The New Kids of the Comic Con Block: Michigan Comic Con 2018 Review


The beginning of a new era as has started its Journey to a new place in the comic book world.  Michigan Comic Con took place on Aug 17-19 2018 at Cobo hall in Detroit Michigan.

This was the first year for MIchigan Comic Con. It bring together for the love of comic, book, cartoon, toys and movies.  For the start of this year event they brought out a small group of comic artist as well as movie, tv, film and voice over actors. Some of the feature guest star that was on hand to meet their fans was John Rhys-Davies (Lord of the ring and Slider), Nichelle Nichols (Star Trek), Ray Park (Star Wars) Jewel Staite (Firefly), Lea Thompson (Back to the future), Michael Biehn (Terminator), Renee O’Connor (Xena), Austine St John (Power Ranger) and Voice over actor Kevin Conroy (Batman), Charles Martinet (Mario & Luigi), Maile Flanagan (Naruto), Jeremy Shada (Adventure time), Billy West (Futurama), Linda Larkin (Princess Jasmine), Paige O’Hara (Princess Bell) along with YaYa Han (cosplayer expert).


With each of the actors and actress that were on hand that the fans got to meet. There was chance to get up and close personal with them and get their autographs or personal photos taken with them as well just like other comic con. You also had the chance to check out there panel as well to learn a little about them or ask question about their careers or what they got coming up.

There was also many other panels as well like a medieval combat sports that show the history and how combat of the age of steel where fought. Another room was for young kid so they could go in and do a big of art making as well giving parent a bit of time to sit down and relax a bit.  

As usual there was a huge cosplay contest (for those that don’t know what cosplay is, it where people dress up or make home costume of their favorite characters from mainstream media). This always get a lot of great costume for contest some which could be seen below. Cosplay tend to spend year on making their costume and so just day each bring their character to life and portraying them the way they could have them act.


Now if the panels or the contest wasn’t for you then it was possible to also due a bit of shopping as well. There was many artist along with vendor on hand selling all them hard to find items or the next issue of the comic , book, drawing, or toy.  Some of the items that were on sale for people to buy was also hand made for that special touch.

So there was a lot to see and due. If you miss out you just have to wait one more year to see if it make it way back to us. One good thing is that even though this year was small comic con at Cobo Hall they have lot more room to grow from adding more panels with all the available space along with add more media star along with vendor. We can hope that next year they that artist alley will next up two more room to make it even huge. That way people will get more choice to thing they want to buy along with help finding that hard to find items.

We see what happen and what next year bring to this great event. So check out some of the photo below.

Crazy Music, Wild Power Boat Racing. Bay City River Roar 2016

Water and music what more can fun can you have in one place? The race that all most wasn’t, as thousand of people flock to Bay City Michigan to help celebrate 29 years of Professional Powerboat Racing in the Great Lakes Bay Region.

This year was a great for powerboat racing on the banks of the Saginaw River. Warm weather brought people out to enjoy a great day of racing along with wild ride of music with huge performer.

Friday start off the weekend of events with the registration of the powerboat that will be taking to the water for the 1-¼ mile track. The track is self was lay out between the liberty and Veterans Memorial bridges. This was also the first chance people got to see there favorite and return drivers along with new rookie that have taking to the water. Following all the days’ event ended with a night of fun music. The Concert saw three great performers. The first was young group called Impacts that play great music while performing in front the biggest crowed they ever seen (see Image below). The next group to go on the main stage that brought to you by Soaring Eagle and Soaring Eagle Landing was the group The Angst who perform rock and roll style music to get the crowd pump up and rock as the stage switch right to the main headliner NEEDTOBREATHE. They brought their southern Carolina style rock and roll to the stage with there newest hit along with a few of there old favorite to get the night moving. BayCityRiverRoar_MichiganEvnetMagazine_1873_20160624As the night turn into daytime it brought another round of fun. Saturday days’ event begin with meet of driver and crew chiefs for Safety, registrations and inspection before they take to the water for testing on how the boat will react to the watery race track. This day also help the opening ceremonies along with the qualifying round and opening heat 10 lap heat races for many of the boats.

As the day weather top out at all most ninety degrees this didn’t stop people from making there way to Bay City. People can in all across the United States. Some of which came just for Saturday big performance. Most people came to the concert to see who the big act was for this year event who even leak it before the contract was sign that he look forward to coming to Bay City Michigan for a huge wild ride from his performance. Yes that was “Weird Al” Yankovic bring his zany and crazy music to the stage with special guest was Slick Jimmy band.

He preformed many of his newest hit along with some of his old favorite like Fat. But most of his fans was there sporting foil hat to sing along to one of his newest song call foiled which can be see on youtube. The concert state off his tacky song as people watch the stage for him to walk on to but got to see him start his performance just like he did in the video as his camera crew followed him to the front of the stage as everyone rush it to the stage to see him wiggle and show off his dancing shoe as he began to perform. Many costume change came along with all the different song he preformed that night top the show even at one point sporting a purple octopus with a snow cone hat as he sang Born this way (parody of Lady Gaga Song). Most people wasn’t sure that he could bring such a wide night of fun that most people use to with previous concert of rock and roll music. But he live up to it by keep the crowd standing all night long dancing and moving.


This was all follow up by Sunday races schedule. It started with the different testing of powerboats. Then continue threw the day with heat races along with final lap races of the different powerboats. Each of the final lap races saw the powerboat take the course for 30 laps to see who the biggest winner will be of the day. That was then follow by the awards ceremony at 5pm that saw two family pair winning both of there races even with a few boat crashing but driving make it out of the water safely.

So if you didn’t make it out to the river roar this year you will have to wait to see what next year will bring. We all can’t wait to see what will be in store for both concerts and races next year.



Let’s Travel Back in time Motor City Comic Con 2016

What does Toyota and movies have in common? Well that would be traveling back in time as this year major sponsor for the Motor City Comic Con, brought a lot to this years show with their inspired Toyota Tacoma truck that jumps straight out of the Back to the Feature Movie. Not only with the truck being on hand to help celebrate the movie, Lea Thompson was on high to sign autographs and take picture with her fans.

Motor City Comic Con 2016 broke another attendance record with an all-time high of 55,000 fans attending the three-day event, which is an overall 10 percent increase in total attendance compared to last year. This year’s event featured 42 media guests as well as 239 comic guests, 149 exhibitors, and 29 crafters from Friday to Sunday at the Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi.



There was a lot to see and do. Staring off with the comic book dealer on hand selling a verity of different comic books. Along with them was a band of artist showing off their comic book skills and their arts. You were also able to buy that special gift like this one group of fans . While visiting artist row you could even get that commission piece of art draw directly by that artist if you wish.

MichiganeventmagazineMCC-20150516-2088-Joe Currie


The three-day event held lots of things to do. Starting it off with the panels on Friday where you could listen to James Marsters as he talked about his role a spike on the show of Buffy The Vampire Slayer, during a Q&A session with his fans. He also talked about his other roles that he played, at one point telling one fan about how, with the role of Spike, that he only had one coat that he used for all 8 season. When he played Spike, in the TV show Angel, they had brought in a women to special make that same coat for the show since the original had been sold. He even went on to say how he took the new coat to make it more weathered by getting down on his own knees to rub it in the dirt and o the rocks to give it that distress look.



This was just the start to a weekend full of events. On Saturday, it was the big draw day not just for the super stars on hand for the three-day event (you can see a full list of stars by going to and clicking on media), but also one of the biggest days for those that showed up in costume to show off some of their favorite thing to do. Being at the show you see a lot of different people that just come out to show off their cosplay costume. It’s not just for single people to dress up or teens, even family get into the event by dressing up as their favorite character, just like the Frazine’s family (Kate, Art and little Sasha) as they dress up as the Harry Potter family Motorcitycomcon_mag_0198_20160513Saturday also saw the huge Cosplay Contest for those that came out in costume. You were able to get entered into the contest that was judged this year by Ivy Doomkitty (Celebrity Cosplay Judge, Glen Haetrick (Sci-Fi Face off Judge), Ve Neill (Sci-Fi Face off Judge) and Alloy Ash (Pop Culture Icon).

As the con winds down on Saturday there were still two more thing to do. There was an after party that ran from 9 pm till 1 am where you were able to dance the night away. Even the star got in on this event and one star even went on to have his very own special meet and greet where you got to talk take personal photos one on one (this year was hosted by Jason David Franks of the Mighty Morphine Power Rangers a.k.a Tommy Oliver).

Following everything that went on Saturday from the contest to the panels, Sunday came with even more fun, this day was designed with the little ones in mind as you can see from our little Wonder Women (Played by 3 year old Lilly Johnson).  MichiganeventMagazine_0234_20160514.jpg

Not only was there Id making for all the families, sponsor by the Boy Scouts to the contest that was sponsored by the 501st Great Lakes Garrison Legion (Star Wars Replica Club). They had a lot of great kids showing up in costumes even with the limited amount of space they had to use for the event. Hopefully next year they will get put in one of the bigger panel rooms at the end of the con that way even more kids can show off there great costume they made and wore.

 (See Gallery below for photos from the event below)

 So if you didn’t make it out to one of the biggest years ever, then you will have to wait another year to see what big surprises that the Motor City Comic Con Family will be bring for all of us to see maybe even more panels, bigger venue for all of us to show off, bigger super stars and more. Next years dates are May 19-21 2017.



Also more image can be found by going to web site :





Back In Time (80’s Festival in Frankenmuth Michigan) 2016

Let’s travel back in time and relive the good old days. In this case we are traveling back to the 80’s with wild hair, big bands, retro games and more. In order to travel back in time we drive to the small town of Frankenmuth Michigan for their annual 80’s fest.

Heritage Park served as host for this huge two-day event. The event kick off on Friday April 22 2016 at 6 pm and ran till midnight. The huge event draws in people of many different ages. Friday served host to the all ages costume contest that had people dress up in my different costume everything form Goonies to the Jetson. The all ages contest winner for Friday night was Jane Jetson and Rosie the robot

Friday night also play host to the big hair band form the 80’s Rock Star who went on stage at 8:30 pm (for more information click on there band link page here They play a verity of music form all the big bands across time and space. They had the jump hoping and dancing the night away.

While the music play and with people dancing there was still lot of different thing to see and do. First off there was plenty of beer and other adult beverage for people to drink. Even with the entire things to drink there was a mix verities of place to eat. Weather it be the lion club serving up homburgs, veggie burgers, brats and hot dog, to Subway serving up their sub for everyone to eat. There was also a group selling hot pretzels and even homemade kettle corn for yea to eat all night long.

All the food that was being serving up to the guest that join the night of fun in the tents outside, there was still thing to do while you wait for food. In the tents as you came into the event you was able to start off the event buy either getting the food or going to the a photo booth have your picture taken to remember the night. You were also able to check out a Delorean car beside the 80’s fest car also there was a small rec-room for yea to check out thing from the 80’s. So of the thing you got to see while you was there was different toys and stuff animals to some of the poster and even clothing from 80’s. They even set up a few retro gaming stations for everyone to sit down and try their hand at playing.

The last day of the event saw in more influx of people to the event. On Saturday April 23 2016 was the 21+-event day. This was the day for adult to come and be as wild and crazy as they want to be. It also saw the adult costume contest with three different categories. Jane Jetson and Rosie the robot swap the icon contest, while the valley girls one the clothing contest.

As people came in costume there was many to see such as a lady playing  Gene Simmons from the band kiss (Mind Hilton as Gene)80sfest_mag_9927_20160423.jpg. There was even a Abraham Lincoln on hand to dance with, Strawberry Short Cake and more. So check out the gallery below to see some of the great costume form the event and a few of the party folk passing the night away having fun.


Saturday saw two great bands taking the small stage and putting on a hug performance that would make the big band stand up and party the night. The first band that to take the stage was SlickJimmy ( This group had everyone rushing the stage as they preformed which got the people dancing and jumping and singing along to a lot of there old favorites.

But this was just the start of the wild night of music. The biggest band of the night came on right after them. The group was brought back by popular demand was The Square Pegz( They got the join jumping right off the bat with 99 balloons song and more. They rock the joint till midnight playing bunch of different song form the 80’s. So if you miss them you might have to wait till next year to see if the people vote to bring them back80sfest_mag_0011_20160423.jpg


Over all the 80’s festival was a great way to see and do thing form the past along as reliving some of our favorite thing to do. All of this went to help a good cause the Jill Zehnder cancer foundation that the event was to help remember the entire good thing she had done. So the family started the event in order to help out other by donate all the money made at the event to the cancer foundation. If you want to know more about here please go and check out there web site for detail

So if you miss out on this year event then you have to wait a whole another year which give you time to get your self ready for a set of wild night parting like we have done in the 80’s/

Blast from the past 80’s style

It’s time for a blast from the past. This weekend saw a lot of happening around Michigan. But in the little Bavarian town of Frankenmuth Michigan came something write out of the page from the past.

That right this weekend was the 80’s Festival bring a bit of the old day back to life. 80’s festival was created in order to help out find a cure for cancer that many people get affect by each year, which they did donating the profits from this event to cancer-related causes.

The event kick off on Friday at 6 pm feature the entertainment group RockStar bring back the big hair band style of the 80’s to rock the joint. It also since was the first day of the event saw the opening of the rec-room, where now only could see thing from the past from Alf, to he-man, Nintendo and other arcade home games (which you could also play at well). Also in the rec-room area you could check out a delorine car like seen in the back to the feature movie along with getting your photo taken in the free photo booth they had set up. There was also great food being made buy a few great groups for you to eat besides drinking that favorite cold beverage.

Friday was also there family day that gave family, and the younger generation a chance to come out and check out what we all grew up with. It’s also included an all ages costume contest that saw many different costume players dressing up. You saw many different 80’s costume from Chucky to Juba the Hut characters in many different ages, let’s not for get about all the rock-n-roll character that show up for the contest as well.

Moving into Saturday saw another day of fun with the food going and rec room opening. The day would see the biggest group of people coming out to help the cause. Saturday was there adult only days. It also features a costume contest sponsored by the radio station MIX 106.3 out of Saginaw Michigan. They’re where a lot of people dress up not just for the contest but also in the style of the 80’s from the big hair band style to cloth of that era. Also while you was there like in Friday you could even get your hair done from the 80’s style either a big mo-hawk or wild hair we all remember.

Saturday bring the biggest draw day for the event saw two great acts that preformed for the large crowd. The first act to take the stage was Slick Jimmy and that was follow up by the main act The Square Pegz to rock the night away.

But even with the main acts, the rec room, hair styling, food, and the thriller dance along (it was where you could dance to the song just like as if you was in the music video) to the break dance Show- Vertical Ambition Dance Company all weekend. If you miss out on having fun as much as the people did below (see gallery list below). Then you will have to wait a whole another year to see what big thing they will do for their 12-year of the event.

You can find out more about the event by going to their web page at or facebook as well. Next year date for the event will be April 22-23 2016

Youmacon Day 3 Saturday fun Nov 1 2014

Well on Saturday November 1 2014 saw the third say of Youmacon out at Cobo Hall and the Renaissance Center in Detroit Michigan. With about over 5000 people that all ready came and went the first two days, this saw another influx of all new people who came in dress or just out to check out the event to see what it was all about. It start off as normal with the 24 hours event still going on at the Renaissance Center all night long that it still saw the party and costume goers getting up early to take in the few panels of the day along with a few after noon concerts like Steam Powered Giraffe. They bring you wonderful music to a robotic style movement along with all their fan bots.


With the Thursday day there is still tone to see and do as with the opening credit that was held on Friday to start the show. On Saturday they’re where all new panels from how to become your own robot to how to deigns your own video games and anime comic books. There was even panel on how to build you own cosplay costume on a low budget.

Along with all the panel there was artists alley and dealer room where you could pick up them last min costume props or even buy a few costume to wear like your very own pj suit of your favorite Disney or animal print that was brought to you buy the dealer kigurmi out of Canada. You could even at this point take in some of your favorite artist as they draw up new idea for their next animie work or comic book/graphic novel. Event could take part in a few of the Special Guest sign there name to there work like Johnny Bosch, silly filly, Steve Bennett and more.

If you didn’t spend all your time in Cobo all you could journey over to the Renaissance Center, which is located just a few block up, form COBO hall. There you could take park in some fun activates like live video room where you could watch a few anime movies. Also located there was the video game room where you could take party in battle along side your friends as you played one of it not all the different video games they had to offer. You could also take a stroll to where they had table top games going where people play a lot of different style game from MRPG games to real life board and card games. There was also a live arcade where you could play some of your old favorite like teenage mutant ninja turtles to dance revolution and star wars speeder race.

Once you got your fill at the Ren Center you could make your way back to COBO Hall by either taking the river walk or people mover which you could even ride around down town Detroit and see some of the sites. But once back at COBO Hall, you then wait in light to get your item you just bought sign by the big guest star that was there. This was also you chance to get with your friend and take photo one of three different spots for what was call photo op site. At different time they would have different theme for people to come and shoot like Sailor Moon to just name one of them. This spot was also a great way to check out a lot of different cosplay costume that people where wearing weather you was standing up on the skywalk looking down at the lower level or on the bottom level hang out waiting for your panel to start. As you can see by Shelby Gulette is waiting for her panel as she dress up form how to train your dragon or dustn Agius dress up as one of the def punks (see photo below)


Over all if you never been to Youmacon and you miss out on Sunday event then you will have to wait till next year as they go even bigger then they have before with all new Anime, Cosplayers, Artist and more. So stay tune to event page for their event when we get the dates. (see Gallery below for all photos form the event)

Blast form the Past, Youmacon Day 1 (oct 30 thru Nov 2 2014)

Well the first day kick off with a bang out at Cobo hall on Thursday with Youmacon. You might be asking your self what the heck is youmacon.?

Youmacon is a popular culture event similar to most “Comic Cons”, however instead of focusing on comic books, Youmacon is a celebration of Japanese popular culture and its influence on our own culture over the past few decades. Common themes throughout the event are Anime (Japanese animation), Video Games, Japanese style artwork and comics, and the rising internet culture influenced by all of the above.

On Thursday you say many people that were preregister  who were very eager to pick up there pass to get the ball rolling on the weekend fun fill events. As many of them came dress up in there favorite costume character (this is call cosplay).  As the thousand wait in line for the event to start, you can see some of the people dress up to just be the first one in. The event mostly take place in Cobo Hall Detroit Michigan. There are small event that will be taking place all night and day long up the road at the Renaissance Center Hotel. Where there will be live movies, dance parties, mini panel and more. (full schedule of the event and other thing coming up in the day to follow Click here)

Over all on Thursday day event was a blast meeting and talking with people that came from all cross the USA to come to the convention like a small group that made the drive from Wisconsin.  Friday is the office kick of date to the convention. How ever we won’t be able to attend that day due to another event we will be review for a up and coming print article for the magazine. But stay toon for Day 3 from Youmacon as we taking in all the panel, event and more at this year youmacon.