Roar of power at Rockin the river Weekend on July 12-14 2019


As the engines roar there way into bay city Michigan for the return of the powerboat race. Bay City Michigan was once again transformed into water grand prix race for power boats. On July 12 saw the return of the much miss powerboat races. The return saw some new thing that came with them. Not only did you get the high power formula 1 boast, but it also saw two new races for the Tri hull and junior hydro races for the weekend.

The races love coming to the river in Bay City Michigan, because of the challenge it brings. This year mother nature would not disappoint the drivers and crews as they prep there boat for the challenge. With the weeks of rain that Michigan had gotten leading up to the big day. It saw a rise in river water and much chopper race track for the driver. How ever she would shine down on them all weekend long with warm temperatures and sun that would bring out all the fans of powerboat racing.

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For those that don’t know what powerboat racing is you can compare it to Nascar or Indy Car racing but on the water where boats can reach speeds up to 100 miles per hour on short tracks. Combine with water can make this event an exciting race to watch. For details on the classes of boat click on the link here. Bay City Power Boat Classes.


The boats would roar on the river for the three day event and on Sunday saw the run for the championship of the Bay City waters. This year saw Ashon Rinker winning the Formula 1 races. But even as the boat roared into people hearts, there was still more to due then just watch the boats.

Friday saw day one of the concerts that would be feature at this year rockin the river weekend. This say would feature headliner and Platinum recording star Uncle Kracker and special guest the Verve Pipe.

Verve Pipe would get the crowd jumping with is mix style of rock-n-roll music. They would play not only great his from the 90’s but also some of there great tune that they record them self. They got the place screaming and dancing way before Uncle Kracker would take the stage.

UncleKracker_20190712_Rockentheriver_20190712__JOE9668_Joe's Photography 9893262089

Following them would be the great performance of Uncle Kracker. He would take to the stage that got everyone out of their seats to see the platinum star. How during is first song there was some minor hick-up with the sound as his microphone would quite working for a big as Jedi Mind trip Sound would work as fast as they could to get him back up and running.

As the first one would finish and the microphone now repaired Uncle Kracker would get them jumping even more as he began to sing a couple of new songs. He would follow that up by singing “Follow Me” that the crowd began to sing along with the record artist as well.

As the boat race would run throw out the weekend and as friday came to a close. Saturday would bring even more excitement. As the boats would take to the water most of the day with testing and qualify runs for the championship races on Sunday.

On Saturday would also see the final concert for the Rockin River Weekend. This would bring some old school flavor to the river, with a legendary career spanning more than four decades, KANSAS. Kansas has firmly established itself as one of America’s iconic of classic rock bands. This “garage band” from Topeka released their debut album in 1974 after being discovered by Wally Gold, who worked for Don Kirshner, and have gone on to sell more than 30 million albums worldwide. This day wouldn’t see a prefect for the concert so Kansas had the stage all to them self. They would play a lot of there great favorite song that people love to hear for there hour long performances.

So as they would close out there short performance for the weekend. Sunday would bring on the big fun for the river weekend of entertainment as the Power boats would begin the final run of races with the longest laps. That some great race and then the champion beginning crowded for the weekend.

If you miss out you have to wait to see if they come back next year and what else the event might add.

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