Electric Forest 2019 Season Line up Announced

Well with the new year just around the bend. Festival are starting to book there performance artists for the up and coming new year. Which is a time to go bigger and bolder then ever.

On Dec 4 2018 Electric Forest did it first shot across the bow of the festival world with announcing there list of performers.  This year that have some major headliners for the three day event along with a special three day showing of one of the crowd favorite band (The String Cheese Incident), they will put on different performances each night.

For those that might be asking what is Electric Forest. It’s a four day music festival in Rothbury Michigan.  The festival bring together artist from all walk of life and all areas of music. The festival all it fan to stroll through a the festival grounds to take in music from one of the four stage that has live entertainment that arrange from EDM (Electric Dance Music ) to more modern rock, rap, country.  The festival also is where fans come from all over the world to Michigan  in order to share there stories and life travels and show off the the other fans where their artistic style outfits. fan can also see great art installation along with watch live art unfold in frond of there eye. You can even take a walk into the past by visit the Hanger and see the old era item wither it be old school arcade to WII tattoo and Message parlor and more.  The Forest also offer 4 days of camping for it fans that always start lining up on Wednesday the day before the festival ground open.

So if you never been to it you might want to get your ticket fast. As like most year you find that the festival will sell out quickly. But if you like to see what happening before then for music line up then see the graphic below or by going to the link https://electricforestfestival.com



It’s a bird, a plane, no it’s a arrow? Motor City Comic Con 2018

Nerds, geeks, movies lover and sport fans. The 2018 Motor City Comic con was the place to be in Novi Michigan this year. It was another big year for Motor City Comic con with over some 55,000 fans descended to the Suburban Collection Show Place for the annual event.

It place host to 42 special media guests, 229 comic artists with a wide array of talent to 107 different vendor and 36 crafters that was on hand for the three day event. So everything on hand there was a lot to see and do.  Just like fans where able to see a lot so where the artist as they could talk with there fellow comic artist that where on hand, like we was able to do before the event even took place by getting the chance to interview Robert  Pope. He was artist that we was got to interview the week of the event. Robert Pope is a artist out of the great state of Georgia . He love to draw from a early age and drew his inspiration for different comic book and other comic medias. He drew for companies like DC Comic, The Peanuts gangs. You can see some of the question we was able to ask him at the end of the article.

With all this thing that was on hand there was some sad new that blew a small sadness to the event this year. One of the biggest Media star for a special 40 anniversary had a passed away the Sunday before the event. But this still didn’t put a damper on the event, Motor City Comic Con made the best of it.

The passing of actress Margaret Ruth Kidder who played Lois Lane from the original superman movies, was going to be on hand for the 40th anniversary of the movies. So to show there support not just of the movie but of her career. They took the time to decorate her space with flowers and everything for fan to remember her. They even got a huge blow up picture of her that people could come by and sign along with a special guest book that was sent to her family after the event had ended.

MotorCityComicCon_20180518_20180518_Joe's Photography-8

But even with that loss at the event there was a few great gift at the event. First one was that Tom Welling from the TV Smallville and Lucifer. He brought with him just for Friday only was Michael Rosenbaum (plays Lex Luthor from Smallville). Rosenbaum cam in to share the spot like with Tom and event sit in on his panel for Friday.  If you was lucky to sit in on the panel you might got a great treat for doing so. As Tom and Michael came out on stage first thing Michael ask was there a wireless microphone anywhere then he saw it down on the floor where fan where able to walk up and ask question. So instead of staying on stage Michael walk down and took over the fan wireless microphone. As fan where light up he said he was going to help them ask there question to the both of them.

Some of the question where ask was like what was your funny moment in Smallville. Tom would tell the young fan who was being hugged by Michael waiting for the answer was that it was the time that Michael was playing his farther in a episode. Tom would set the scene by explaining that when we walk on set he saw two huge crane that Micheal would be harnessed into for the shot to show him flying in.  Micheal would then take over by explaining what had happen to make it funny.  It’s the fact that he was to come flying in and then land perfectly in front of Tom and say his line. How ever as he would explain that as he would come flying it for some reason he start twisting in the rigging and doing a bit of acrobats that would have tom laughing so hard. That when he landed and Micheal would say his line Tom said that he just crack up even more and that it took about 5 take in the show of him flying before they got right form the laughing.

MotorCityComicCon_20180518_20180518_Joe's Photography-42

There were many media stars on hand and each had there own panel through the weekend.  There was one media star who could be there cause she broke her leg and her doctor told her that she could fly in. How ever even with not being able to show. She tweeted that she is sending a ton of free stuff that will be given away at her panel for all her fans, each item was sign with a special note.

One of the biggest draw this year for media star was Stephen Amell from the TV show Arrow. His panel was fill to the max with fans that got a great answer to there waiting question that they wanted to ask him. He even during his panel would drop a few hint for what the next season of arrow will offer ask one of the fan ask him a question about what is next to come for him. He went on to answer the question and then drop the hint that in the new season he is planning on wearing the signature green arrow goatee. If you ever seen the original green arrow comic and in cartoons, the characters would wear a goatee. How ever he was very adamant that no matter what he would not wear the dopey  arrow hate with the feather tuck in it (think of robin hood outfit).

There where many other panel that went on through the event that you would get little nugget like the one Stephen Amell drop.  But if you wasn’t meet them in there panel you get the chance to stand in line to get there autograph of that favorite item you have or buy one of there personal photo they all offered.

You also was able to buy your own special photo op with each of the media stars that was on hand.  But with the media star you still was able to do a lot. You could do a bit of shopping as well from the hundreds of vendors on . Some of the item you could been lucky to buy was the rare toy or your very own hand drawn comic art from of one of the artist that was on hand.

Some of the artiste who where on hand when they weren’t signing art,they was drawing it for everyone to see. Like this artist who use chalk as her medium to draw out huge works of art. Just like the one she was doing during the comic con.

There was a lot to see and do, but let’s not forget about all the fans that was on hand as well to see beside the artists and media guests. Fans came in all shape and size even a few cam dress up in there favorite costumes (to become a cosplayer) for everyone to see.  You could see fans dress up every day of the event but on Saturday was the biggest day for those fans that want to do some extra to show off. There was a cosplay contest (costume contest) that they could enter for a chance to win thousand of dollar in prices.

The contest took place at near the end of the event.  This saw hundreds of fans dress up in there cosplay outfits each of them that enter would come on on to stage where they could show off what they where wearing and even made.  They also had the chance to talk or do a small skit to show off there cosplay.  One of the lucky winner of the the contest on Saturday was a group who played out He-Man and mater of the universe.

But Saturday wasn’t the only day for costume contest. Sunday saw another contest for cosplay but this time it was for the small one. The contest on Sunday was the little kid. This would always a wide array of costume little one.

So if you missed out on this one you have to wait another for the Motor City Comic Con.  Motor City Comic Con will be head on May 17-19 2019 and will be the 30th Anniversary.  We can hope that it will be even bigger then this year cause also while we was at the event we learn that the Showcase was being upgraded by building new section to the location.

We will see everyone there and what new thing will come.


Interview with Robert Pope

MotorCityComicCon_20180518_20180518_Joe's Photography-16


Question:  What got you into doing comic art?

Answer: I got into doing art when I was younger. I was always seeming to draw different characters. But it wasn’t till I look at the old peanuts comic strips that I truly wanted to make this what I wanted to due.

He would also tell yea some of of this other influences was the Loony Tunes and Walt Disney.

Question: How due you come up for the ideas when doing a comic book.

Answer: Most of the time I follow  script but event then it hard to draw something. Sometime you have to come up with your idea. Cause unlike with television show when you see a action the screen would fade to black and then you see the what happen. Drawing a comic book I have to remember that when you see the cause of something cause of the way you ready it you have to do it in a way that you flip the page you see the action that had happen.

He would give example of the Willie coyote and road runner show. Where you see Willie strap him self to a rocket and it would fire then screen would go black and you next see the road runner as the rocket would fly bu just in time for Willie to be hit by a rock or something. This is what he would explain would be the hard party in drawing a comic book.

Question: What you like about going to Comic Cons?

Answer:  The thing I like about going to them is meeting fans. Having them come up and having them ask me how I got me start. I love tell fans how I got my start. I also love it when I hear from fan as they talk to other artist on how they got there start as well.  Learning that how we each differ in the ways we got our starts. This is what I like about going to Comic Cons. Seeing the interaction between fans and other artists.

As we finished up our out talk and getting a wide array of answer to the question we ask we wanted to end with this one.

Question: With the use of Digital media and internet Do you find that the way comic book and print media are changing?

Answer:  Well even with the wide array of thing you can ready on the internet when it come to comic book. I still see that the print media will still be around. The reason being that as comic book are created the internet. That the publisher and writer still do a printed virsin for there own vaults, like in the case of DC Comic. They print thousands of comic booth for for digital media and print. But each one of them had a printed copy that a person can walk into there vault and see.

Faster Horse Music Festival 2018 Update


Cam, Billy Currington, Tyler Farr, Chris Janson, Walker Hayes, LOCASH, Dustin Lynch, Midland, Ashley McBryde, Parmalee, RaeLynn and Morgan Wallen Will Also Perform Proving “Faster Horses Is Not Just Another Music Festival” (Billboard)

3-Day Party Of The Summer Will Take Place In Brooklyn, MI July 20-22 – Passes Go On Sale Feb. 9

NASHVILLE, TN Jan. 26, 2018 – Heralded a “Michigan tradition” by Detroit Free Press in just five short years, Faster Horses Festival revealed that country superstars Brooks & Dunn, Florida Georgia Line, Blake Shelton, Brantley Gilbert and more will take to the stage for the 3-day camping festival’s sixth year in Brooklyn, MI taking place from July 20-22. Known for its unrivaled lineup, additional artists also announced today include Cam, Billy Currington, Tyler Farr, Chris Janson, Walker Hayes, LOCASH, Dustin Lynch, Midland, Ashley McBryde, Parmalee, RaeLynn, Morgan Wallen and more. Continuing to collaborate with the festival community, Faster Horses’ addition of country music’s most successful duo of all time, Brooks & Dunn, marks the group’s debut together at the festival due to huge fan demand. Passes will go on sale Feb. 9 at 10am EST at http://www.fasterhorsesfestival.com.

Following the festival’s monumental 5th anniversary last year, Billboard praised that “Faster Horses is not just another music festival…it definitely has a personality” and since its establishment in 2013, has earned a reputation for “great stage performances to lots of action in the campgrounds” (MLive.) Fans descend on Michigan International Speedway each year, for a self-declared three-day hillbilly sleepover, embracing the spirit permeating through the festival grounds, as well as the unique fringe activities on offer including the annual “Campsite Contest”, “Faster Humans Fun Run” and first-class vendors. More details on what fans can expect will be available in the coming weeks.

For more information on Faster Horses, visit http://www.fasterhorsesfestival.com twitter @faster_horses and join the conversation on Twitter, #FasterHorses.

About Live Nation Entertainment: Live Nation Entertainment (NYSE: LYV) is the world’s leading live entertainment company comprised of global market leaders: Live Nation Concerts, Ticketmaster and Live Nation Media & Sponsorship. For additional information, visit http://www.livenationentertainment.com.

Big Country Fest 2016


As fall was fast approaching and trick or treating was around the bend. The great fall favorite was getting ready. That right Big Country Fest 2016 came once again to the small but big town of Frankenmuth Michigan.

This year was their 7 year for the event of country music. Not pulling any punch this year came a great arrange of country music and entertainment. Even bring back to the event some of there favorite like the bull riding, country line dancing and for the second time at the event the food truck wars.  But even with all that a lot of people came to the event to get a chance to listen to one of there favorite entertainers.

The event start on friday Oct 21 2016 with the music entertainment of the following Cadillac West, Rye Whiskey,  Dani Vitany. Each of the entertainment brought a wide arrange of there own music to a few favorite from the big name star. But for one band this wasn’t there first time at the event, Dani Vitany who open for lot of big name act brought back her signing and entertainment talents to the stage sign a few of her old favorite to some of the new song she just recorded.

Following Friday night events country fest came rolling back on Saturday Oct 22 2016 with even more country act.  Starting it off was Allie Louise bring her own style of music to the stage. She was then follow up by  Mandi Layne & The Lost Highway and then  the big Shotguns & Violins was this year major headliner that would close out the show after there second set .

Beside the music there was other thing everyone could take in beside dancing that everyone was enjoying doing while there entertainer took the stage. But there was still other thing like if you wish you could ride a robot bull and see how long you could stay on for as some of the guest try to see if they could beat out there best friends (see photo below). Even with the bull riding on there was another fun thing for people to try out that was out side the event was bubble ball that you wear a inflatable ball and bounce or  try to push your friends over as you bounce off them.

While you was out side this was also your chance to take in some great food like the Bad Wolf BBQ, Fresh Veggie Truck or event from one truck what would make fresh homemade pizza right one the spot. So if you pick out your favorite food to help party the night away you could enjoy a drink of some of your favorite thing from beer, Soda and even a blood Mary bar.

Once you got your fill all of the thing to do at the event, you might even took in a little shopping from one one of the vendor that was on hand offering great gift ideas from Jewelry to beef jerky and outfits let’s not forget about the souvenir you could take home from the event as well.

So if you miss out you have to wait a whole year to check out what new thing that the big country fest has to offer. There next event is planning on taking place Oct 20-21 2017 in Frankenmuth.

If you miss any of the action feel free to look at the photo below and see what you get to look forward to next year.


Winter Time ends as hockey final approach.

It’s time to play as the year started out for the new OHL hockey time the flint firebirds. While they start off with a road trip against their cross-town rival to begin the I-75 cup. They match up with the Saginaw Spirits to start this small torment, that bring back a feud that go way back to the Saginaw gears days. The flint firebird took it to heart by winning their first game of their New Year. How ever with the win it started to look good for the flint firebird. Even as the owner put money into the Dort Federal Arena.

As the season went on for the new team, it didn’t take long for them to make news across the OHL league. Even as the team play then where about to change for them both in good and bad way. With the season coming to a close there was lot of change including a new head coach and a few OHL stars moving up to the big leagues as we put it. The Flint firebird ended their season on somewhat of a sour note buy losing their last game to the Gulph team (see flint firebird site for full score of games). Even this there lost they did get a chance to with their first cup against the Saginaw spirits by winning more game of the Saginaw Spirits.

Now that summer time is here. We look back over the season and can’t wait to see what new thing the firebirds have in store for the game. As fan talk about the up and down of the season. They still stand behind there team. They look forward to see them back in action new years. Some fans say even with their losses they think they got a good shot for the title next year.

On side note the make over to the old arena is taking very good shape along with new seating they are looking at raising the roof and other idea to the arena to make it a great place for people to come and visit. They even started this year a new indoor soccer league, with that there still more to come.

So this year your change if you didn’t get to make it out to this year hockey. You will be able to order your New Year season tickets in the next few coming months.

We hope to see everyone know there. Check out what you miss by review the gallery below with some of our favorites shots from past event and games.



Sweet Ending To The Michigan Renascence Festival

As sweet as it start so it ended.  We saw the Michigan Renascence Festival stat off with a bang this year with new plays, more shop and even bigger exhibits.  It start on Aug 17 with is annual royal pets and ale weekend and it ran till Sept 29 2013.  Each weekend saw a different theme  some of them form pirates to highland games (for a complete list see there web site at link below)

For those that never been to a ren festival before you will be amazed at the sight and sounds of the event.  You will travel back in to when night and high royal rules the land. Not only do the actor and shop owner dress for there parts but lot of the guest coming to the event will also dress up as well. So depending on the day you pick to go next year you may see a lot of regular average joes’ dress up in costume taking in the sights and sound.

There are many thing to do at the event. From taking in a show or eating period time food and more.  Some of the food they had was bbq turkey drum stick, hamburgers and let not forget about the huge souple bowl. We where lucky to have one of them and let us tell you they was yummy and it was served to you in a night bread bowl which made it even more hard not to eat.

As you walk around checking out a lot of the hand made items out, you could have taken in a show. Some of them are a jousting competition, Wet Wrench comedy show, the Dead Bob Show and more. There was also thing for kids to do like archery, rides and different old fashion games that they have never seen before.

So with all this we hope you will check them out next year we can’t wait to see what they have in store.


Michigan Renascence Festvial