Boots kick out the rain as the Sun Shine on the Annual Bay City Country Music Festival 

As Michigan was pounded by mother nature wrath rain leading up to the Annual Bay City Country Music Festival on June 21,2019. The fans of the festival said not this weekend as they kick mother nature out with their boots and say bring on the sun shine we are ready to get down and party like the country foulk we are. 
Sure enough old mother nature say ok, As Todd Micheal Band took to the stage with their opening sone by Michigan Very own Frankie Ballard “Young And Crazy. They would bring their own Mid Michigan flair to the event by playing a few of their own songs as well. 

This would get the join jumping and singing along to a few of their favorite songs, while Todd Michieal sing with his soulful style of country music. But waiting on deck would Be J Hartley that is ready to kick the door down for his home town of Bay City Michigan.

J Hartley would open up his set by playing “Friends in low places” by Garth Brooks. This would get his fan screaming his name as he moved in his original roots of music and performing his own style and new recording song “John Wayne”. This would keep the night going as the sun starting to set for the great night of entertainment that was yet to come.

Carly Pearce would take the stage next and being the hottest female Nashville country star that is on the rise and the only lady of the night. She would open her show with “Careless” from one of her albums into to “Closer to you” from her newest album. She would keep the atmosphere jump by playing a variety of her very own song. She would even sing one of her song that was co-wrote with her fiance Michael Ray. As the sun would set on Carly Pearce who all the fans keep calling back stage for another was to bring up Chase Rice.              

Chase Rice would be the head liner that would come on to keep the fans happy and dancing at day turn tonight. Chase would open up with “Lions”. He would bring to the stage a style of old school country music to the Bay City Country Music Festival. As he played he would even at one point give his band a time out as he sat down on a stool and strummed his guitar. But that wouldn’t be the highlight of chase night as one young couple would make his night even bigger. As Chase would begin to sing his song “Eye on You” . One person in the crowd as an even bigger surprise for the love of his life. 

While a friend was video the moment as chase started to sing their favorite song , Mathew Peaphon got down on one knee and asked the love of his life Samantha Engelhardt to married him. At his point, Chase saw what was about to happen while he keep singing. He would run back and grab his camera as the proposal would take place and video tape it as well to be shared across the world wide web. Even as the show would go on this wasn’t the end of there night. Chase would bring them both on stage to sing one last song for them before signing a bunch of fan merchandise for them and asking them to join him back stage for a celebratory drink. This would end the great day of warm wither for Day one of Annual Bay City Country Music Festiva

Day two would come in quickly as the warm weather would shine even brighter on the Annual Bay City Country Music Festival. As people line up to see their favorite artist on Saturday June 22 2019. You could tell that this is going to be another great night of music. 

First to set to perform for their fans would be the Steve Armstrong & the 25cent Beer Band. He being a Mid Michigan native Steve Armstrong would get the join jumping right off the bate by playing his very own song I miss My truck. This would get the join rock and rolling. As his fans would start singing along..  

Following him up on this short night of entertainment would be Jimmy Allen. Who if you never seen before would be an artist to watch on the rise of the Nashville charts. Jimmy Allen would keep the join jumping by playing “American Heartbreaker”. As Jimmy would sing along on this very warm day he would at one point stop for a big to take off his white coat that made all the girls scream his name. He also asked the fans to raise there glasses to the sky for what god has given everyone and himself. Following him up would be Billy Currington.

Billy Currington who has 11 #1 hits to his name would get the join even more jumping playing his guitar. He would start of his set with “Pretty Good At Drinking Beer”. As he played he keep the stage on fire never slowing down one bit. He would do a mix of old school country to more modern fast beat rock-n-roll style country. This would get everyone up on there feet and dance the night away as the sun would finally set on the last day of the annual bay city country music festival 

This would draw the day to a close of a fun filled, warm weather performances by some very great new an up and coming artists along with some great headliners. So if you miss out you have to wait another year for the Annual Bay City Country Music Festival brought to you by Ken Shelton Promotions. But what can we expect to see next year for this event from Ken Shelton and his team. Maybe he bring in a third day of great music with even bigger headliner and Next Nashville star. So be on the lookout for come next from Ken Shelton Promotions. 

A big Thank you to Ken Shelton Promotions for bringing the Bay City Country Music Festival series and bringing country music and their followers to an area that doesn’t get many chances to host great big stars.

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