Motor City Comic Con Preview 2017

Well everyone only a few short week to the biggest  comic book event in Michigan. That’s right for those that love movie, comic and toys this will be the place to be. This year they aren’t pulling any punch with one of the biggest star studded event. This year will see a return of some of the biggest star like John Barrowmen and this year he is even bring his sister, if that doesn’t get yea but why not star like Ron Perlmen from Son of Anarchy and Hell Boy. There will also be some famous wrestler as well  like the iconic Sting and Vadar. Let not for get power ranger Tommy and  Amy Jo Johnson will be on hand as well.

So if you can’t wait to see what going on buy them ticket or find out about them photo op. Then this is your chance.. So check out there web site for a list of star, media, artist and more at this year event