave people a chance not only to watch on how to apply make up for a look that they always want to created but they got to ask question and was answer by one of the pro that was feature on the Sci-Fi Show Face Off.

On Friday the show offer something special for the kids by hosting a kids only cosplay contest (for those that don’t know what it is that is a contest where people dress up from there favorite shows). The winner of this contest was two boys from the walking dead, Raven from Teen Titans and another girl form one of the animie cartoon that round out the tops of the contest. There were a lot of great costumes to choose from but these where the one that stood out the most.

On Saturday saw a return of the Cosplay contest with the adult and Teen contest. Here we was many different homemade costume as well but that three that stood out in the judge eye was the follow Racketeer, Baby girl from bio Shock, evil queen from what we think was the wizard of oz.

In between both contest everyone was treat to a special show put on by the Detroit Ghostbusters group. The first thing was a performance where they reenacted the last scene with the Stay-puff marshmallow man, along with that Stay-Puff also got in a little time to do the chicken dance with a few of the fellow kids cosplayer. On Saturday everyone was treated to a small show where the MC of the contest was dress up as Captain Kirk and he slay Mr Stay-puff not only with his phazer but he final put him down with his pen after his phazer quite working. You truly can say that the pen is mightier then the sword.

That pretty much sum up the event, however talking with organizers they hope to grow to a even bigger event next year. Since this was the first of it kind in this area. So they look forward to returning next to bring new thing.

All of the photo from the day event can be seen blow.

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