Motor City Tattoo Expo March 3-5 2017 Review

Motor City Tattoo Expo

March 3-5 2016

Location:Renaissance Center, 400 Renaissance Drive Detroit Michigan 48243 USA  

Do you like tattoo but never thought about getting one? Are you wondering how to get into the tattoo business? Have you ever wanted to see what kind of tattoo art that people get. Then March 3 through 5 was a perfect time to check out one of the biggest event in the state. That right this was the 22 annual Motor City Tattoo Expo held at the GM Renaissance Center and Hotel.

As thousand of artist came from all the United States to this annual expo to show off there works of art and allow people that might have a favorite artist from another state a chance to get that work of art they always wanted to have tattoo. There was a verity of artist doing all type of tattoo work from old style black and white to color, Small or large there was something for everyone.

As you take your right up to the forth floor, you start off you journey into the world of tattoo. After starting by getting the ticket for you and your family as it was open to every one of all ages. You had the chance to take a walk and buy some great tattoo supplies along with buying that t-shirt or jacket from the event or those that love ink but haven’t got one could buy special t-shirt and other clothing items so you could show off your support.   But the first out ring wasn’t just supply you could even get a chance be made up with some sexy make-up or non-piercing body jewelry. But for those that did have body jewelry this was also the chance to check out some of the local body jewelry that was on hand for yea to buy. Walking around the outer ring you might had the chance to see how tattoo got there start as one local artist was doing old style non machine tattoo (ie think old world tattoo art with out any electric, See blow for image of it).

Once you done with the outer ring this is you change to walk in to pick out what tattoo artist you would love to get some art fun or watch them do some great art on other people. Depending on what path you take around the inner part of the event that is jammed with artist and people looking and getting tattoo you also had the possibility to pick up a few other thing form sings to after care tattoo and other lotion items.

Here was your chance through the weekend was a chance to enter if you had that favorite tattoo you wanted to show off with the stage contest. All weekend long they host contest for many different style of tattoo. For example on Saturday you could have enter one of the following areas of tattoo for a chance to win a award and help your local or favorite artist name get out there. Some of the contest category where Black and white (Small, Medium or Large One winter for each), Color (Small, Mediums or Large), Best Portrait, Best Over all, Best Lettering and then final Best of the day. Each category had contestant enter in more then one piece of tattoo, at one point in the contest one person wasn’t afraid to show off his full body tattoo as he was cover form head to toe (see photo in gallery). They’re where many different winner and some repeat winners each showing off the one tattoo that they wanted the most. There even was one couple that one of them was the winner and the other one was runner up.

But beside the tattoo experience that was going on you could even take the chance to for an extra cost sit in some seminars from some big name in the tattoo industry. These Seminars included for those that stay the night or came in early in the morning was a chance to do and learn yoga then you could follow it up with learning all about tattoos from black and gray the luck of the draw to tattoo machine tuning and repair.

To end the day if you happen to stay the whole day at the event and was feeling a bit over whelmed you could stop by and get a nice relaxing massage from two couple of ladies that was offering them just for tips only.

So over all this was the place to be to check out what some people would call the poor man art. It was like walking through a art gallery that you got to see art (tattoos) from many different style and image weather is was a portrait or something from the fantasy like your favorite characters. There even was tattoo that people got to shoot of their local color and heritages.

If you miss out on this event this year, you thought you might have to wait a whole another year to check it out. Nope for the first time this year the Motor City Tattoo Expo will have its first annual summer time expo on august 18-20 2017 with even more artist from traditional, Realism, Scrip, Black and White, New or Old School will be all under one rood. This will be a great time to come out and check out what you have missed it.

Image By Joe Currie and Brian Thornton

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