Michigan Comic Con Comes to Cobo Hall Aug 17-19 2018

mcc18-2500wx1200h-optNext Big comic con is about to hit the mitten state of Michigan.  On Aug 17-19 2018, Cobo hall will play host to the first ever Michigan Comic Con. The con will showcase the love for both comic book, stories,art and pop culture,movies and more. Be sure to check them out  on the web site list below. 

This year event will take place at Cobo Hall in Detroit Michigan. Here is where you will find you love of comic, toys, anime, costume, sci-fi, books and artist from all over the globe. They will be on hand showing you the best of what they have to offer in their area.  Ticket Price for this year event range from $30 up to $60 for a full vip experience.

Michigan Comic Con will also be showcasing some of the finest talent of actor and actress on hand for their  eager fans to see and meet. Some of which are John Rhys-davies from films such at the lord of the ring trilogy along with TV show slider, Nichelle Nichols from Star trek, Jewel Staite (Firefly/Serenity), Lea Thompson (Back to the Feature) and more. There are also some great voice over actor and actress on hand as well like Maile Flanagan who is from Naruto and Jeremy Shada who does the voice of Fin on Adventure Time that can be seen on Nickelodeon cartoons. These are just some of the big star that will be signing autographs and doing photos ops.


So this is your change to come out and enjoy the fun and entertain on a great weekend. Let see what they will have in store for us all.  So visit there website at https://michigancomiccon.com for details.  Stay tune for a review and highlight from this year Michigan Comic Con.


About Michigan Comic Con:

Michigan Comic Con debuts on August 17-19, 2018, at the Cobo Center – Hall C. Tickets range from $30-$60, and kids 12 and under are admitted for free. Michigan Comic Con is produced and promoted by Imaginarium LLC, who produce four other comic conventions around the country. For information regarding hours, guests announced so far, programming, and other details about Michigan Comic Con, visit: https://michigancomiccon.com/

Blast form the Past, Youmacon Day 1 (oct 30 thru Nov 2 2014)

Well the first day kick off with a bang out at Cobo hall on Thursday with Youmacon. You might be asking your self what the heck is youmacon.?

Youmacon is a popular culture event similar to most “Comic Cons”, however instead of focusing on comic books, Youmacon is a celebration of Japanese popular culture and its influence on our own culture over the past few decades. Common themes throughout the event are Anime (Japanese animation), Video Games, Japanese style artwork and comics, and the rising internet culture influenced by all of the above.

On Thursday you say many people that were preregister  who were very eager to pick up there pass to get the ball rolling on the weekend fun fill events. As many of them came dress up in there favorite costume character (this is call cosplay).  As the thousand wait in line for the event to start, you can see some of the people dress up to just be the first one in. The event mostly take place in Cobo Hall Detroit Michigan. There are small event that will be taking place all night and day long up the road at the Renaissance Center Hotel. Where there will be live movies, dance parties, mini panel and more. (full schedule of the event and other thing coming up in the day to follow Click here)

Over all on Thursday day event was a blast meeting and talking with people that came from all cross the USA to come to the convention like a small group that made the drive from Wisconsin.  Friday is the office kick of date to the convention. How ever we won’t be able to attend that day due to another event we will be review for a up and coming print article for the magazine. But stay toon for Day 3 from Youmacon as we taking in all the panel, event and more at this year youmacon.