Country vs Rock on September 7 2017 in Saginaw Michigan- Parmalee Concert

Rain fell on one of the biggest day in mid Michigan. On September 7 2017 two great concert with in feet of each other. Some might say the bigger concert would been  Bob Seger playing the Dow Event Center. But we think that the biggest Concert was the Parmalee Concert. People may have paid hundreds of dollar to see Seger but they miss out on a concert that put it to shame.

Ken Shelton Promotions brought a bunch of great country act to the Temple Theater in Saginaw Michigan. that would show why it was one of the best place to me.  Ken Shelton Promotions not only brought the new big country act Parmalee but he also got  Taylor Tucky out of Detroit Michigan, Lauren Duski of the Voice and local boy Steve Armstrong and the 25-cent beer band to be on stage as well. They all would take the stage and put on a show that would rival the big act just across town by having people dancing in the isles and up near the stage all night long.

For those that never been to the Temple Theater, it a great place to see a event. Brought back to to life from the old style of movies, stage and concerts. The Temple offer great seating weather you watching a play that they put on, concerts and musical act as well with other stage show performance. The Temple offer two level of view a balcony that offer a great view no matter where you sit. The plush seat and decor bring you back to the day of the roaring 20’s and 30’s when theater where the place to be  before the day of computer, movie theaters.  They also offer a wide array of snacks and drink from Beer, wine, Soda and Water.  Snack they had everything from popcorn, pretzel and more. So if you never been to the venue you need to check them out. See their website for more information on what they have coming up for shows

But on Sept 7 2017 the temple theater would be the place for a wild fun night of country music and entertainment.  Event with the rain people line up to get in to see there favorite country band that will be taking the stage. Let’s not for get about for those that was lucky enough to get vip tickets was treat with a meet and greet with there favorite Band.  While people where waiting to get in to enjoy the night of music, where treat to music and line dancing by the Stompers. They preform different line dance for the crowd and cars at they drove by the theaters. But the fans where getting excite waiting in line so they could rush in to get in.

Fans could before heading to there seat to stop and buy some of the bands merchandise that they had to offer from cd, t shirt, drum sticks, hats poster and more. So if you want something to remember the night beside the ticket and even get a chance for the band to sign it at well then this was your chance just before taking your seat or getting that great food and drink for the night entertainment.

The first band that was to take the temple theater stage was  Taylor Tucky. They got the joint jumping for a long night of entertainment. They played a wide array of country style and music from country blues to country rock and roll.   They would be follow up with Steve Armstrong and the 25-cent beer band. They are local boys from around the Michigan area. They play some of there favorite music that they record along with some of the great country music that make the country music entertainment.

Following Steve Armstrong would be the Lauren Duski who was a hit finalist on the TV show the Voice. She became a hit from the show and working with some of the great legend of the country music world. She brought to the stage some of what make women singer fame and feeling. She play mostly slow love country music and during the show took time to thank all those that show up for the event and showing her the love that make country music so popular. She even played one of the song she sung on the Voice

The last performer to take the stage was the group call Parmalee, who even took some time before there event not only to say hi to fans at there meet and great but just before there show time to take the stage they took a few mins to run over and say hi to fans that was going to be the Dow event center for the Seger concert cause they was going to miss out on the best performance ever. They also took some time to say hi to one of there idols Bob Seger him self. But they couldn’t wait to take the stage.

As the light drop low and the laze light show started, Parmalee came out once by one to stage playing some great rock and roll style country music. As fan screamed and fell the self to get up and start dancing in the isles. This would keep the the friendly staff of the temple busy. They would mix it up the night by playing fast and slow country music of there select song that keep the fans going all night long.

So who could say the winner of the day entertainment bash of the day Country or Rock we would have to say that the country  had won. But the over all winner where the fans, not only where they treat to great country music at very low ticket price but they where dancing all night long. But don’t take our word for it check out some of the great shot below from the night.

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