The New Kids of the Comic Con Block: Michigan Comic Con 2018 Review


The beginning of a new era as has started its Journey to a new place in the comic book world.  Michigan Comic Con took place on Aug 17-19 2018 at Cobo hall in Detroit Michigan.

This was the first year for MIchigan Comic Con. It bring together for the love of comic, book, cartoon, toys and movies.  For the start of this year event they brought out a small group of comic artist as well as movie, tv, film and voice over actors. Some of the feature guest star that was on hand to meet their fans was John Rhys-Davies (Lord of the ring and Slider), Nichelle Nichols (Star Trek), Ray Park (Star Wars) Jewel Staite (Firefly), Lea Thompson (Back to the future), Michael Biehn (Terminator), Renee O’Connor (Xena), Austine St John (Power Ranger) and Voice over actor Kevin Conroy (Batman), Charles Martinet (Mario & Luigi), Maile Flanagan (Naruto), Jeremy Shada (Adventure time), Billy West (Futurama), Linda Larkin (Princess Jasmine), Paige O’Hara (Princess Bell) along with YaYa Han (cosplayer expert).


With each of the actors and actress that were on hand that the fans got to meet. There was chance to get up and close personal with them and get their autographs or personal photos taken with them as well just like other comic con. You also had the chance to check out there panel as well to learn a little about them or ask question about their careers or what they got coming up.

There was also many other panels as well like a medieval combat sports that show the history and how combat of the age of steel where fought. Another room was for young kid so they could go in and do a big of art making as well giving parent a bit of time to sit down and relax a bit.  

As usual there was a huge cosplay contest (for those that don’t know what cosplay is, it where people dress up or make home costume of their favorite characters from mainstream media). This always get a lot of great costume for contest some which could be seen below. Cosplay tend to spend year on making their costume and so just day each bring their character to life and portraying them the way they could have them act.


Now if the panels or the contest wasn’t for you then it was possible to also due a bit of shopping as well. There was many artist along with vendor on hand selling all them hard to find items or the next issue of the comic , book, drawing, or toy.  Some of the items that were on sale for people to buy was also hand made for that special touch.

So there was a lot to see and due. If you miss out you just have to wait one more year to see if it make it way back to us. One good thing is that even though this year was small comic con at Cobo Hall they have lot more room to grow from adding more panels with all the available space along with add more media star along with vendor. We can hope that next year they that artist alley will next up two more room to make it even huge. That way people will get more choice to thing they want to buy along with help finding that hard to find items.

We see what happen and what next year bring to this great event. So check out some of the photo below.

Michigan Comic Con Comes to Cobo Hall Aug 17-19 2018

mcc18-2500wx1200h-optNext Big comic con is about to hit the mitten state of Michigan.  On Aug 17-19 2018, Cobo hall will play host to the first ever Michigan Comic Con. The con will showcase the love for both comic book, stories,art and pop culture,movies and more. Be sure to check them out  on the web site list below. 

This year event will take place at Cobo Hall in Detroit Michigan. Here is where you will find you love of comic, toys, anime, costume, sci-fi, books and artist from all over the globe. They will be on hand showing you the best of what they have to offer in their area.  Ticket Price for this year event range from $30 up to $60 for a full vip experience.

Michigan Comic Con will also be showcasing some of the finest talent of actor and actress on hand for their  eager fans to see and meet. Some of which are John Rhys-davies from films such at the lord of the ring trilogy along with TV show slider, Nichelle Nichols from Star trek, Jewel Staite (Firefly/Serenity), Lea Thompson (Back to the Feature) and more. There are also some great voice over actor and actress on hand as well like Maile Flanagan who is from Naruto and Jeremy Shada who does the voice of Fin on Adventure Time that can be seen on Nickelodeon cartoons. These are just some of the big star that will be signing autographs and doing photos ops.


So this is your change to come out and enjoy the fun and entertain on a great weekend. Let see what they will have in store for us all.  So visit there website at for details.  Stay tune for a review and highlight from this year Michigan Comic Con.


About Michigan Comic Con:

Michigan Comic Con debuts on August 17-19, 2018, at the Cobo Center – Hall C. Tickets range from $30-$60, and kids 12 and under are admitted for free. Michigan Comic Con is produced and promoted by Imaginarium LLC, who produce four other comic conventions around the country. For information regarding hours, guests announced so far, programming, and other details about Michigan Comic Con, visit:

It’s a bird, a plane, no it’s a arrow? Motor City Comic Con 2018

Nerds, geeks, movies lover and sport fans. The 2018 Motor City Comic con was the place to be in Novi Michigan this year. It was another big year for Motor City Comic con with over some 55,000 fans descended to the Suburban Collection Show Place for the annual event.

It place host to 42 special media guests, 229 comic artists with a wide array of talent to 107 different vendor and 36 crafters that was on hand for the three day event. So everything on hand there was a lot to see and do.  Just like fans where able to see a lot so where the artist as they could talk with there fellow comic artist that where on hand, like we was able to do before the event even took place by getting the chance to interview Robert  Pope. He was artist that we was got to interview the week of the event. Robert Pope is a artist out of the great state of Georgia . He love to draw from a early age and drew his inspiration for different comic book and other comic medias. He drew for companies like DC Comic, The Peanuts gangs. You can see some of the question we was able to ask him at the end of the article.

With all this thing that was on hand there was some sad new that blew a small sadness to the event this year. One of the biggest Media star for a special 40 anniversary had a passed away the Sunday before the event. But this still didn’t put a damper on the event, Motor City Comic Con made the best of it.

The passing of actress Margaret Ruth Kidder who played Lois Lane from the original superman movies, was going to be on hand for the 40th anniversary of the movies. So to show there support not just of the movie but of her career. They took the time to decorate her space with flowers and everything for fan to remember her. They even got a huge blow up picture of her that people could come by and sign along with a special guest book that was sent to her family after the event had ended.

MotorCityComicCon_20180518_20180518_Joe's Photography-8

But even with that loss at the event there was a few great gift at the event. First one was that Tom Welling from the TV Smallville and Lucifer. He brought with him just for Friday only was Michael Rosenbaum (plays Lex Luthor from Smallville). Rosenbaum cam in to share the spot like with Tom and event sit in on his panel for Friday.  If you was lucky to sit in on the panel you might got a great treat for doing so. As Tom and Michael came out on stage first thing Michael ask was there a wireless microphone anywhere then he saw it down on the floor where fan where able to walk up and ask question. So instead of staying on stage Michael walk down and took over the fan wireless microphone. As fan where light up he said he was going to help them ask there question to the both of them.

Some of the question where ask was like what was your funny moment in Smallville. Tom would tell the young fan who was being hugged by Michael waiting for the answer was that it was the time that Michael was playing his farther in a episode. Tom would set the scene by explaining that when we walk on set he saw two huge crane that Micheal would be harnessed into for the shot to show him flying in.  Micheal would then take over by explaining what had happen to make it funny.  It’s the fact that he was to come flying in and then land perfectly in front of Tom and say his line. How ever as he would explain that as he would come flying it for some reason he start twisting in the rigging and doing a bit of acrobats that would have tom laughing so hard. That when he landed and Micheal would say his line Tom said that he just crack up even more and that it took about 5 take in the show of him flying before they got right form the laughing.

MotorCityComicCon_20180518_20180518_Joe's Photography-42

There were many media stars on hand and each had there own panel through the weekend.  There was one media star who could be there cause she broke her leg and her doctor told her that she could fly in. How ever even with not being able to show. She tweeted that she is sending a ton of free stuff that will be given away at her panel for all her fans, each item was sign with a special note.

One of the biggest draw this year for media star was Stephen Amell from the TV show Arrow. His panel was fill to the max with fans that got a great answer to there waiting question that they wanted to ask him. He even during his panel would drop a few hint for what the next season of arrow will offer ask one of the fan ask him a question about what is next to come for him. He went on to answer the question and then drop the hint that in the new season he is planning on wearing the signature green arrow goatee. If you ever seen the original green arrow comic and in cartoons, the characters would wear a goatee. How ever he was very adamant that no matter what he would not wear the dopey  arrow hate with the feather tuck in it (think of robin hood outfit).

There where many other panel that went on through the event that you would get little nugget like the one Stephen Amell drop.  But if you wasn’t meet them in there panel you get the chance to stand in line to get there autograph of that favorite item you have or buy one of there personal photo they all offered.

You also was able to buy your own special photo op with each of the media stars that was on hand.  But with the media star you still was able to do a lot. You could do a bit of shopping as well from the hundreds of vendors on . Some of the item you could been lucky to buy was the rare toy or your very own hand drawn comic art from of one of the artist that was on hand.

Some of the artiste who where on hand when they weren’t signing art,they was drawing it for everyone to see. Like this artist who use chalk as her medium to draw out huge works of art. Just like the one she was doing during the comic con.

There was a lot to see and do, but let’s not forget about all the fans that was on hand as well to see beside the artists and media guests. Fans came in all shape and size even a few cam dress up in there favorite costumes (to become a cosplayer) for everyone to see.  You could see fans dress up every day of the event but on Saturday was the biggest day for those fans that want to do some extra to show off. There was a cosplay contest (costume contest) that they could enter for a chance to win thousand of dollar in prices.

The contest took place at near the end of the event.  This saw hundreds of fans dress up in there cosplay outfits each of them that enter would come on on to stage where they could show off what they where wearing and even made.  They also had the chance to talk or do a small skit to show off there cosplay.  One of the lucky winner of the the contest on Saturday was a group who played out He-Man and mater of the universe.

But Saturday wasn’t the only day for costume contest. Sunday saw another contest for cosplay but this time it was for the small one. The contest on Sunday was the little kid. This would always a wide array of costume little one.

So if you missed out on this one you have to wait another for the Motor City Comic Con.  Motor City Comic Con will be head on May 17-19 2019 and will be the 30th Anniversary.  We can hope that it will be even bigger then this year cause also while we was at the event we learn that the Showcase was being upgraded by building new section to the location.

We will see everyone there and what new thing will come.


Interview with Robert Pope

MotorCityComicCon_20180518_20180518_Joe's Photography-16


Question:  What got you into doing comic art?

Answer: I got into doing art when I was younger. I was always seeming to draw different characters. But it wasn’t till I look at the old peanuts comic strips that I truly wanted to make this what I wanted to due.

He would also tell yea some of of this other influences was the Loony Tunes and Walt Disney.

Question: How due you come up for the ideas when doing a comic book.

Answer: Most of the time I follow  script but event then it hard to draw something. Sometime you have to come up with your idea. Cause unlike with television show when you see a action the screen would fade to black and then you see the what happen. Drawing a comic book I have to remember that when you see the cause of something cause of the way you ready it you have to do it in a way that you flip the page you see the action that had happen.

He would give example of the Willie coyote and road runner show. Where you see Willie strap him self to a rocket and it would fire then screen would go black and you next see the road runner as the rocket would fly bu just in time for Willie to be hit by a rock or something. This is what he would explain would be the hard party in drawing a comic book.

Question: What you like about going to Comic Cons?

Answer:  The thing I like about going to them is meeting fans. Having them come up and having them ask me how I got me start. I love tell fans how I got my start. I also love it when I hear from fan as they talk to other artist on how they got there start as well.  Learning that how we each differ in the ways we got our starts. This is what I like about going to Comic Cons. Seeing the interaction between fans and other artists.

As we finished up our out talk and getting a wide array of answer to the question we ask we wanted to end with this one.

Question: With the use of Digital media and internet Do you find that the way comic book and print media are changing?

Answer:  Well even with the wide array of thing you can ready on the internet when it come to comic book. I still see that the print media will still be around. The reason being that as comic book are created the internet. That the publisher and writer still do a printed virsin for there own vaults, like in the case of DC Comic. They print thousands of comic booth for for digital media and print. But each one of them had a printed copy that a person can walk into there vault and see.

Fantasy Con 2016 Birch Run Michigan

Auto Bots Roll out, whom you going to call? As fans flock to the small town of birch run Michigan for the first ever comic book convention. The birch run expo center play host to Fantasy Con, which brought you everything, you like in a comic book adventure with out traveling to a big town. You got everything you want in this small con. They had artist, vendor, attraction and location for panels.

As you enter the small con you might think that as big as the expo center is that you would see a big comic con. However this was there first year, while it maybe small it still packs a big punch. First off as you enter you see vendor selling everything from comic book to toys and let’s not forget everyone favorite comic book both old and now and very reasonable prices. While it was small they still had a few super star from both the movie and comic book industry for you to check out as well.

There was artist on hand drawing comic books right on the spot beside showing off there latest creation.   Beside the artist on had they had a few things for there first year that would draw everyone in and get them to come back for more. The Detroit ghost buster where on hand with there stay puff marshmallow man along the eco 1 for fans to site in or by and get there picture taken. Some that a lot of con don’t have was for the first time every the only truly fan built replica from Hasbro movie Transformers which is one of a kind that they got permission right form Hasbro them self to let them built it. That was the big draw for both the young fans and the one that group with the old movie and love the new one.

They have many different panels going on for the two-day weekend. One of which was a special-fx make up demo. This gave people a chance not only to watch on how to apply make up for a look that they always want to created but they got to ask question and was answer by one of the pro that was feature on the Sci-Fi Show Face Off.

On Friday the show offer something special for the kids by hosting a kids only cosplay contest (for those that don’t know what it is that is a contest where people dress up from there favorite shows). The winner of this contest was two boys from the walking dead, Raven from Teen Titans and another girl form one of the animie cartoon that round out the tops of the contest. There were a lot of great costumes to choose from but these where the one that stood out the most.

On Saturday saw a return of the Cosplay contest with the adult and Teen contest. Here we was many different homemade costume as well but that three that stood out in the judge eye was the follow Racketeer, Baby girl from bio Shock, evil queen from what we think was the wizard of oz.

In between both contest everyone was treat to a special show put on by the Detroit Ghostbusters group. The first thing was a performance where they reenacted the last scene with the Stay-puff marshmallow man, along with that Stay-Puff also got in a little time to do the chicken dance with a few of the fellow kids cosplayer. On Saturday everyone was treated to a small show where the MC of the contest was dress up as Captain Kirk and he slay Mr Stay-puff not only with his phazer but he final put him down with his pen after his phazer quite working. You truly can say that the pen is mightier then the sword.

That pretty much sum up the event, however talking with organizers they hope to grow to a even bigger event next year. Since this was the first of it kind in this area. So they look forward to returning next to bring new thing.

All of the photo from the day event can be seen blow.

Let’s Travel Back in time Motor City Comic Con 2016

What does Toyota and movies have in common? Well that would be traveling back in time as this year major sponsor for the Motor City Comic Con, brought a lot to this years show with their inspired Toyota Tacoma truck that jumps straight out of the Back to the Feature Movie. Not only with the truck being on hand to help celebrate the movie, Lea Thompson was on high to sign autographs and take picture with her fans.

Motor City Comic Con 2016 broke another attendance record with an all-time high of 55,000 fans attending the three-day event, which is an overall 10 percent increase in total attendance compared to last year. This year’s event featured 42 media guests as well as 239 comic guests, 149 exhibitors, and 29 crafters from Friday to Sunday at the Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi.



There was a lot to see and do. Staring off with the comic book dealer on hand selling a verity of different comic books. Along with them was a band of artist showing off their comic book skills and their arts. You were also able to buy that special gift like this one group of fans . While visiting artist row you could even get that commission piece of art draw directly by that artist if you wish.

MichiganeventmagazineMCC-20150516-2088-Joe Currie


The three-day event held lots of things to do. Starting it off with the panels on Friday where you could listen to James Marsters as he talked about his role a spike on the show of Buffy The Vampire Slayer, during a Q&A session with his fans. He also talked about his other roles that he played, at one point telling one fan about how, with the role of Spike, that he only had one coat that he used for all 8 season. When he played Spike, in the TV show Angel, they had brought in a women to special make that same coat for the show since the original had been sold. He even went on to say how he took the new coat to make it more weathered by getting down on his own knees to rub it in the dirt and o the rocks to give it that distress look.



This was just the start to a weekend full of events. On Saturday, it was the big draw day not just for the super stars on hand for the three-day event (you can see a full list of stars by going to and clicking on media), but also one of the biggest days for those that showed up in costume to show off some of their favorite thing to do. Being at the show you see a lot of different people that just come out to show off their cosplay costume. It’s not just for single people to dress up or teens, even family get into the event by dressing up as their favorite character, just like the Frazine’s family (Kate, Art and little Sasha) as they dress up as the Harry Potter family Motorcitycomcon_mag_0198_20160513Saturday also saw the huge Cosplay Contest for those that came out in costume. You were able to get entered into the contest that was judged this year by Ivy Doomkitty (Celebrity Cosplay Judge, Glen Haetrick (Sci-Fi Face off Judge), Ve Neill (Sci-Fi Face off Judge) and Alloy Ash (Pop Culture Icon).

As the con winds down on Saturday there were still two more thing to do. There was an after party that ran from 9 pm till 1 am where you were able to dance the night away. Even the star got in on this event and one star even went on to have his very own special meet and greet where you got to talk take personal photos one on one (this year was hosted by Jason David Franks of the Mighty Morphine Power Rangers a.k.a Tommy Oliver).

Following everything that went on Saturday from the contest to the panels, Sunday came with even more fun, this day was designed with the little ones in mind as you can see from our little Wonder Women (Played by 3 year old Lilly Johnson).  MichiganeventMagazine_0234_20160514.jpg

Not only was there Id making for all the families, sponsor by the Boy Scouts to the contest that was sponsored by the 501st Great Lakes Garrison Legion (Star Wars Replica Club). They had a lot of great kids showing up in costumes even with the limited amount of space they had to use for the event. Hopefully next year they will get put in one of the bigger panel rooms at the end of the con that way even more kids can show off there great costume they made and wore.

 (See Gallery below for photos from the event below)

 So if you didn’t make it out to one of the biggest years ever, then you will have to wait another year to see what big surprises that the Motor City Comic Con Family will be bring for all of us to see maybe even more panels, bigger venue for all of us to show off, bigger super stars and more. Next years dates are May 19-21 2017.



Also more image can be found by going to web site :





Youmacon Day 3 Saturday fun Nov 1 2014

Well on Saturday November 1 2014 saw the third say of Youmacon out at Cobo Hall and the Renaissance Center in Detroit Michigan. With about over 5000 people that all ready came and went the first two days, this saw another influx of all new people who came in dress or just out to check out the event to see what it was all about. It start off as normal with the 24 hours event still going on at the Renaissance Center all night long that it still saw the party and costume goers getting up early to take in the few panels of the day along with a few after noon concerts like Steam Powered Giraffe. They bring you wonderful music to a robotic style movement along with all their fan bots.


With the Thursday day there is still tone to see and do as with the opening credit that was held on Friday to start the show. On Saturday they’re where all new panels from how to become your own robot to how to deigns your own video games and anime comic books. There was even panel on how to build you own cosplay costume on a low budget.

Along with all the panel there was artists alley and dealer room where you could pick up them last min costume props or even buy a few costume to wear like your very own pj suit of your favorite Disney or animal print that was brought to you buy the dealer kigurmi out of Canada. You could even at this point take in some of your favorite artist as they draw up new idea for their next animie work or comic book/graphic novel. Event could take part in a few of the Special Guest sign there name to there work like Johnny Bosch, silly filly, Steve Bennett and more.

If you didn’t spend all your time in Cobo all you could journey over to the Renaissance Center, which is located just a few block up, form COBO hall. There you could take park in some fun activates like live video room where you could watch a few anime movies. Also located there was the video game room where you could take party in battle along side your friends as you played one of it not all the different video games they had to offer. You could also take a stroll to where they had table top games going where people play a lot of different style game from MRPG games to real life board and card games. There was also a live arcade where you could play some of your old favorite like teenage mutant ninja turtles to dance revolution and star wars speeder race.

Once you got your fill at the Ren Center you could make your way back to COBO Hall by either taking the river walk or people mover which you could even ride around down town Detroit and see some of the sites. But once back at COBO Hall, you then wait in light to get your item you just bought sign by the big guest star that was there. This was also you chance to get with your friend and take photo one of three different spots for what was call photo op site. At different time they would have different theme for people to come and shoot like Sailor Moon to just name one of them. This spot was also a great way to check out a lot of different cosplay costume that people where wearing weather you was standing up on the skywalk looking down at the lower level or on the bottom level hang out waiting for your panel to start. As you can see by Shelby Gulette is waiting for her panel as she dress up form how to train your dragon or dustn Agius dress up as one of the def punks (see photo below)


Over all if you never been to Youmacon and you miss out on Sunday event then you will have to wait till next year as they go even bigger then they have before with all new Anime, Cosplayers, Artist and more. So stay tune to event page for their event when we get the dates. (see Gallery below for all photos form the event)

Who Beamed up Morph in Time? Motor City Comic Con 2014

It was truly a place to go where no one has gone before. 

On May 16 thru 18, 2014 was a weekend full of fun with the theme a “Knight To Remember” at this year’s Motor City COM Con. Which was held at Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi, Michigan. 

The show opened on Friday May 16 2014. The doors opened at noon for the general public and at 11:30 am for VIPs. People started lining up on Friday at 9 am to get a chance to meet their favorite Media
and Comic book Guest. The show then continues on thru the weekend and ending on Sunday at 5 pm.

 There was a lot to see and do at the event. Weather it be getting that picture taken and then signed by your favorite media guest or comic book creator.  You could also take in things like discussion panels where your icons had Q&A from their fans and allow them to ask any question and nothing was off topic.  As a guest you were also able to see comic books being draw right in front of your eyes as you walk down what we like to call artist row.  From there you also get a chance to buy the last comic book the creator along with the new graphic comic book style novel that a lot of them are creating.

It wasn’t just about the media guest and comic books. People also got to do some shopping at well to find that hard to find toys, old comic book, trading cards, movie props, poster, and costumes.

 On Saturday there was still plenty to do.  One thing of which was to take part in a 13 and up Costume Contest for those that wanted to dress up and come out to the event. It was then followed up on
Sunday with the kid’s day Costume Contest for 13 and under.  


The weekend fill event saw some great media guest again this year at the event from big name start such at William Shatner, Karl Urban, Jonathan Barrowman, Katie Cassidy, Jason David Frank, the case from Walking dead, Ernie Hudson, WEE Super Star “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan, Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake, Nasty Boys and Brent heart. If you like to see a complete list of super start see their web site.  

We was lucky enough to get a chance to talk to a few of these great superstar like while they was signing autographs for there fans like Jason David Frank who’s best know for his role as Tommy from the
Power Ranger series.


First off your reaction when meet him is wow I meeting my favorite superstar. As you get your photo sign or take your picture with him. He starts taking with you about your life and the show and what you
are all about.  Showing that he just a regular guy that got luck to be part of everyone life.  

When he ask what he thought of his fans:

Jason David Franks say “I am always happy to meet my fans and always surprise at the turnout that I get.”

He goes on saying that he is always up for meeting them and taking the time to talk with them about life, his show and what he doing now. He love it that even when fans can’t afford to come buy a photo that they just take the time to come and say hi and talk with him. He also isn’t afraid to take the time to help them out by giving them a sign autograph weather it be a photo of him self or one of his sticker. He wanted his fans to be a part of his life.  

He says, “ I live the support that my fans give me. If it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t be able to do what I love. I don’t do this for the money like you find that some superstars do.  I do it for the love of the fans and enjoy doing what I love. Along with seeing the fans and finding
out there life stories. I am always willing to hear the stories even if it a post on my website, facebook page or instagram.  (he is a social media junkie lol)

He jokily say’s that you just have to be careful with instagram cause he can tend to blow it up with post  and with my fans. I always try to respond to everyone that post or send me e-mail and all the responses are personally from me. You will always see me even when I am interacting with fans tweeting or sending a post or responding to an e-mail. I feel doing it my self that makes me happy.

 We also ask Jason David frank on if was able to see other part of the state of Michigan. 

He said that he love to but with time he wouldn’t be able to do. But he did go on to say he did want to get out to see some part of Detroit and that you just might see him out and about after the night was over with. 

Yes we did ask him about the rumor of a new power ranger movie and possibly being a part of it.

He say there nothing set in stone yet, but my fans are over whelm Lionsgate and Sabian entertainment to see me in it. So at the storing is being written I hoping that maybe I have a role in it. But what I would love to do for my fans is a dark green ranger series that is a bit different then my normal roll in the show. I would also love to do
a set of show telling fans where I was form the time I life to the show to when I show up at Dr Tommy Oliver in Dino Thunder. I feel that there is a lot left open even as they get ready to bring all of us power ranger back for the big Super Mega Force batter. Where you will get to see all the charter I played in the show. I will be only being suit up at the green ranger in it. But I would image though that I would be doing voice over for the other one. 

You also got to see Jason doing panel interview where fans can ask him question and get answer they like to know.

We were luck to sit in one of them and hear what the fans got to ask him and such.  Lot of the question was what his favorite color was.  He state that over all black was his favorite color how ever he went on to add to that just as he got use to wearing one color on the show that they chance the cast and he had to get change color. But over all
black was his favorite color.   

He was also ask if he keep in contact with any of his case member and respond that he dose weather it be by sending them a e-mail or call them on the one like he did the night before after the convention or just tweeting a message to say hi and keep up with them.  

Also was asking on what he likes to do for fun. He went on to say sky diving the fact that he loves doing that along with his wife. Who we all was say hear that cause of being here in Michigan he was going to miss there anniversary. But he did get a instagram form her on the day of there anniversary of her jumping out of a airplane with a flag wishing him a anniversary as he show us on his phone.  But he also like to fight in MMA, keeping up with his fans and sending out that person response to them. But he goes on to say his true passion if he had to pick on to relax was to edit. He goes on to say that he love to edit and enjoy that a lot and that all the content on his web site was personally edit by him. He also is an avid social media person. He loves doing thing on all the social media sites.  Teaching was the other thing he love to do the only thing he ask is when he is teaching
weather it be acting or martial arts he ask that just don’t ask him about the

He was also asking about being the show and what was it like. He said he love it and when on to tell fans that once you stop loving what you do that there are other people out there that are willing to
take your place. He also said that he doesn’t do it for the money cause he know that there are people out there that are willing to take our place. In which then he ask his fans wouldn’t you love to be able to ware great cloth and taking all over the country doing what we do and everyone rise there and hand.  

Over all Jason give you a since of just a normal guy that you would be hanging out with at your home playing video games,
have a nice dinner with or just doing what is fun.

We also got to interview Martin Kove and William Michael “Billy” Zabka who played John Kreese and Johnny Lawrence from
the Karate Kid. 

They both love being at the event and taking in there fans and signing autographs and taking in the question and even turning thing around on the fans. They did that in there panel by asking people what
they took away form the show.  

They also when on to tell you what it was like to play their parts. They did ask at their panel from there fans what they got out of the show. They where surprised to hear that a lot of people related to there character and how they where miss understand or the fact that it show you that you can stand up for your self to over come anything.   

But the both where humble to hear their fans stories and there willing to share their stories. 

Over all when you take in the event there was a lot to see and do. Even if you didn’t have the money to buy that autograph a lot of the media guest was just happy for you to come out and meet them.
They all love that fact to hear the fans stories and get to know them. Liken John Barrowman was during his panel dissection. Nothing was off topic for you to ask him. Weather it be about being a part of the LTGB community or wanting to be an actor and actress. Even one point during the event and sign autograph he do the time to sneak up being his fellow cast member to photo bomb her in which she
was total surprised when he pop up behind her.  MotorcityComCon__20140518__112

During his panel he was ask many different question. It was very hard to keep a straight face cause he made you feel welcome at time he went from being very series us about what he was talking about to make us left with joke and even one point getting the hearing in pair interrupter to take part in his panel with his off the wall humor. He even asks her at one point on how would you sign a person part of the male human body.   

One of the biggest thing that everyone cheer on was when a young boy who was getting ready to turn 5 if he would come to his birthday party. He had the youngster come up to the to the stage at which he was telling him that he wouldn’t be able to cause he miss his husband Scott which was a big part of his life. But he said if give him his address there might be something special in the mail for him. Then he went on to see the young man happy birthday right there life on stage in front of over 600 of his fans watching and helping out.


So weather it was taking in the panel or walking around see everything that was at the event. You might feel a bit over your head with everything that is there to do. The stars make you feel welcome
to be at the event with there down to earth feeling.  They made you a part of the event. 

So you always were involved by showing up to the event.  If you never been to this or other event like it was just fun to show up and taking in the people and family dress up in there favorite movie roles and buying that toy you may have lot as when you was younger to share with your family or to even by that new toy for your collection.  

Next year Motor City Comic Con will be even getter and better then this year so book the date for May 15-17 2015. 

So for now we all truly have gone where no one has gone before and who know what the feature will have in store for us as the new Comic Con.