Back in Time (Bringin Back the 80s Fest) Frankenmuth 2018 (apirl 20-21)

Let’s travel back in time to the old days of big hair, break dancing and cartoons from the 80’s. That right we are setting the time machine to travel back to the 80’s for a wild night of fun, entertainment and wild big hair along with great costume form that ear.

The annual 80’s festival was held on April 20 and 21 2018 in Frankenmuth Michigan. 80’s is a annual tradition that help support cancer related causes. The event was started by Jill Zehnder family, Jill pass away in the 1999 at the age of 42 after battle with cancer. The event was the creation of Jill daughters and with the help of cousin Shelley VanWormer and husband Tim Rogner. All of 80’s fest proceed go to cancer related causes that too Jill away from her family.

This year 80’s festival was once again filled with great thrills of fun and entertainment. On Friday April 20 saw that start of this annual event with the door opening up at 6 pm. This day was open to every one of all ages. Friday saw the first of the two-day costume contest that people could enter wearing many different type of costume, mostly of which was from the 80’s. The costume contest was hosted by along with sponsored by the radio station Mix 106.3 with Annie Mc the contest.

Following up the costume contest on Friday was the band Rock Star. Their performance would feature great song from the big hair band of the 80’s. Some of which where from the group of like Quiet Riot, Journey, Deff Leopard and more. They would keep the joint jumping all night long till the end of the first day of the festival at midnight.

With day one of the festival ending, soon it will see the second day of the event. As Saturday rolled in 80’s festival saw a sold out event on this day with it’s biggest crowed ever. This day was set up for all us adult to be kids again (Saturday was the night it was only available to 18 and over). Once again Mix 106.3 would host the big costume contest that contestant would wear a wide array of costume mostly form the era. But Saturday would also be the host of two band instead of just one. The first band to go on was SlickJimmy, they would take the stage twice this night the first was to get the crowd that came rolling in before the costume contest was to take the stage. Then they follow up the contest with another great performance of music before the main act would take the stage. As SlickJimmy would close out their performance on Saturday with the crowd jumping and pump up sign to some of the great song from the past. The energy would stay pumped up, as the main act of the night would take to the stage.

The group Square Pegz would be the headlining act for the night. Square Pegz would be one of the longest running act that have preformed at 80’s festival. They would rock the joint all night long as the crowd would sign away to song like 99 red balloons and more.

But even with the band there were still many other things to due for both night of the festival. First for those that were brave enough, you could wait for one of the great hairstyle ladies to tease, comb and hair spray your hair to make it look like it did in the 80’s. They did it all from wild big hair that always took a lot of hair spray to keep it up to Mohawks that would be a blast from the past. Next to them all weekend you could also buy your favorite 80’s festival t-shirt or other item of the era. Also in the main tent as you come into the festival there were the K.I.T.T and Delorean cars for yea to look at.

In the main tent you were also if you didn’t wish to stay in was where you could get great food all night long and dance to a Dj that would keep the music going and the small dance floor hoping all night long. There was also a self station where you could walk up and get your picture taken that was then text to you that you could post on all your social media platforms. The event also had a section set up for yea to relive some of the past 80’s era magazine, toys, ad and more. Here you would also be able to play some of your old favorite game from Sega, Nintendo and Atri.

So if you mist out on the wild ride of the 80’s this was your chance to get to have some fun all night long with listen to music, looking at the wild cloth and costume from the era while supporting a great cause. Now you will have to wait till see if it return next year and what bigger thing the crew will bring to make the 80’s Festival in bigger.

Below you find some of the photo from both night of the festival.

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