2017 Zendar Snow Festival in The book

Well it been another wired year in the little Bavarian town of Frankenmuth Michigan. While mother nature seem to play trick on everyone in Michigan from have hot and rainy days to snow days. That still didn’t stop the annual Zendar Snow and fans from coming out to see what great ice and snow sculptures  was made..

Even with mother nature could stop it and she finally gave it as the weekend approach with lowering the temperature and even a bit of snow.  So the artist still came out all over the word even as far as Argentina. Each of the group had what in mind they wanted to build in order to take home the honors of being the best. This wasn’t just limit to top name in the world of ice and snow carving. Even local school got into the actions bring there own design to the world of snow and ice carving (see all photo below).

As people flock from all over to see what the artisan made. There was a lot for them to see and do in the town of Frankenmuth.  People could not only take in a wonderful day of looking at ice and snow carvings but it also offer them chance to do a bit of shopping with all the great local shop that the town has to offer from cloth to cheese and more. Even a few local charities was on hand to help out with food and games to keep people entertain as one little boy found out by playing turkey bowling. He got to throw a frozen turkey down a bowling lane in order to win prizes.

But with all that people where able to take some time out from all the walking to warm them self up in the Zendar warming tent that offer a wide arrange of food and entertainment. Here is where you could sit down and enjoy music while reflection and picking out what your favorite carving was. The warming tent offer room for you to enjoy some nice dancing outdoor while staying warm at the same time.

If you miss out on this year snow fest you will have to wait another year to come out to see the different ice and snow carving there are. Our favorite from this year was the big snow dragon and the Mummy bar as you can see from the images below.


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