Electric Forest 2018 update

Electric Forest’s 2018 “Wish Machine” Prepares to Grant First Wish:A Fan Will Reimagine and Expand the Festival’s Electric Forces Program to Positively Impact More Military Veterans


Over 5000 Forest Family have pledged to do good deeds

so that their Electric Forest wish might be granted.  


Tickets to Electric Forest on sale now at ElectricForestFestival.com


Rothbury, Mich. – Today, Electric Forest (EF) revealed the first wish to be granted by the 2018 “Wish Machine.” A brand-new fan participation initiative launched this past December, the EF Wish Machine encourages the Forest Family to spread positivity beyond the Forest and into their everyday lives. Since its launch, the EF Wish Machine has collected over 5000 wishes, both big and small. Now, The Forest begins granting wishes each Wednesday until the festival, happening June 21–June 24 and June 28–July 1, 2018 in Rothbury, Michigan.


The Electric Forest Wish Machine calls upon everyday heroes to be the change they wish for in the world, asking fans to submit their Forest Dreams along with what they’re willing to do to have their wish granted.


“Kindness, radical acceptance, and good deeds are a large part of what makes The Forest so special. These values create the freedom to discover ourselves and celebrate our unique gifts and beautiful differences,” says Electric Forest Founder and Co-Producer Jeremy Stein of Madison House Presents. “The Wish Machine is an opportunity, a challenge, to carry that ethos out of The Forest and into everyday life.”


Electric Forest’s Wish Machine has sparked inspiration from across the globe. Impacting local communities in Michigan to places as far as Tanzania and Cambodia, the Forest Family considered what they could do – for individuals, neighborhoods, communities, and societies – to help make the world a better place. Pledges included raising money and awareness for mental health, rare diseases, and sustainable efforts; donating clothing, personal items, and funds to charity drives and disaster clean-up efforts; volunteering time and resources to local humane societies, hospitals, and homeless shelters; and so much more.


Now it’s time for Electric Forest to reward the most awe-inspiring and world-changing acts of kindness.


The First Granted Wish: To Angela from Detroit, Michigan


Angela’s Wish:

Forest Family member and Military Veteran Angela submitted a wish to the EF Wish Machine, explained her plan to resign from her role at Veteran Affairs so that she could dedicate herself to developing more creative and collaborative healing and growth opportunities for Veterans. Specifically, Angela wished for the opportunity to reimagine and evolve the festival’s Electric Forces program – inviting veterans who struggle with PTSD to more fully integrate into the festival landscape, bringing specific military experiences to a wide variety of operations at EF2018. WISH GRANTED!


Electric Forces is Electric Forest’s one-of-a-kind music festival activation. Launched in 2013, the creation of Electric Forces was inspired by the stories of Pat and Tim, two young wounded veterans who attended Electric Forest and were deeply moved by the community they found there. Matt and Tim’s chance encounter with a THUMP reporter the festival resulted in the story “Electronic Music Saved These Soldiers’ Lives.” As Pat explained, “My friends took me to Electric Forest in 2012 when I was still lost. It changed my life. Everyone at that festival became my family within a few days and I can honestly say I think it saved my life.”


Since then, Electric Forces has strived to nurture healing and to build connectedness between U.S. military veterans and music festival communities. Electric Forces activations have included shared storytelling, group camping, site-build volunteer opportunities, and more.


With Angela’s wish now granted, look for the Electric Forces program to evolve in 2018, expanding Veteran participation in Electric Forest and more fully integrating the program into the experience. In addition to new, paid internships that relate to Veteran duties and skill sets (i.e. – jobs and learning opportunities in areas of festival transportation, power, community relations/leadership, and more), Electric Forces 2018 will offer expanded support groups and workshops on veteran PTSD and anxiety suffered by millions of civilians. “There are shared similarities between these conditions,” says Angela. “We can all help each other by sharing coping mechanisms, fostering social understanding, acceptance, and inclusion, and creating opportunity for personal and community growth.” Visit HERE for 2018 Electric Forces program details as they become available.


Follow along HERE as many more Electric Forest Wish Machine wishes are granted over the next several months.


The Wish Machine is yet another example of Electric Forest’s commitment to creating opportunities for the community to shape the EF experience. Electric Forest’s “Plug In” Program offers fans unprecedented participatory access. Electric Forest launched its brand new “Tickets For Teachers” program earlier this month. In celebration of the important work that teachers do, and in appreciation for the dedicated teachers in Western Michigan, Electric Forest invited every full-time K-12 teacher in the counties of Oceana, Mason, Lake, Newaygo, and Muskegon the opportunity to apply to receive a complimentary GA Wristband to either weekend of Electric Forest 2018. With submissions now closed, over 100 teachers requested to participate in this year’s program.


In other Plug In news, each year Electric Forest grants Art Installation Sponsorships – up to $5000.00 per winner – for builders and artists in the EF community to bring their ideas to life at the festival. For Plug In’s Brainery Workshop, the EF community can sign up and share their skills and knowledge with the Forest Community. Learn about all of EF’s Plug In program opportunities HERE.
Tickets for EF2018 are on sale now. Good Life VIP Package availability is limited. Tickets and information HERE.


To stay up to date on all Electric Forest news, please visit http://www.electricforestfestival.com and the official Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube pages

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