Party Of The Summer Blast (Faster Horses Music Festival 2017)



Let the party start as this year Faster Horses Music Festival took off on July 21 and ran through the 23 2017. This was there fifth year in putting on the biggest country concert party here in Michigan.

Michigan International Speedway in Brooklyn Michigan played host once again to this year Faster Horses Music Festival. As over 40,000 fan came to the small town to enjoy the concert at the speedway. They where able to join a lot of activities including camping for the 3 day weekend that they line up with there cars, rvs, and tend in hand to have a wild time at this year event.

As the fans set up their campsite for what would be a wild weekend of fun in one of the 9 different camping locations. One of which was located on the infield of the Speedway. They are treated not only with the normal life of camping and music, but for the 5th year of the event they where in store for a lot more of fun and entertainment that the promoters had in store. If you happen to camp at Faster Horses if you want to get and enjoy something to eat the promoter offer all you can eat pancake party on the infield host with Dee Jay Silver who pump the two in between acts on the main stage along with the late night on the first two nights.


So beside the music, which is the biggest draw for fans, there was a lot of other thing to see and due. Some new thing this year that they had to offer was all new area call west world. Here is where not only did they have the all new Muscle Car show, but it also played host to the arcade, go-carts, carnival rides. In this area they even threw in a new stage where people could learn line dance and other country step. Also new in this year was a huge outdoor Skeet-ball game that people could walk up and try to see what they could get as a score.

Thingtodueatfasterhorse_Mag_FasterHorse__5129_20170723_Joe Currie-Joe's Photography and Entertainment


But as you left this area to head to the main stage or the next Nashville star stage, you had the chance to stop off and do some lazer/softair shooting at a vendor station or you could stop off and make some art or even get your self all glitter up for a wild day of fun. In this area to you are able to take some time out and sit on some lazy swings. This area also off fans to get a chance at three different stations to get there self photo taken. You can even if you wish take that photo and post if on the wall with everyone else to spell out #5yearsoflotsofbeer.

While you leave this relaxing area, you come up to the start of the main area of music. The first of two stages would be the next Nashville Stage. Here you get a wide array of country music style and acts. This is where you see some of the soon to be national act that may come back to be on the main stages. Around this area there are a few thing you can do like cool off in the mist station or check out something new this year was a small vendor allowing girl to get there self all glam out with make-up, hair that was brought to you by the Sober Horses (They promote those that help other stay safe by not drinking driving or doing drugs). Along with that in the area you get a chance to see two of the major vendor of the event. One being the Budweiser Company, with their Clydesdale draft-horse trailer team. Also in this area you can visit the state farm booth as well.   But that wasn’t all that was near the next Nashville stage, you could also play wiffle baseball.

Thingtodueatfasterhorse_Mag_FasterHorse__3951_20170721_Joe Currie-Joe's Photography and Entertainment


But if music is what you wanted to listen to then this was the stage where you could get a chance to see the next and up in comers to be the next big country hit. The line up for this stage start on Friday at 1:30 pm with Muscadine Bloodline, 2:30 Smithfield, 3:15 Dylan Scoot, 4:20 Carly Pearce and ending with Drake white and the big fire at 5:35 (note these time slots are the same for each day). On Saturday the line up was Drew Baldridge, Jon Lanstaon, Walker McGuire, Seth Ennis and ending with Midland. Sunday bans that took the stage was the following Jackie Lee, Adam Craig, Whiskey Myers, Ryan Kinder, Bailey Bryan, and Lanco. On Friday night and Saturday after the last band was finish Dee jay Silver took to the stage for a nightly party starting at 11:05 pm

With music going on you could take the time to due a bit of shopping as well near the next Nashville stage by taking a stroll through the Made In Michigan area. This area you will find all product and business from Michigan selling you great product that arrange from local brews to boots, meat, jewelry and more. So this is a great area to help out the any local business that came out to show you what they had to offer.

madeinMichigan_mag_FasterHorse__5081_20170723_Joe Currie-Joe's Photography and Entertainment

Some other thing you could before you head to the main stage to check out was the return of the Foam Party Pit. Here you could take a chance to cool off in a giant foam party pit where the foam would rain down as you dance. Next to the foam party pit you could always take in the giant swing along with being back is the huge fun water slide. This year next to the foam pit, water slide and swings was a beach volleyball court, Budweiser Country Club, also in the area you also had a chance to play the corn whole country game.

As you walk around taking in the site and thing to due, beside drinking soda, beer, or using the free water station. There was a wide array of food for yea to try like stone oven pizza made right on the spot, bbq dinners along with the basic like chicken finger with fries and hamburgers or hotdogs.

After you grab that meal you then head to the main stage for where you find all the top stage rock it country style. The main stage had act from every part of the country world from old school country to new school rock-n-roll country and even a bit of what we would call country rap.   Acts taking this stage starting on Friday would be High Valley, Craig Campbell, Maddie & Tae, Jon Pardi, Cole Swindell, and Dirk Bently. Saturday was Aubrie Sellers, Randy Roger Band, the great Charlie Daniels band, Dan & Shay, Darius Rucker from group Hootie and the Blowfish and Miranda Lambert. Sunday perform was Michael Ray, Lauren Alina, Bobby Bones & The Raging Idiots, Old Dominion, Brett Eldredge and ending the last night Luke Bryan.

fhmf_Fans_mag_FasterHorse__4311_20170721_Joe Currie-Joe's Photography and Entertainment.JPG

So each day brought it own music style to each of the two stages. The weather could haven’t have been better for the three day weekend. How ever mother nature still let us know she was around, while it was hot and roasting on Friday that made it taxing on the medical staff that was busy taking care of the fans. They took care of everything from heat stroke to over drinking and other medical problem that the fans had.   Let’s not forget about the ever present police force that was there to not put a damper on the festival but there to just keep the piece and to take away those that got out of hand.

But even with that the over all mood of crowd was one as if you where family. Everyone wasn’t afraid to show yea how to have a good time. Weather it be shacking your hand or get yea to dance to the music. They show why Michigan can be considering one of the great places to be and not just how friendly people are but how easy going thing can be. But over all the people got down to the music with dance, screaming at their favorite artist or even hoping to catch something they might throw out like one lucky fan caught when High Valley took to the main stage. If you wasn’t one of the fans that took something away from the stage you still was able to bring something home from the event, by walking over to the tent that sold everything from band shirt, hats. It also has Faster Horses Music Festival item for yea to take home.

So with the wild array of people for yea to meet and enjoy who came out dress in everything from America items carrying flag to the average Joe. This was the place for you to be. The wild ride that you take listening to the country music and having a good time drinking and party as if everyone was family then this was the perfect place to be. You can see why it called the Party of the summer. So if you miss out this year you have to wait another year for it to come back around again and see what Faster Horses Music Festival will bring along with new thing they might have in store.

You can check out below some of the fan, band, and attraction at this year event or go to for a lot more photos

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