Bringing back the 80’s 2017

What to travel back in time and relive the good old day. Then on April 28-29 2017 was the day to be in Frankenmuth Michigan to travel back to the 80’s. That right we are traveling back to the 80’s for a lot of fun with big hair bands, wild costumes of characters, break dancing, toys, and crazy hairs styles. This event will bring thousand of people from all over the countryside and Canada.

Frankenmuth Michigan was the starting point for traveling back in time for this year 80’s festival. The event was brought to you in honor Jill Zehnder, who passed away in 1999 at the age of 43 after a brief battle with cancer. As Jill’s family, we are determined to do there our part in fighting 80’s fest to cancer-related causes. Jeanna Rogner, the youngest of Jill’s daughters, heads the operation along with her sisters, Jodi Reinert and Juli Cleary, cousin Shelley VanWormer and husband Tim Rogner. This will help keep her memory alive while giving back to something that touches all their hearts.

You might be asking why they choose the 80’s to make an event. Jeanna Rogner wants to make something fun and entertaining for everyone. When she said down and thought about it. She remember the old day of growing up with while and crazy hair days, dress up in cloth in leggings and dancing to the big hair bands of the 80’s. Plus with that she thought of all the great movie of that decade. So with all that in mind she came up with the event. The 80’s fest was born with people in mind to give them a fun place to hang out relive the old days.

Since the start of 80’s fest some year ago, this will be there 13 annual event of the two day festival that take you back in time. From the start of 80’s they didn’t know what they had till the number from each year keep growing and growing. Now this being the 13 annual of the event you would see a drop in number as the year wears on. This is not the chase; on Friday April 28 2017 which is the day that is open to every one of all ages saw about over 50,000 people coming to the event that went through on Saturday April 29 2017 which was the day for everyone over 21 to come out and party saw the biggest crowed every with about 100,000 attendees as it. Which made it a night of fun and entertaining with people hanging out and have a good time.

Each day brought it own array of fun and entertainment. While some thing stay the same for the two-day like Frankenmuth Lion club, Subway selling great food to keep you going while you drank your beer or soda and water. There was the novelty table that you could get all your 80’s fest gear from wigs, to neon glass, gloves and even your very own 80’s fest t-shirt. Let not forget the ladies and gentlemen who where on hand to help you out making that wild and crazy hair style from the 80’s. Even Jeanna Rogner father-in-law got his hair done just for the event . The hair stylist where brought to you by Allure salon and Spa.

80fest_2017_MichiganEeventMagazine_9929_20170428Larry Rogner Sporting his blue dew

But even with the food and drink there was still other thing you could do. Some of which was take part in the photo booth, take a look at the knight rider car on hand or even take a walk into the Rec room where you could look at toys and other thing form the 80’s that you remember. Plus you could even site down and play a few video game from the past like sonic the hedgehog, Mario Bros or even the Atari video games.   Plus on both days you had the chance if you wish to dress up in your favorite costume character for a context that brought to you by the mix 106.3-radio station and get a chance to see beak dancing by the group Vertical Ambition.


On Friday was open to every one of all ages. The doors open up at 6 pm saw people piling into the event. This night would start of the two day event which set the tone for the whole weekend that keep growing at the event went on. Friday saw the costume contest for all ages. This saw a verity of costume that came on the stage like a lot of the music performs and character of the 80’s. Some of the winner for this night was tracksuit grannies, a little kid dress up as Axel from gun and roses and the cast of Beetle Juice movie that took home the award for the contest.


The band RockStar would be the own to take the stage to get the party going with big hair band rock and roll music. They will bring their own style of 80’s verity and fun to Friday night events.


As the night rolls on into Saturday which brought a whole new day of fun filled thing to do. Saturday was the say that it was for those that are over 21 to come out and party. This will also be the biggest night for a huge crowed. All the stuff that was available to due on Friday open up at 4 pm on Saturday. This day would start with the band Slick Jimmy taking the stage to bring you music from 4:30 till 5:30 in which they would then take a break to give Vertical Ambition time to put on a break dancing show for the crowed and the adult costume contest. They would follow that up again about 6:45 for they’re second set of music to get the crowd jumping. After they where done performing while music played in the background giving time for changing out the band. It would bring the headliner act up next. The headliner for this night would be for there 8th time at 80’s fest is the band Square Pegz. They bring high-energy music with a wild performance of music. They would play for two sets before night was over with to end the final day of 80’s fest.

So if you never made the track to 80’s fest you will have to wait another year to see what thing they will bring to it and help out a great cause.



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