A boot-stomping of a good time at Big Country Festival on Oct 18-19-2019

On October 18-19 2019 little Bavaria town of Frankenmuth Michigan played host to a great little event here in Michigan. Big Country Festival took place over the two day weekend. The Harvey Kern Community Pavilion played host for a country concert.

The event opens it’s door both days at 5 pm and ran till midnight. It would feature some great acts across Michigan and Tennessee. So it doesn’t matter if you are young as this little girl below showing off her country time or the oldest person at the event. There was something for everyone to part take in.

people__BigCountryFestival_20191019-_JOE4324__Joe's Photography 9893262089_
But that’s not all the event have to offer, along with great music there were food trucks that gave you something from all area of the world. Some of which were great BBQ that you could have from the Bad Wolf or Making Bacon food trucks. If BBQ wasn’t your speed when it came to food. You also had you pick of great firewood pizza by Scalici’s Pizza. There also was Yummy Asian giving you that taste of the orient.
You could also have kettle corn, try different kinds of pickles, and cotton candy. Of course with all the food you need something to drink there were a few choices on hand with beer, wine, soda, water, and even a craft bloody mary bar.

If you were looking for some fun activities to do there were a lot of choices this year. There was, of course, the usual bull riding, bubble ball, and pumpkin stacking. But the event also saw football bowling and game for both young and old (cork gun shoot, ring toss, and balloon pop).

people__BigCountryFestival_20191019-_JOE4175__Joe's Photography 9893262089_

With the food and game come the most important fun part of the night. Before each night of music would start you were able to take in some line dancing taught by the Dust Stompers.

Each night performers would start at 5:45 pm. The act of Friday night event would kick off with the Billy Gunther Band. He would play a wide array of country music that would get the people up and dancing. Most of which would be top country hits. He would play two sets offering a wide array of soul foul sounds. Following Billy Gunther, would be the great Kari Holmes.

Kari Holmes brings to the stage a voice that is a miss of Lauretta Lynn, Dolly Parton, and Patasy Cline all rolled into one little signer. She would not only play some of the new great songs of her newest album. But she would take a chance and play Dolly Parton song Jolen song. She would be the headliner for the night and end the party on Friday.

Saturday would start as Friday would with the door opening up at 5 pm. This night’s first performer would be Rebel Line. They bring to the stage a modern-day rock-an-roll flare with a touch of country. They would play hit spanning form the 70’s up to the modern country. They would even preform of there hits Rock Me Country for the crowd to get jumping to.

After their second set for the night would be the headliner Shiatown. They would keep the dance floor full all night long with a wide array of country music. They would play songs like We are Tonight, Good Hearted Woman and finishing the night would be everyone’s favorite Copper Head Road.

So if you miss out, you will have to wait till next year to see what the group at Big Country Festival would bring to the town of Frankenmuth Michigan. But check out below for some of the great snapshots of the night.

Big Country Web site: https://bigcountryfest.com/

Electric Forest 2019 Season Line up Announced

Well with the new year just around the bend. Festival are starting to book there performance artists for the up and coming new year. Which is a time to go bigger and bolder then ever.

On Dec 4 2018 Electric Forest did it first shot across the bow of the festival world with announcing there list of performers.  This year that have some major headliners for the three day event along with a special three day showing of one of the crowd favorite band (The String Cheese Incident), they will put on different performances each night.

For those that might be asking what is Electric Forest. It’s a four day music festival in Rothbury Michigan.  The festival bring together artist from all walk of life and all areas of music. The festival all it fan to stroll through a the festival grounds to take in music from one of the four stage that has live entertainment that arrange from EDM (Electric Dance Music ) to more modern rock, rap, country.  The festival also is where fans come from all over the world to Michigan  in order to share there stories and life travels and show off the the other fans where their artistic style outfits. fan can also see great art installation along with watch live art unfold in frond of there eye. You can even take a walk into the past by visit the Hanger and see the old era item wither it be old school arcade to WII tattoo and Message parlor and more.  The Forest also offer 4 days of camping for it fans that always start lining up on Wednesday the day before the festival ground open.

So if you never been to it you might want to get your ticket fast. As like most year you find that the festival will sell out quickly. But if you like to see what happening before then for music line up then see the graphic below or by going to the link https://electricforestfestival.com



The New Kids of the Comic Con Block: Michigan Comic Con 2018 Review


The beginning of a new era as has started its Journey to a new place in the comic book world.  Michigan Comic Con took place on Aug 17-19 2018 at Cobo hall in Detroit Michigan.

This was the first year for MIchigan Comic Con. It bring together for the love of comic, book, cartoon, toys and movies.  For the start of this year event they brought out a small group of comic artist as well as movie, tv, film and voice over actors. Some of the feature guest star that was on hand to meet their fans was John Rhys-Davies (Lord of the ring and Slider), Nichelle Nichols (Star Trek), Ray Park (Star Wars) Jewel Staite (Firefly), Lea Thompson (Back to the future), Michael Biehn (Terminator), Renee O’Connor (Xena), Austine St John (Power Ranger) and Voice over actor Kevin Conroy (Batman), Charles Martinet (Mario & Luigi), Maile Flanagan (Naruto), Jeremy Shada (Adventure time), Billy West (Futurama), Linda Larkin (Princess Jasmine), Paige O’Hara (Princess Bell) along with YaYa Han (cosplayer expert).


With each of the actors and actress that were on hand that the fans got to meet. There was chance to get up and close personal with them and get their autographs or personal photos taken with them as well just like other comic con. You also had the chance to check out there panel as well to learn a little about them or ask question about their careers or what they got coming up.

There was also many other panels as well like a medieval combat sports that show the history and how combat of the age of steel where fought. Another room was for young kid so they could go in and do a big of art making as well giving parent a bit of time to sit down and relax a bit.  

As usual there was a huge cosplay contest (for those that don’t know what cosplay is, it where people dress up or make home costume of their favorite characters from mainstream media). This always get a lot of great costume for contest some which could be seen below. Cosplay tend to spend year on making their costume and so just day each bring their character to life and portraying them the way they could have them act.


Now if the panels or the contest wasn’t for you then it was possible to also due a bit of shopping as well. There was many artist along with vendor on hand selling all them hard to find items or the next issue of the comic , book, drawing, or toy.  Some of the items that were on sale for people to buy was also hand made for that special touch.

So there was a lot to see and due. If you miss out you just have to wait one more year to see if it make it way back to us. One good thing is that even though this year was small comic con at Cobo Hall they have lot more room to grow from adding more panels with all the available space along with add more media star along with vendor. We can hope that next year they that artist alley will next up two more room to make it even huge. That way people will get more choice to thing they want to buy along with help finding that hard to find items.

We see what happen and what next year bring to this great event. So check out some of the photo below.

It’s a bird, a plane, no it’s a arrow? Motor City Comic Con 2018

Nerds, geeks, movies lover and sport fans. The 2018 Motor City Comic con was the place to be in Novi Michigan this year. It was another big year for Motor City Comic con with over some 55,000 fans descended to the Suburban Collection Show Place for the annual event.

It place host to 42 special media guests, 229 comic artists with a wide array of talent to 107 different vendor and 36 crafters that was on hand for the three day event. So everything on hand there was a lot to see and do.  Just like fans where able to see a lot so where the artist as they could talk with there fellow comic artist that where on hand, like we was able to do before the event even took place by getting the chance to interview Robert  Pope. He was artist that we was got to interview the week of the event. Robert Pope is a artist out of the great state of Georgia . He love to draw from a early age and drew his inspiration for different comic book and other comic medias. He drew for companies like DC Comic, The Peanuts gangs. You can see some of the question we was able to ask him at the end of the article.

With all this thing that was on hand there was some sad new that blew a small sadness to the event this year. One of the biggest Media star for a special 40 anniversary had a passed away the Sunday before the event. But this still didn’t put a damper on the event, Motor City Comic Con made the best of it.

The passing of actress Margaret Ruth Kidder who played Lois Lane from the original superman movies, was going to be on hand for the 40th anniversary of the movies. So to show there support not just of the movie but of her career. They took the time to decorate her space with flowers and everything for fan to remember her. They even got a huge blow up picture of her that people could come by and sign along with a special guest book that was sent to her family after the event had ended.

MotorCityComicCon_20180518_20180518_Joe's Photography-8

But even with that loss at the event there was a few great gift at the event. First one was that Tom Welling from the TV Smallville and Lucifer. He brought with him just for Friday only was Michael Rosenbaum (plays Lex Luthor from Smallville). Rosenbaum cam in to share the spot like with Tom and event sit in on his panel for Friday.  If you was lucky to sit in on the panel you might got a great treat for doing so. As Tom and Michael came out on stage first thing Michael ask was there a wireless microphone anywhere then he saw it down on the floor where fan where able to walk up and ask question. So instead of staying on stage Michael walk down and took over the fan wireless microphone. As fan where light up he said he was going to help them ask there question to the both of them.

Some of the question where ask was like what was your funny moment in Smallville. Tom would tell the young fan who was being hugged by Michael waiting for the answer was that it was the time that Michael was playing his farther in a episode. Tom would set the scene by explaining that when we walk on set he saw two huge crane that Micheal would be harnessed into for the shot to show him flying in.  Micheal would then take over by explaining what had happen to make it funny.  It’s the fact that he was to come flying in and then land perfectly in front of Tom and say his line. How ever as he would explain that as he would come flying it for some reason he start twisting in the rigging and doing a bit of acrobats that would have tom laughing so hard. That when he landed and Micheal would say his line Tom said that he just crack up even more and that it took about 5 take in the show of him flying before they got right form the laughing.

MotorCityComicCon_20180518_20180518_Joe's Photography-42

There were many media stars on hand and each had there own panel through the weekend.  There was one media star who could be there cause she broke her leg and her doctor told her that she could fly in. How ever even with not being able to show. She tweeted that she is sending a ton of free stuff that will be given away at her panel for all her fans, each item was sign with a special note.

One of the biggest draw this year for media star was Stephen Amell from the TV show Arrow. His panel was fill to the max with fans that got a great answer to there waiting question that they wanted to ask him. He even during his panel would drop a few hint for what the next season of arrow will offer ask one of the fan ask him a question about what is next to come for him. He went on to answer the question and then drop the hint that in the new season he is planning on wearing the signature green arrow goatee. If you ever seen the original green arrow comic and in cartoons, the characters would wear a goatee. How ever he was very adamant that no matter what he would not wear the dopey  arrow hate with the feather tuck in it (think of robin hood outfit).

There where many other panel that went on through the event that you would get little nugget like the one Stephen Amell drop.  But if you wasn’t meet them in there panel you get the chance to stand in line to get there autograph of that favorite item you have or buy one of there personal photo they all offered.

You also was able to buy your own special photo op with each of the media stars that was on hand.  But with the media star you still was able to do a lot. You could do a bit of shopping as well from the hundreds of vendors on . Some of the item you could been lucky to buy was the rare toy or your very own hand drawn comic art from of one of the artist that was on hand.

Some of the artiste who where on hand when they weren’t signing art,they was drawing it for everyone to see. Like this artist who use chalk as her medium to draw out huge works of art. Just like the one she was doing during the comic con.

There was a lot to see and do, but let’s not forget about all the fans that was on hand as well to see beside the artists and media guests. Fans came in all shape and size even a few cam dress up in there favorite costumes (to become a cosplayer) for everyone to see.  You could see fans dress up every day of the event but on Saturday was the biggest day for those fans that want to do some extra to show off. There was a cosplay contest (costume contest) that they could enter for a chance to win thousand of dollar in prices.

The contest took place at near the end of the event.  This saw hundreds of fans dress up in there cosplay outfits each of them that enter would come on on to stage where they could show off what they where wearing and even made.  They also had the chance to talk or do a small skit to show off there cosplay.  One of the lucky winner of the the contest on Saturday was a group who played out He-Man and mater of the universe.

But Saturday wasn’t the only day for costume contest. Sunday saw another contest for cosplay but this time it was for the small one. The contest on Sunday was the little kid. This would always a wide array of costume little one.

So if you missed out on this one you have to wait another for the Motor City Comic Con.  Motor City Comic Con will be head on May 17-19 2019 and will be the 30th Anniversary.  We can hope that it will be even bigger then this year cause also while we was at the event we learn that the Showcase was being upgraded by building new section to the location.

We will see everyone there and what new thing will come.


Interview with Robert Pope

MotorCityComicCon_20180518_20180518_Joe's Photography-16


Question:  What got you into doing comic art?

Answer: I got into doing art when I was younger. I was always seeming to draw different characters. But it wasn’t till I look at the old peanuts comic strips that I truly wanted to make this what I wanted to due.

He would also tell yea some of of this other influences was the Loony Tunes and Walt Disney.

Question: How due you come up for the ideas when doing a comic book.

Answer: Most of the time I follow  script but event then it hard to draw something. Sometime you have to come up with your idea. Cause unlike with television show when you see a action the screen would fade to black and then you see the what happen. Drawing a comic book I have to remember that when you see the cause of something cause of the way you ready it you have to do it in a way that you flip the page you see the action that had happen.

He would give example of the Willie coyote and road runner show. Where you see Willie strap him self to a rocket and it would fire then screen would go black and you next see the road runner as the rocket would fly bu just in time for Willie to be hit by a rock or something. This is what he would explain would be the hard party in drawing a comic book.

Question: What you like about going to Comic Cons?

Answer:  The thing I like about going to them is meeting fans. Having them come up and having them ask me how I got me start. I love tell fans how I got my start. I also love it when I hear from fan as they talk to other artist on how they got there start as well.  Learning that how we each differ in the ways we got our starts. This is what I like about going to Comic Cons. Seeing the interaction between fans and other artists.

As we finished up our out talk and getting a wide array of answer to the question we ask we wanted to end with this one.

Question: With the use of Digital media and internet Do you find that the way comic book and print media are changing?

Answer:  Well even with the wide array of thing you can ready on the internet when it come to comic book. I still see that the print media will still be around. The reason being that as comic book are created the internet. That the publisher and writer still do a printed virsin for there own vaults, like in the case of DC Comic. They print thousands of comic booth for for digital media and print. But each one of them had a printed copy that a person can walk into there vault and see.

Back in Time (Bringin Back the 80s Fest) Frankenmuth 2018 (apirl 20-21)

Let’s travel back in time to the old days of big hair, break dancing and cartoons from the 80’s. That right we are setting the time machine to travel back to the 80’s for a wild night of fun, entertainment and wild big hair along with great costume form that ear.

The annual 80’s festival was held on April 20 and 21 2018 in Frankenmuth Michigan. 80’s is a annual tradition that help support cancer related causes. The event was started by Jill Zehnder family, Jill pass away in the 1999 at the age of 42 after battle with cancer. The event was the creation of Jill daughters and with the help of cousin Shelley VanWormer and husband Tim Rogner. All of 80’s fest proceed go to cancer related causes that too Jill away from her family.

This year 80’s festival was once again filled with great thrills of fun and entertainment. On Friday April 20 saw that start of this annual event with the door opening up at 6 pm. This day was open to every one of all ages. Friday saw the first of the two-day costume contest that people could enter wearing many different type of costume, mostly of which was from the 80’s. The costume contest was hosted by along with sponsored by the radio station Mix 106.3 with Annie Mc the contest.

Following up the costume contest on Friday was the band Rock Star. Their performance would feature great song from the big hair band of the 80’s. Some of which where from the group of like Quiet Riot, Journey, Deff Leopard and more. They would keep the joint jumping all night long till the end of the first day of the festival at midnight.

With day one of the festival ending, soon it will see the second day of the event. As Saturday rolled in 80’s festival saw a sold out event on this day with it’s biggest crowed ever. This day was set up for all us adult to be kids again (Saturday was the night it was only available to 18 and over). Once again Mix 106.3 would host the big costume contest that contestant would wear a wide array of costume mostly form the era. But Saturday would also be the host of two band instead of just one. The first band to go on was SlickJimmy, they would take the stage twice this night the first was to get the crowd that came rolling in before the costume contest was to take the stage. Then they follow up the contest with another great performance of music before the main act would take the stage. As SlickJimmy would close out their performance on Saturday with the crowd jumping and pump up sign to some of the great song from the past. The energy would stay pumped up, as the main act of the night would take to the stage.

The group Square Pegz would be the headlining act for the night. Square Pegz would be one of the longest running act that have preformed at 80’s festival. They would rock the joint all night long as the crowd would sign away to song like 99 red balloons and more.

But even with the band there were still many other things to due for both night of the festival. First for those that were brave enough, you could wait for one of the great hairstyle ladies to tease, comb and hair spray your hair to make it look like it did in the 80’s. They did it all from wild big hair that always took a lot of hair spray to keep it up to Mohawks that would be a blast from the past. Next to them all weekend you could also buy your favorite 80’s festival t-shirt or other item of the era. Also in the main tent as you come into the festival there were the K.I.T.T and Delorean cars for yea to look at.

In the main tent you were also if you didn’t wish to stay in was where you could get great food all night long and dance to a Dj that would keep the music going and the small dance floor hoping all night long. There was also a self station where you could walk up and get your picture taken that was then text to you that you could post on all your social media platforms. The event also had a section set up for yea to relive some of the past 80’s era magazine, toys, ad and more. Here you would also be able to play some of your old favorite game from Sega, Nintendo and Atri.

So if you mist out on the wild ride of the 80’s this was your chance to get to have some fun all night long with listen to music, looking at the wild cloth and costume from the era while supporting a great cause. Now you will have to wait till see if it return next year and what bigger thing the crew will bring to make the 80’s Festival in bigger.

Below you find some of the photo from both night of the festival.

Movement Electronic Music Festival 2018 Update For May 26-28 2018

Movement Electronic Music Festival is pleased to announce its 2018 stage lineups and programming, featuring over 85 performances inside Detroit’s legendary Hart Plaza on Memorial Day weekend, May 26-28. Single-day and Weekend Passes are available here: http://bit.ly/MVMT2018

Download the Movement 2018 App to customize your schedule, discover new artists, view the festival map and much more. Now Available for iOS and Android smartphones.
iOS Download: http://bit.ly/MVMT18iOS
Android Download: http://bit.ly/MVMT2018AndroidDL

In keeping with the tradition of providing the best festival experience, this year’s event will include the festival’s original five stages and will feature new designs and elements for the Red Bull Music Stage, Stargate Stage and the Pyramid Stage. More information will be posted to the festival’s social media channels following the set times announcement.


This year’s stages are as follows: Movement Stage, Red Bull Music Stage, Stargate Stage, Pyramid Stage and Resident Advisor Underground Stage. Red Bull Radio will be livestreaming from the Red Bull Music Stage throughout the festival weekend on redbullradio.com.

Detroit Yoga Labs will once again host Movement Yoga on-site, taking place on Sunday (May 27) and Monday (May 28) at the Pyramid Stage.

Full schedule and set times can be found at http://movement.us/schedule

Day 1 (Saturday, May 26): Dirtybird label boss Claude VonStroke will close out the Movement Stage for the first time. The Movement Stage will also feature performances by Justin Martin, Solardo, and Dirtybird’s rising star Fisher. Meanwhile, Carl Craig and friends will take over the newly-designed Stargate Stage for another edition of Detroit Love; and the Resident Advisor Underground Stage will host one of Detroit’s most celebrated labels, Interdimensional Transmissions, for a day reminiscent of the group’s famous warehouse parties, featuring performances by Ectormorph – live, Marco Shuttle, Helena Hauff and many more; festival favorites Maceo Plex, Ida Engberg, Christian Smith and Lee Burridge will all take the helm performing on the newly-designed Pyramid Stage.

Day 1 (Saturday, May 26) lineup highlights:
Claude VonStroke, DJ Hype b2b Hazard, Carl Craig, Luciano, Ectomorph – live,
Maceo Plex, Too $hort, Helena Hauff, Ida Engberg, Lee Burridge,
Justin Martin, Stacey Pullen, Fisher, Bevlove,
Solardo, Waajeed – live, Christian Smith

Day 2 (Sunday, May 27): the Movement Stage will feature a rare b2b closing set by Loco Dice and The Martinez Brothers. Meanwhile, legendary French producer, DJ and radio host Laurent Garnier makes his long-awaited return to the festival for closing duties on the Red Bull Music Stage; featuring additional performances by Modeselektor
(DJ set), Shigeto – live, and Avalon Emerson just to name a few; Sunday’s Pyramid Stage is stacked with global talent from start to finish, featuring Nastia, Tiga, Marcel Dettmann and Nina Kraviz to close it out.

Day 2 (Sunday, May 27) lineup highlights:
Loco Dice b2b The Martinez Brothers, Laurent Garnier, John Digweed,
Kevin Saunderson, Ø [Phase], Nina Kraviz, Modeselektor (DJ set),
Eats Everything, KiNK – live, Marcel Dettmann, Shigeto – live, Anthony Parasole,
Tiga, Nastia, Avalon Emerson, Eddie Fowlkes

Day 3 (Monday, May 28): Movement 2018 closes out with a special performance by all nine members of the Wu-Tang Clan celebrating the legendary hip-hop group’s 25th anniversary and their classic debut album Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers); Meanwhile, one of the most talked about Techno artists in 2017, Charlotte de Witte makes her Movement debut on the Resident Advisor Underground Stage; plus, Mad Decent label boss and producer Diplo returns to the festival for a closing set on the Red Bull Music Stage following acclaimed jazz and hip-hop quartet BADBADNOTGOOD; and, the Stargate Stage will host some of dance music’s brightest young talent out today, including REZZ, Mija, and J.Phlip.

Day 3 (Monday, May 28) lineup highlights:
Wu-Tang Clan 25th Anniversary, Charlotte de Witte, Dubfire,
Joseph Capriati, Diplo, REZZ, BADBADNOTGOOD, Mija, J.Phlip,
DJ Stingray, DJ Premier, Phuture – live with IAN Live, Mark Flash,
Hito, Inner City – live, Golf Clap

Movement 2018 Single-Day, GA Weekend, and VIP Weekend Passes are now available at http://www.movement.us. A limited number of the coveted Club313 Passes remain.

About Movement:
Each year on Memorial Day weekend, thousands of people from across the globe gather in the birthplace of Techno to celebrate the heritage of Detroit and its musical influence over countless generations, new and old. Movement Music Festival is one of the longest-running dance music events in the world, committed to showcasing authentic electronic music and providing an experience unlike any other. The festival takes place in Hart Plaza – Detroit’s legendary riverfront destination.

Awards and accolades received by the festival and producer include:

Resident Advisor’s “Festival of the Month” for May 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2008 and 2007
“The 16 Best Festivals of 2016” Magnetic Magazine 2017
“16 of Summer’s Best Music Fests” Jetsetter Magazine 2016
“Summer 2016’s 30 Must-See Music Festivals” Rolling Stone
#2 on Beatport’s “15 Incredible Techno Festivals to Hit in 2015”
New York Times “50 Essential Summer Festivals” in 2015
“50 Must-See Music Festivals of 2015” Rolling Stone
#2 on THUMP’s “10 North American Festivals That Won 2014”
#5 on inthemix list of “12 Festivals You Don’t Want to Miss in 2014”
#6 on Magnetic Mag’s list of “Most Life-changing EDM Festivals”
#8 on Rolling Stone’s list of “Summer 2014’s Must-See Music Festivals”

To learn more, visit http://www.movement.us

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/movementdetroit
Twitter: https://twitter.com/MovementDetroit
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/movementdetroit/


Electric Forest Music Line up for 2018

Electric Forest Announces over 40 Additional Artists to the 2018 Lineup and Launches Brand New “Tickets For Teachers” Program
Tickets on sale now at ElectricForestFestival.com
Rothbury, Mich. – Today, Electric Forest (EF) announces over 40 additional artists to eighth annual music and camping festival in Rothbury, Michigan on June 21–June 24 and June 28–July 1, 2018. New to the already stellar EF2018 lineup – both weekends will host Mt. Joy, Dub Trio, CharlestheFirst, Kidswaste, ProbCause, and others. Additions to the First Weekend include Thundercat, Falcons, Mount Kimbie, Tsuruda, Stickybuds, Star Kitchen featuring Marc Brownstein, Supernatural Beings featuring Joel Cummins, Kris Myers, Marcus Rezak, and Hash Vyas, and more. Second Weekend welcomes BOOGIE T.RIO (LIVE BAND), Claptone, Elderbrook, Tennis Jacket featuring Marc Brownstein and Jeremy Salken, and others. Second weekend also sees London jazz veteran and saxophonist Shabaka Hutchings bring his cosmic jazz trio, The Comet is Coming across the pond for the very first time. In addition to The Comet is Coming, Hutchings will also be bringing his collaborative UK jazz act, Sons of Kemet to the Forest. View the full list of additional artists announced below, and see the complete 2018 lineup for First Weekend and Second Weekend HERE.
Also this week, Electric Forest launched its brand new “Tickets For Teachers” program. In celebration of the important work that teachers do, and in appreciation for the dedicated teachers in Western Michigan, Electric Forest is offering every full-time K-12 teacher in the counties of Oceana, Mason, Lake, Newaygo, and Muskegon the opportunity to apply to receive 1 GA Wristband to either weekend of Electric Forest 2018.  Electric Forest producer Jeremy Stein states, “Electric Forest is inspired by the many voices who call for greater support and appreciation for teachers. We hope the festival can provide local teachers a deeper connection to community, a free-spirited exploration of the arts, and a well-deserved Summer recharge,” Submissions are being accepted through March 15.  Additional information and application available HERE.
EF’s Tickets For Teachers program is yet another example of Electric Forest’s commitment to creating community. Under the umbrella of the festival’s Plug In program – which offers fans an unprecedented variety of opportunities to participate in shaping the EF experience and to give back to their communities – fans can make a pitch to the EF Wish Machine to do something good and have their EF wish granted,  submit for an Art Installation Sponsorship, apply to the Brainery Workshop to share their skills and knowledge with fellow Forest Family, and so much more. Learn about all of EF’s Plug In program opportunities HERE.
New EF2018 lineup additions, including those recently announced as part of Electric Forest’s 2018 Curated Event Series, include:
Day Cart & Wig-Wam
Fort Knox Five
Fury + MC Dino
Mount Kimbie
Star Kitchen ft. Marc Brownstein
Supernatural Beings ft. Joel Cummins, Kris Myers, Marcus Rezak, Hash Vyas
Boogie T.rio (Live Band)
Sasha Marie
Sons of Kemet
Tennis Jacket ft. Marc Brownstein and Jeremy Salken
The Comet is Coming
The Whooligan
Dub Trio
Michigan Rattlers
Motion Potion
Mt. Joy


Tickets for EF2018 are on sale now.  Good Life VIP Package availability is limited.  Tickets and information HERE.

To stay up to date on all Electric Forest news, please visit www.electricforestfestival.com and the official FacebookInstagramTwitter and YouTube pages.

Electric Kanna Karnival Coming May 13-14 Concert in Clio

It’s finally here, Electric Kanna Karnival, a 2 day celebration of cannabis culture with 3 nights of camping and hundreds of heady vendors packed into a throwback carnival experience, has announced their initial main stage lineup.

The inaugural Electric Kanna Karnival is taking place Saturday May 13th & Sunday May 14th at the Auto City Speedway 12 miles outside Flint, MI. Unlike any other cannabis event, Electric Kanna Karnival is open to the public 18+ with the vast majority of ½ mile track and surrounding grounds, including 15 acres of camping, accessible to all attendees.

All Electric Kanna Karnival attendees will move freely between multiple stages, the Party Dome, art installations, bubble soccer, hundreds of vendors, food trucks, craft beer villages, a dozen carnival rides and midway games. Campers will receive access to the site a day early on Friday, May 12th at 4:20pm along with invites to exclusive events at the Camper’s Pavilion, including the welcome party. Medical card holders will receive access to their own exclusive area within the speedway where they can sample and purchase from hundreds of medical vendors.

“The infrastructure and amenities at Auto City Speedway makes it the perfect location to continue our efforts normalizing medical cannabis culture. EKK isn’t just a cannabis event or a music festival and it certainly isn’t a family friendly carnival… it’s a hybrid, or shall we say a ‘boutique’ strain.” – EKK Productions

This first round of artist announcements include DJ Lethal (House of Pain, Limp Bizkit) and DJ Starscream (Slipknot) performing solo and debuting their collaborative project Lethal Wilson. In addition to the TBA headliners and Party Dome artists to be revealed on May 1st, Electric Kanna Karnival features performances by The Werks, Ultraviolet Hippopotamus, Mungion, Chicago Afrobeat Project, Big Chocolate, Bobaflex, Desmond Jones, Jafe’ & the Royals, Devil’s Lettuce and over a dozen additional local artists.

“Our goal is to create an experience that includes everyone, features a majority of local artists while remaining affordable and accessible to both attendees and vendors.” – EKK Productions

On April 20th @ 4:20pm $100 All Inclusive passes become available to the public!

  • All Inclusive passes include 2 days admission, 3 nights camping and unlimited carnival rides.

  • Attached is the main stage initial lineup poster, site map and media details.

  • Additional lineup, party dome and camper programming announcements coming Monday, 5/1.

  • Electric Kanna Karnival is an 18 and over event, open to the public with or without medical card.

  • All passes and specific ticketing information are available at www.ekk17.eventbrite.com

  • Facebook https://www.facebook.com/ElectricKannaKarnival

  • Instagram https://www.instagram.com/ekkproductions



Electric Forest 2017 Update and Preforms

It’s all most that time a year again for people to come to get for music and Entertainment. This is a update straight from Electric Forest as sent to us.
Rothbury, Mich. – Today, Electric Forest (EF) announced details on its highly anticipated 2017 Curated Event Series. The seventh annual music and camping festival in Rothbury, Michigan expands to two distinct weekends in 2017, on June 22–June 25 and June 29–July 2, 2017.

Each year Electric Forest collaborates with fellow musical tastemakers from around the globe to take part in curating the lineup and vibe of a distinct stage each night. Creating unique musical experiences within the festival itself, Electric Forest will join forces with noteworthy partners BASSRUSH, THE BIRDHOUSE, Crew Love, Foreign Family Collective, Future Classic, Her Forest, HI-LO presents Heldeep, No Xcuses, Night Bass and Turntablists, delivering even more musical depth and diversity to Electric Forest’s already stellar lineup.  The complete schedule and details for EF’s 2017 Curated Event Seriesis included below.

The First Weekend of EF2017 is SOLD OUT.  GA Weekend Passes and VIP options for the Second Weekend are still available at www.electricforestfestival.com/tickets.
Electric Forest’s 2017 Curated Event Series details are as follows:

First Weekend

Featuring Claude VonStroke, Maya Jane Coles, Walker & Royce, Machinedrum, Jimmy Edgar, Sonny Fodera, Golf Clap
(Thursday, June 22 on Tripolee)
In addition to featuring select artists Claude VonStroke has taken under his wing, BIRDHOUSE stages boast contemporaries, friends and no shortage of surprise visitors. EF’sBIRHOUSE event at Tripolee will highlight VonStroke’s singular, specific vision for the brand; he works meticulously to bring his favorite music to fans in the exact way he envisions them listening to it, down to the very last feathered detail.

Featuring Nero (Live) Andy C, Zomboy, Crizzly, Pendulum DJ Set, Eptic, Liquid Stranger B2B Space Jesus, Trampa, Dimond Saints, Woolymammoth, Fury + MC Dino
(Friday, June 23 on Tripolee)
BASSRUSH returns to Electric Forest’s Tripolee Stage for the fourth year in a row to showcase a variety of bass music styles and artists. Since the ’90s, Bassrush has evolved from its strictly drum & bass roots to include dubstep and other bass-oriented genres. The goal of Bassrush is to provide a platform to showcase bass music the way it should be experienced: with massive sound and full-scale production.

Foreign Family Collective
Featuring Tycho, Troyboi, Jai Wolf, Big Wild, Fakear, Chet Porter
(Friday, June 23 on Sherwood Court)
ODESZA’s Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight personally curate their Foreign Family Collective project.   Always focusing on artistic originality and genuine expression rather than adhering to any one genre, Foreign Family Collective takes over Electric Forest’s Sherwood Court on Friday of the First Weekend.

Night Bass
Featuring AC Slater, Jack Beats, Chris Lake, Redlight, Ardalan, Shift K3Y, Sinden, Bot
(Friday, June 23 on Forest Stage)
Popular Los Angeles event series and record label Night Bass showcase groundbreaking artists at EF’s Forest Stage. Chief bass twister since themid zeroes, hyperactive genre-melting DJ and event promoter AC Slater is the main man behind Night Bass.

Her Forest
Featuring Lynx & The Servants of Song and Contest Winners To Be Announced
(Friday, June 23 on The Observatory)
Electric Forest’s Her Forest takes over The Observatory! This very special Curated Event is a celebration of all that the feminine offers to art. In addition to Lynx and The Servants of Song, the Her Forest Curated Event will feature the Her Forest Curated Event Contest winners of diverse talents – dancers, musicians, DJs, and more! Look for a special appearance from EF2017 Monarch Rachel at this Curated Event.

Second Weekend

HI-LO presents Heldeep
Featuring HI-LO, Shiba San, SNBRN B2B Dr. Fresch, Chris Lake, Wax Motif, Brohug, Afsheen
(Thursday, June 29 on Tripolee)
Dutch talent Oliver Heldens bring his side project, HI-LO, and a handful of underground House and bass driven artists under his Heldeep Records moniker for one epic evening on Electric Forest’sTripolee.

Featuring Dillon Francis, GTA, Alison Wonderland, Valentino Khan, 12th Planet, Sub Focus, Delta Heavy, FuntCase, SHADES, The Upbeats, ZEKE BEATS, Yheti
(Friday, June 30 on Tripolee)
BASSRUSH returns to Electric Forest’s Tripolee Stage for the fourth year in a row to showcase a variety of bass music styles and artists. Since the ’90s, Bassrush has evolved from its strictly drum & bass roots to include dubstep and other bass-oriented genres. The goal of Bassrush is to provide a platform to showcase bass music the way it should be experienced: with massive sound and full-scale production.

Featuring A-Trak, DJ EZ, 12th Planet, Shiba San, EPROM, ZEKE BEATS
(Friday, June 30 on Forest Stage)
Electronic music tastemaker, DJ hero and all-around cultural force A-Trak curates Turntablists, showcasing the best of #realdjing.  Catch Turntablists EF debut on the Forest Stage.

Future Classic
Featuring Bob Moses, Snakehips, Vince Staples, Wave Racer, Roman Flügel, Touch Sensitive, Future Classic DJs
(Friday, June 30 on Jubilee)
Australia-based music family Future Classic is known for throwing parties and for highly endorsing dancing. Having made their Electric Forest debut in 2015. this year Future Classic brings their groundbreaking sounds from around the world to EF’s Jubilee.

Crew Love
Featuring Soul Clap, Wolf + Lamb, PillowTalk, Nick Monaco, No Regular Play, Crew Love All Stars, Erno
(Saturday, July 1 on Forest Stage)

Every great artistic movement has been built around the inner ‘crew’—a tight-knit group of fellow creatives. Floating on a wave of unending passion and creative energy, Crew Love is a collaborative concept from Wolf + Lamb, Soul Clap Records, and Double Standard, three record labels known for their devotion to music that challenges the mind, moves the heart, and sways the hips.

No Xcuses
Featuring EDX, Nora En Pure, Watermät, Croatia Squad
(Sunday, July 2 on Forest Stage)

No Xcuses, the radio brand of Italian native artist, producer, DJ and multi talent EDX, makes its Electric Forest Curated Event debut on the Forest Stage during the last night of the Second Weekend.

Full Lineup Details for Curated Events can be seen HERE.

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Motor City Tattoo Expo March 3-5 2017 Review

Motor City Tattoo Expo

March 3-5 2016


Location:Renaissance Center, 400 Renaissance Drive Detroit Michigan 48243 USA  

Do you like tattoo but never thought about getting one? Are you wondering how to get into the tattoo business? Have you ever wanted to see what kind of tattoo art that people get. Then March 3 through 5 was a perfect time to check out one of the biggest event in the state. That right this was the 22 annual Motor City Tattoo Expo held at the GM Renaissance Center and Hotel.

As thousand of artist came from all the United States to this annual expo to show off there works of art and allow people that might have a favorite artist from another state a chance to get that work of art they always wanted to have tattoo. There was a verity of artist doing all type of tattoo work from old style black and white to color, Small or large there was something for everyone.

As you take your right up to the forth floor, you start off you journey into the world of tattoo. After starting by getting the ticket for you and your family as it was open to every one of all ages. You had the chance to take a walk and buy some great tattoo supplies along with buying that t-shirt or jacket from the event or those that love ink but haven’t got one could buy special t-shirt and other clothing items so you could show off your support.   But the first out ring wasn’t just supply you could even get a chance be made up with some sexy make-up or non-piercing body jewelry. But for those that did have body jewelry this was also the chance to check out some of the local body jewelry that was on hand for yea to buy. Walking around the outer ring you might had the chance to see how tattoo got there start as one local artist was doing old style non machine tattoo (ie think old world tattoo art with out any electric, See blow for image of it).

Once you done with the outer ring this is you change to walk in to pick out what tattoo artist you would love to get some art fun or watch them do some great art on other people. Depending on what path you take around the inner part of the event that is jammed with artist and people looking and getting tattoo you also had the possibility to pick up a few other thing form sings to after care tattoo and other lotion items.

Here was your chance through the weekend was a chance to enter if you had that favorite tattoo you wanted to show off with the stage contest. All weekend long they host contest for many different style of tattoo. For example on Saturday you could have enter one of the following areas of tattoo for a chance to win a award and help your local or favorite artist name get out there. Some of the contest category where Black and white (Small, Medium or Large One winter for each), Color (Small, Mediums or Large), Best Portrait, Best Over all, Best Lettering and then final Best of the day. Each category had contestant enter in more then one piece of tattoo, at one point in the contest one person wasn’t afraid to show off his full body tattoo as he was cover form head to toe (see photo in gallery). They’re where many different winner and some repeat winners each showing off the one tattoo that they wanted the most. There even was one couple that one of them was the winner and the other one was runner up.

But beside the tattoo experience that was going on you could even take the chance to for an extra cost sit in some seminars from some big name in the tattoo industry. These Seminars included for those that stay the night or came in early in the morning was a chance to do and learn yoga then you could follow it up with learning all about tattoos from black and gray the luck of the draw to tattoo machine tuning and repair.

To end the day if you happen to stay the whole day at the event and was feeling a bit over whelmed you could stop by and get a nice relaxing massage from two couple of ladies that was offering them just for tips only.

So over all this was the place to be to check out what some people would call the poor man art. It was like walking through a art gallery that you got to see art (tattoos) from many different style and image weather is was a portrait or something from the fantasy like your favorite characters. There even was tattoo that people got to shoot of their local color and heritages.

If you miss out on this event this year, you thought you might have to wait a whole another year to check it out. Nope for the first time this year the Motor City Tattoo Expo will have its first annual summer time expo on august 18-20 2017 with even more artist from traditional, Realism, Scrip, Black and White, New or Old School will be all under one rood. This will be a great time to come out and check out what you have missed it.

Image By Joe Currie and Brian Thornton