About Us

We are a small Michigan Event Magazine company.  Here you find up and coming date to events around Michigan and neighboring states. Here you will find all pre-coverage announcement as they are giving to us along with all post coverage review good and bad with a no hold bard approach. You will also find photo of event that we have been to as well (click here for list of Events)

(Note: Event more then two year old images are archived and are held the Magazine If you wish to see something please send a e-mail requesting image to be shown)

If you like a printed Magazine ,more information or  on how to list your event you can contact us via e-mail Michiganeventmagazine@gmail.com or call voice mail line 1-989-326-2089



4 thoughts on “About Us

  1. That is fantastic , I like the Michigan Magazine Event, its a great way to see whats going on in Michigan. Thank you Michigan Magazine Event.

  2. Great magazine can’t wait to see more photo and story on event

  3. Great magazine compant

  4. Wow a great come with good review tell you the truth on event and give us reason why to check out some of them.

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