Fires Fly’s- Flint Firebirds On A Roll Wednesday Jan 31 2018

The fires of the game seem to start dying out on the Flint firebirds as the season look to be ending. However just like the great bird of life and out of it ashes raised an even greater bird, so to have the Flint firebirds are starting to rise out of the ashes. On Wednesday Jan 31 2018 saw the firebirds hopes of make it to a play off game.

The firebirds started the game with the first goal of the night playing ageist the Saginaw Spirits on a power play. That is how the first period of the game would end. The Second period would find the firebirds in a fight for there life as the Saginaw spirit would come back and score a goal in the second period to tie up the game one to one.

As the struggle went on for the puck would hit the half waypoint of the game. It saw the Saginaw spirits score their second goal of the night to go one up on the Flint firebirds with a very heart fight as their goalie would put his heart behind every block shot that the Saginaw would throw at him before they score.

As the second period would end and the last started the Flint firebirds saw their heart sink. As the last period began to close it saw what make the Firebird as a animal that can be never counted out. Coming out of the ash of possible loosing the game Flint in the last minutes to score a tie goal pushing the game into over time.

The Firebirds rose out of the ash to start the five-minute sudden death over time period with the first score would win the game. As the spirit would get the puck to start it the Flint firebirds wouldn’t allow that by stealing the puck and scoring the winning goal to steal the home ice back form the spirits. This would start a weekend run for the Flint Firebirds. Cause on Friday they would to fight Sarnia Sting.

The firebirds would take the fight to Sarnia by winning game 3 to 2 on home ice. As the firebirds would rise to keep the winning streak going they then when on to rematch the Saginaw spirit on their home ice on Saturday Feb 3 2018. But this time the spirit would be too much of a match for the Flint firebirds by loosing the game 3 to 2. This would stop the snap the three game-winning streak that the firebirds were on.

So as the season begins it slowly draw to the 2018 play off season can we see the firebird make a come back just the great bird for which it named after or will it just be the end of the season, as we watch the rest of the season go on. We will have to see what happens and if they can pull a comeback.

Now for those that never have been to a hockey game before the Flint Firebird would be a great team to start with. There home ice is located in the great state of Michigan and the city of Flint. Their playing field is called the Dort Federal Event Center. The Flint Firebird offer great price packages for ticket. This year they even saw something new for them with teaming up for home game with the eastern food bank. Allowing fans, and those that never been to a game to bring non-perishable food item for discounts on tickets. Each home game offer different promotions nights, for example on Wednesday happen to be college and the firebird would give discount on hot dog and other great items for you to enjoy the night of the game. So if you’re looking for something to do be sure you go and check out the flint firebirds. There new home game will be on lover day Wednesday Feb 14. 2018 with the puck dropping at 7 pm.


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