Big Country Fest 2016


As fall was fast approaching and trick or treating was around the bend. The great fall favorite was getting ready. That right Big Country Fest 2016 came once again to the small but big town of Frankenmuth Michigan.

This year was their 7 year for the event of country music. Not pulling any punch this year came a great arrange of country music and entertainment. Even bring back to the event some of there favorite like the bull riding, country line dancing and for the second time at the event the food truck wars.  But even with all that a lot of people came to the event to get a chance to listen to one of there favorite entertainers.

The event start on friday Oct 21 2016 with the music entertainment of the following Cadillac West, Rye Whiskey,  Dani Vitany. Each of the entertainment brought a wide arrange of there own music to a few favorite from the big name star. But for one band this wasn’t there first time at the event, Dani Vitany who open for lot of big name act brought back her signing and entertainment talents to the stage sign a few of her old favorite to some of the new song she just recorded.

Following Friday night events country fest came rolling back on Saturday Oct 22 2016 with even more country act.  Starting it off was Allie Louise bring her own style of music to the stage. She was then follow up by  Mandi Layne & The Lost Highway and then  the big Shotguns & Violins was this year major headliner that would close out the show after there second set .

Beside the music there was other thing everyone could take in beside dancing that everyone was enjoying doing while there entertainer took the stage. But there was still other thing like if you wish you could ride a robot bull and see how long you could stay on for as some of the guest try to see if they could beat out there best friends (see photo below). Even with the bull riding on there was another fun thing for people to try out that was out side the event was bubble ball that you wear a inflatable ball and bounce or  try to push your friends over as you bounce off them.

While you was out side this was also your chance to take in some great food like the Bad Wolf BBQ, Fresh Veggie Truck or event from one truck what would make fresh homemade pizza right one the spot. So if you pick out your favorite food to help party the night away you could enjoy a drink of some of your favorite thing from beer, Soda and even a blood Mary bar.

Once you got your fill all of the thing to do at the event, you might even took in a little shopping from one one of the vendor that was on hand offering great gift ideas from Jewelry to beef jerky and outfits let’s not forget about the souvenir you could take home from the event as well.

So if you miss out you have to wait a whole year to check out what new thing that the big country fest has to offer. There next event is planning on taking place Oct 20-21 2017 in Frankenmuth.

If you miss any of the action feel free to look at the photo below and see what you get to look forward to next year.


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